"The collapse of heaven,

Underground flames,

This is the Mayan prophecy ...

In this world,

Does anyone still remember the dark face ... "

Looking at the introduction of the latest game in his hand, Jiang Qi silently raised his forehead.

As for? It's just a vr game, or Ultraman's. Does it need to be so tall?

This vr is said to be the latest design by Yuangu Company. It is a collection of all the world's computer masters. It took five years to make it. The cost is very expensive, and few people can afford it.

Jiang Qi is just an ordinary college student. The money for working part of the school is only enough for tuition and his daily expenses. However, a certain lucky draw event appeared, which is similar to the event of winning the prize. The greater the chance.

Jiang Qi used the last dollar in the penguin to press it, but I didn't expect to hit Dayun and hit Zhongbao.

Opened the package and took out a black helmet from the inside. It was similar to a hard hat.

"Is this really a vr helmet? How is it different from what you think?"

Jiang Qi turned the helmet over, and didn't see any difference.

Picked up the instructions inside the package, which read three points:

One: This helmet can be worn to experience.

2: This helmet is an experimental version. If you feel unwell, please remove it immediately.

Three: I wish you a happy game.


Jiang Qi narrowed his eyes and rolled the package again, but there was nothing but these two things.

Suspiciously took the helmet to his bedroom, Jiang Qi lay on the bed, put the helmet on, and closed his eyes.

I was so confused that Jiang Qi seemed to enter a dark world.

"Ding, welcome to use vr."

Suddenly, a mechanized voice came from Jiang Qi's ear.

"Please choose your light giant!"

As soon as the mechanized voice fell, a translucent light screen appeared in front of Jiang Qi.

There are dense Otto warriors on the light screen, from top to bottom are Noah, Regedo, Ot ...

Jiang Qi looked at these Altman at a loss and asked, "Can you only choose one?"

"Ding, you can only choose once, the chosen giant of light will be bound to you."

Hearing that voice, Jiang Qi bit her lip and held out her hand. She wanted to choose the strongest Ultraman in the legend-Noah.

But it shrank back again. He used to like to play cracked version of the game. Although it was extremely happy, but slowly, it was not interesting because it was so invincible.

This vr game can only choose one giant. If you do n’t want to play anymore because you are invincible, then you will lose the game.

After thinking about it, Jiang Qi finally chose an Ultraman.

Adjusted the light screen to the picture of Altman, and then determined.

"If you want to defeat Master Ben ... you have to wait 20,000 years !!"

At the moment Jiang Qi determined, a voice resounded throughout the space.

The sharp ice axe, the unruly eyes, and the tall and heroic posture all reveal the power of this Alt warrior.

This Ote warrior is the most powerful warrior in the Kingdom of Light-Sailo.

Do n’t forget, this is a vr game. If you meet other powerful players, you are likely to be bullied. If you do n’t want to be bullied, you need to have enough room to improve and let yourself have enough fun. Is the most suitable choice.

"Ka ... Kacha ..."

Suddenly, the light screen in front of Jiang Qi shattered, countless light particles drilled out of it, and then quickly wrapped around Jiang Qi, and light particles continued to flow out of the light screen.

Jiang Qi was taken aback by the sight in front of her, but realized that they were not harmful, but felt comfortable with the injection of light.

Gradually, Jiang Qi closed her eyes and enjoyed the process quietly, but he didn't notice that there was more than Sero's light in the light screen.

And in reality, Jiang Qi's body lying on the bed also emits a faint white light.

As the last ray of light merged with Jiang Qi, Jiang Qi slowly opened her eyes.

Breathing lightly, besides feeling extremely relaxed all over the body, it seems that there is nothing special about it!

"Ding, novice trial starts."

As soon as the mechanized voice fell, Jiang Qi felt a sudden change in the surrounding scene, and then Jiang Qi himself fell to the top floor of a building.


Was blown by the cold wind, and Jiang Qi shuddered.

Don't say, the vr technology made by the small RB is quite advanced, at least a few streets made in China.

Scanned the downtown area below, isn't this Nanxi City?

Nanxi City, one of China's several developed cities. The porcelain and silk here are famous all over the world. Many antiques and rare treasures are from here. It is said that there are many antiques from the previous royal palace.

Jiang Qi even visited here a few months ago.

Why are you here? Shouldn't it be somewhere in RB? For example, Tokyo, Oita, Okinawa and the like ...

However, Jiang Qi's doubt did not last long, and was interrupted by an earthquake. Because it was too sudden, Jiang Qi fell unprepared and fell to the ground.

what's the situation? ? ?

I saw that the building not far from Jiang Qi collapsed instantly, and a huge figure stood up from inside.

The monster has a hard head armor, a pointed mouth like a lizard, and its long fangs, and its dark muscles show the explosive power.

"Gorzan ???"

Jiang Qi looked at the huge figure in front of her eyes tremblingly. What she thought was one thing, and it was another thing to see it with her own eyes.

Unseen, UU reading www. uukanshu.com is impossible to know that huge pressure!

Sitting on the tall building, Jiang Qi can basically stare at Gorzan. Jiang Qi, who has always been good in his eyes, can even see the saliva flowing from Gorzan.

Instinctively, Jiang Qi wanted to stand up and run away, but as soon as he stood up, his feet became soft, and he sat back again.

"Ding, the battle is about to start, please be prepared!"

Right, this is a game ...

Heard that mechanized voice, Jiang Qi suddenly relieved.

Was really scared just now, even forgetting that this is just a game.

Stood up slowly, and it seemed that Gorzan was not as scary as before, but his legs were still a bit soft.

"I'm ready."

Take a deep breath, Jiang Qi said to the voice, as soon as Jiang Qi's voice fell, the system began to count down.




It's almost right now, and I'm really excited when I think of becoming a hero ...





As the last number of the system is counted, Jiang Qi is instantly wrapped in light.

"Ding, since you are a novice, please choose three skills."

"One, Aimelim light. Second, cluster light ..."

Looking at the light screen are all the skills of Sailor, Jiang Qi remembered that this Sailor is like a novice in the game, no skills.

Thinking for a while, Jiang Qi chose Sailuo Fei Kick, Beam of Light, and Mind Ice Axe.

Jiang Qi had just finished his selection, and the light around him skyrocketed, and in a trance, Jiang Qi seemed to be able to face Gorzan.

"Ding, the battle countdown is one minute and forty seconds ..."