"As an elder of Lanhai Sect, can I tell lies in front of my mountain gate?" the red-armed old man sneered.

"Okay! Let me try!"

A burly human race man walked out, his muscles bulging, exuding a fierce aura, and the half-step eternal realm pressure bloomed, giving people an extremely strong sense of oppression.

Jiang Tian glanced at the audience expressionlessly. This strong man was indeed very strong. Among the thousands of people present, he should probably be ranked among the top 100.

"You, fight me!"

Of course, a strong man would not be so arrogant as to provoke the red-armed elder, otherwise he would probably be asking for trouble.

He pointed directly at a young man in blue robe from the Sea Clan next to the red-armed elder. The other person smiled and accepted the challenge happily.

Both of them are in the Half-Step Eternity Realm, so it is a completely fair contest.


The aura of the strong human race surged, and the billowing blood flames rose up on his body, exuding an astonishing power of blood!

With a roar, he punched the opponent.

Click, boom!

The void exploded and blood splattered everywhere!

This strong human race took the path of body-forging with blood and energy, and his physical body was much stronger than the same level.

The punch was so powerful that one couldn't help but wonder, would the thin-looking young man from the sea tribe in blue robe be severely injured by this punch, or even have his body exploded?


However, a strange sound was heard, and there was a flash of blue light in front of the young man in blue robe, and a blue gun-like object pierced out.

It easily penetrated the **** fist shadow of the strong human race, and instantly approached the vital points of the opponent's chest and abdomen.

Before the powerful human race could react, it was already a life-or-death situation!


The strong human race man was sweating profusely, his eyes were twitching, and his face was extremely ugly.

The blue-robed sea tribe's attacks were quite fast, but it wasn't the speed that made them better, but the sudden transformation of the blue "throwing spear" that was too sharp.

He actually pierced through the blood-flame fist that he was proud of without any effort!

Although he still has some trump cards, he is confident that if there is a life and death fight, he may not necessarily let the other party take advantage.

But in this battle, he has obviously lost, because the blue "throwing spear" has been pointed at his chest, but it is perfectly restrained by the opponent's power and no longer moves forward.

If he moves again, he will be severely injured!

"Your Excellency, what a trick!"

The strong human man dispersed the blood flames, closed his fists and retreated, already admitting defeat.

The Hai Clan young man also nodded and stepped back expressionlessly, not intending to take the opportunity to belittle the other party.

"So," the red-armed elder scanned the audience, "Do you have any questions?"

Everyone was silent.

Although there are thousands of strong people, the attack just now is enough to calm most people.

With such a background, there is really no need for Lan Hai Sect to spy on them.

Jiang Tian watched calmly throughout the whole process without even saying a word.

Among a thousand people, he was the only one who was in the middle stage of the Origin Realm, lower than the realm requirements for recruiting manpower.

But his strength has been verified by the red-armed elders, and no one questions it anymore.

The crowd then dispersed.

But Jiang Tian did not leave. He sat down on a mountain peak outside the gate of Lanhai Sect, adjusted his energy and spirit, and waited silently.

Early the next morning, thousands of people gathered.

The Lanhai Sect sent three hundred people, led by the Red Arm Elder and several other elders, to take a sea whale boat and head straight to the deep sea in the south.

"One thousand three hundred people, all of them are top players at the peak of the Origin Realm or the half-step Eternal Realm. With such a lineup, no matter how strong the Eternal Realm is, it will fail, right?" Someone said with a heroic face, but it always sounded like there was something wrong. A little unsure.

After all, it is the Eternal Realm, and it is also a great demon of the Eternal Realm who grew up in the water planet domain!

The Sea Whale Boat is a unique boat-type weapon of the Lan Hai Sect. It looks like a huge whale monster.

This is not deliberately carved, but made from the body of a real whale monster!

There are many such flying boats in Lanhai Sect, and every one of them is like this.

In an environment like the Ten Thousand Reef World, where water is abundant, the escape speed is extremely fast and the consumption is extremely small.

It only requires a few sea crystals to activate, and then it can absorb the energy of water between heaven and earth on its own, turning it into the power of continuous escape.

Especially because of its huge size, it is suitable for carrying a large number of warriors and is a practical weapon for escape.

At this time, 1,300 warriors gathered in a brightly lit hall - this was originally the belly cavity of a giant whale.

"It's like you didn't say anything." A middle-aged man in gray robe standing with his arms folded next to him said with disdain, "The Eternal Realm also has strong and weak levels. Do you know what level the Eternal Realm Great Demon is and what its combat strength is?" "The great demon has entered eternity only a hundred years ago. Compared with the almost infinite lifespan of the eternal realm, it is just the beginning. No matter how strong the combat power is, how strong can it be?" A woman in a light red dress with no sheath on her back said The human female cultivator of the sword smiled and raised her eyebrows.

Ujian was full of sharpness, and her eyes seemed to be even sharper than the sword behind her. "It's not bad to enter the eternal realm for the first time, but everyone must understand that it is a great demon that grew up in the deep sea of ​​the Ten Thousand Reef Realm. Relying on the powerful water power of the water planet domain, coupled with its must-have huge demon body, it is extremely powerful. Extraordinary!" one person said with a full face

The wrinkled old man in purple robe said in a deep voice.

"Tsk! It sounds so scary, as if who has never seen the eternal realm?"

"Haha, yes, I have seen both the human race and the sea race strongmen in the Eternal Realm. I have even felt their pressure at close range and observed their battles. How could you be so exaggerated?"

"The great demon has grown up in this world. Which of us is not?"

Not to mention the three hundred masters who came from Lan Hai Sect, among these thousand casual cultivators recruited, there are quite a few who have seen the Eternal Realm.

They don't have much fear in the eternal realm.

Of course I don't have the courage to fight one on one, but with 1,300 people and more than ten powerful Lanhai Sect elders holding the battle, there is almost no chance of capsizing!

Seeing everyone's reactions, the wrinkles on the purple-robed old man's face deepened. "Of course I have seen Eternal Realm powerhouses. It is true that the essence of the Eternal Realm's power is similar, but when it comes to different individuals, there will still be a big gap in strength. The big demon may not reach the middle stage of the Eternal Realm within a hundred years.

But don’t forget how it has grown over the years! "

As soon as these words came out, the atmosphere suddenly became a little silent.

Everyone looked at each other, the joking on their faces disappeared, and their eyes became more solemn.

The Great Demon has only entered eternity a hundred years ago, but for more than a thousand years before that, it was the target of Lan Hai Sect disciples to go out to practice and hone their skills.

He has a huge amount of fighting experience against strong men of all levels from the human race and the sea race.

In terms of actual combat experience alone, none of the more than a thousand people present could compare to it!

"So," the warriors who were full of confidence just now immediately became cautious in their tone, "That big demon is indeed not easy to deal with." "In fact, this issue does not need to be discussed at all. You just need to think about it. For example, Lan Hai Sect has not really solved it for so many years, so much so that it needs to recruit people from outside to besiege it. Will such a monster be easy?"