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Tyrant Daddy’s Petite Bag

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The Emperor of the Great Qi Kingdom was looking forward to a princess, but he had twenty-eight sons in a row!

The tyrant opened the altar and prayed that as long as he gave birth to a daughter, he promised that he would not commit murder in the future and bring peace to the world! Unexpectedly, God really agreed!

Ten months later, Gu Nuo’er, the only little princess in Daqi, was born with a koi carp.

In the face of being surrounded by treacherous officials, the enemy country is staring at the tiger, and the disadvantaged start of man-made disasters and natural disasters——

The little princess waved her little hand, indicating that the baby is not afraid!

Relying on the luck of the koi carp, help the tyrant father to clean up the court situation, please the queens in the harem, and bring blessings to the people around him.

Gradually, she became everyone’s petite baby.

Tyrant Daddy: “The Dragon Chair is my Nuobao’s shaker, as long as she speaks, the world will give it to her!”

Brothers of the prince: “If you have looks and you have money, I just don’t get married, and I spend my whole life to spoil my sister!”

Ministers and uncles: “Who dares to bully the little princess, don’t blame us for besieging and killing them all!”

When Nuonuo grew up, everyone realized that the boy who grew up with the princess wanted to steal her for a long time——

Ye Siming: “Nuo Nuo, whoever makes you cry, I will make the whole family restless, and whoever hurts you, I will take his life. If you like it, my life is yours too.”

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Short Title:TDPB
Alternate Title:暴君爹爹的团宠小娇包
Author:White peach sweet porridge
Weekly Rank:#15
Monthly Rank:#9
All Time Rank:#1942
Tags:Age Progression, Ancient China, Beautiful Female Lead, Child Protagonist, Childhood Sweethearts, Cute Protagonist, Cute Story, Doting Older Siblings, Doting Parents, Famous Parents, Famous Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Imperial Harem, Lucky Protagonist, Royalty, Sibling's Care,
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