Even if he can handle it, the imprisonment will get closer and closer because of his struggle. At the same time, because of his struggle, he will be more severely imprisoned, and then these severe imprisonment will be concentrated on a certain point. In other words, he wrestles with the environment, and the environment in turn acts on him, so that both you and me will be in desperation step by step.

Because of this ideal state, the technical difficulty of realization is high. In order to refine these "sticks", Ivey felt that he seemed to have a few more white hairs overnight. Although he was not as good as the Great Magister Yang, it was too rare for a buddha like him.

Fortunately, the principle has been found. Although the material of the stick is precious, it is still acceptable. The large-scale production of magical industrialization will reduce the entire cost. Then, more sticks will anchor more dimensional spaces, thereby imprisoning a more powerful existence... A set of positive cycles has been established, simply ruthless and perfect.

The current strength is still lacking. After all, Ivey has just "developed" this kind of "stick" not long after, and the production process has been repeatedly modified and iterated until now it has just matured. It has only produced 3 "sticks" that conform to the rules. Of course, There can be more in the future, but the layout will also increase and become more complicated.

These sticks require the personal experience of the target to be truly effective. Just a glance at them will not understand the essence of "sticks". Although they look the same, each has its own abnormalities, especially when combined with the local dimensional space environment. This combination is also necessary. After all, they need to be anchored and need to mobilize the power of the entire space dimension.

Click! Click!

Obviously it’s a bubble figure, it’s the dimension of a bubble, and it’s obviously a god-like power, but at this time, the classmate blowing bubbles has an indescribable pressure. This pressure makes him breathless and suffocating. The feeling is getting stronger and stronger.

what 's wrong?

There is no doubt that the opponent made the move, but the wave riders that are very familiar, like old friends, have not appeared, how can one's body seem to be imprisoned, where does the power come from?

And it's very dangerous. This feeling of danger is rooted deep in my heart, and my soul trembles.

Damn, it seems that you really underestimated your opponent this time, won't you capsize in the gutter here?

If the ship capsizes, it’s not that the ship has not been capsized. After all, no one knows the size of the breath of the sea. After all, no one can always be cautious. However, sometimes, once the ship capsizes, there is no chance of turning over again, anyway. It can only be the same.

This time, won't it be the last time I turn it over?


His body sank suddenly, so heavy, he felt that the more he struggled, the heavier his body became, as if he was trapped in a swamp, tired, tired to death.

Perhaps just giving up resistance is also a good choice.

He doesn't move immediately after blowing bubbles. After being a killer for so many years, he still knows better and can tolerate it. It is not a problem to stay in one place for ten or eight years.

As long as the enemy can be consumed first in the end.

Anyway, everyone can't meet each other now, so it's also a good choice to kill by air attack.

His mind is not slow, and he immediately understood the strengths and weaknesses of himself and the opponent. In terms of strength, how to say, God is crushing to mortals, no matter how much the guy calculates, in front of absolute strength, it is a cloud. You only need to stand firm, make no mistakes, and win with hard power.

Although it is shameful to do so, for the killer, there is no such feeling as shame, and some are just unscrupulous and victory.

All actions that lose victory become meaningless.


Strange, the search failed.

Certainly, since the enemy dares to fight a decisive battle here, there must be some arrangements. If you can't even do this, what qualifications do you have to put yourself right?

Blowing bubbles so comforted myself, but there was a guilty conscience in my heart: Is this really the case?

Call the headquarters, call the headquarters.

The cry from the depths of the soul and the high cost of alchemy communication equipment in the world are the "badges" given to every killer by the Killer Alliance. Of course, there are different levels of this kind of badge. Blowing bubbles with mental power, carefully rubbing the badge, some can't put it down, it makes his heart heavier.

Could it be that he has become an old man who remembers the past?

Old man means decay, it means decay, it means death, it means being replaced, like garbage.

No, my path has not come to an end. I want to kill this little guy, I need proof. Well, there is nothing proud of killing a "ordinary person" who kills a god. Once, the gods who killed himself couldn't even count his hands and feet, but now I need to rely on a mortal to prove himself~www.mtlnovel.com~ It's really getting better and better.

Blowing bubble eyebrows fiercely, he still has no cards to use. This time he decided to kill this mortal who dared to offend him at any cost!

You, go to hell, go, go, go, go, go!

His mouth opened wide, and it seemed that there was saliva flowing out, and even the voice could not end. It seemed that this kind of mentally retarded cry was reverberating between the heaven and the earth, although there were no creatures in this dead place except him.

But what is that?

A flower, a black dahlia, with a weird smile, suddenly fell from the sky.

Damn it!

It's still those old friends, but it's just a different way of appearing on the stage. Although it is more shocking, is there any difference? Well, except that the number is 1000 times the previous.

Damn, is this enemy so wealthy?

From the attack just now, it can be felt that this kind of alchemy item, no matter from the technical content or the forbidden spell magic encapsulated in it, is not a popular commodity and very expensive...Well, here he uses his own world to evaluate, Of course I don’t know that Ivey has successfully reduced the cost by using large-scale production of machines. At the same time, with the help of copying the magic circle, transcription production line, and the small world of souls, the body forbidden curse is growing wildly in a cabbage-like posture. . Of course, Chinese cabbage is still quite expensive for the stick country.

The scary thing about Ivey is that he can "evolve" at any time and become stronger at all times. This is a view of magic development under the guidance of science.

For example, the violent capacity of the wave rider. After a large number of wave riders are manufactured, the packaging of the forbidden curse is somewhat weak. Even if the beautiful girls are used as animals, it is still not enough.

Suddenly, this guy had an idea, why not go into your little world, what do you think?

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