"In your small world, you are the masters of the world. There will be additional bonuses in the production of forbidden spells, right?"

"It's really a genius idea, and the bonuses are indeed there," Hailey smiled. "I have tried. In terms of world rules, we even have some privileges of our own, so we can carry out a large-scale forbidden spell encapsulation without affecting it. That kind of environment, but..."

"I'm most afraid of hearing this, but you can say it, I can hold it."

"The wave rider is a consumable item, and the quantity is large. In this way, they cannot be brought into our small soul world through the soul package. Otherwise, you will not be able to stand the consumption of the soul, and you will directly... …"

"Hiccups, I know, this is really a problem, after all, even if the soul can hold it, the cost will burst, and the gain will not be worth the loss..."

"And it's time-consuming. Every soul package is a meticulous work. The coating must be omni-directional and impatient. Therefore, the number of wave riders we create is limited and has no meaning. What restricts us is not a curse. The packaging aspect..."

"This is what comes in and out of your little world. I'm stuck here, so you guys, why don't you just be a little easygoing? Wouldn't it be good to let me all go in and out at will?"

"Hey, the soul is light, you think we are the gate of the city, sister Haili is so good to talk, I think you are owed!"

"Wait a minute, wait a minute, I'm studying things, adults talk, and children don't interrupt."

"Otherwise we will release the power of the small soul world, so that we can add the forbidden curse without entering..."

"Will it affect you?"

"A little bit."

"Well, I see, pass this plan. All my plans must be built on the basis of not harming you..."

"Oh, I'm so touched, shouldn't it be..."

"Avril Lavigne, go aside!"

"We need some constructive comments."

"Then we can directly produce the finished product here."

"Good idea, great. I always say that Fool's thoughts must have something. What do you think? Avril has done a lot this time..."

"Why don't I feel happy at all?"

"You think too much, let's tackle this subject next..."

"But, do we still have time? Will that guy escape?"

"No, he should soon know the imprisoned nature of that world, so he will patiently respond to changes and wait for us to make mistakes. However, what he is waiting for is our technology upgrade and give him A big surprise gift package from, a wave of take away."

"Are you confident?"

"That is necessary, you have to be able to be counted as an enemy, but also as yourself. For example, that person, although only dealing with a short period of time, but I know about several types of that guy, one of which is very suitable, professional killer. , Or a similar scavenger who collects money to solve problems or bad things, anyway, his fifth dimension is very special, pure killing direction, very powerful, but there is no future, so this hard work now, accumulate wealth, accumulate wealth, accumulate wealth, first mover advantage ……This kind of life suits him well. When he gets used to licking his blood, he will have a blind confidence in himself, and he will also be very cautious. These two conflicting personalities are well integrated, causing him now The reason is difficult to deal with, but it is also a flaw. As for ourselves, I am constantly pushing ourselves and breaking the limit..."

"You are persecuting us now, so this is your enemy and yourself?"

"Ah, hehe, misunderstanding, misunderstanding, look at this..."

"Okay, let's get down to business, don't let our enemies wait too anxiously."

"You are such a good and considerate girl, you have taken care of the enemy's feelings."

"That's necessary, our sister Haili... wait a minute, sister Haili, did he just say something nice?"

"It's okay, it's not the point."

"Yes, this is why Haili's EQ easily kills you in seconds."

"For a guy like you, I don't need EQ, huh!"

"What's going on in the small world? Don't make any mistakes. That is our stable rear."

"So is the enemy still there?"

"No, it should be that we have established a connection with Heaven. There is no risk for the time being. At the same time, because other predators are looking at us, the guy probably dormant. Is this the first-in-class advantage?"

"This is only temporary. In the future, we will build high walls, deep dig holes, armed mining, and be a horned sheep..."

"It can also be a sheep."

"Yes, that's it."

"Now let's make some changes to the small world."

"Small changes are enough, don't affect the overall layout."

"The necessary ~www.mtlnovel.com~Our war factory is not very useful."

"What kind of products do we produce?"

"Yeah, I am also strange, after all, material things cannot enter our small soul world."

"So, you only need to produce some soul products."

"In other words..."

"You are so smart."

"Solved so cleverly?"

"Yes, we only need to produce the magic forbidden curse for the soul."

"The magic forbidden curse is output as a product, we encapsulate these wave riders outside, and then cast the soul forbidden curse on the enemy..."

"No, what I am more concerned about is that this kind of soul curse does not have much damage to that enemy. Don't weaken the killing effect for our convenience."

"I'm like you promised. It's big and very big." A Mona Lisa smile appeared on Ivey's mouth. "In fact, this is our killer from the beginning. As for the water curse, it is purely squeezing the enemy. Living space is just a small process that consumes the enemy’s vital power."

"So, what is the enemy facing now? The overwhelming soul curse..."

"Yes, the soul forbidden curse, and the magic array combination of the soul forbidden curse, I prepared a black dahlia for him, hehe, now he can die strangely, peacefully, and romantically. "

"Death is never romantic."

"Well, you are the **** of death, you have the final say."

"We are all improving now, can we control the small world better, right?"

"That is required."

"Even so, there is no need to overdraw soul power, I have a better way."

"Hey, what is this, the shadow of Manjusawa..."

"Well, it seems that you are already prepared, so I can rest assured."

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