Chapter 500 Public Opinion War (21)

  Night of November 30th

  Lezerin, a hospital, a certain ward

  Kappa lay on the bed, quietly watching the empty and deserted surroundings.

   Knowing that he might have contracted an infectious disease, the editor-in-chief Byron was so frightened that he hurried to the hospital for an examination. After confirming that he was fine, he asked someone to send a letter of condolence.

   On the surface, Xinming is concerned about appeasing Kappa, but in fact every word and every word is full of harsh criticism.

   After all, Capa fell ill just after Byron handed over the heavy responsibility of prison reporting to Capa, which undoubtedly disrupted some of his deployments and delayed major events.

  The most important thing is that Capa went to the slums to collect materials without safety awareness. What if the disease was reported back to the agency and something happened to him? Severe infectious diseases can kill people at any time!

   "Ahem..." Capa directly crumpled up the letter and threw it into the trash can.

  He felt weak all over his body, and even a slight movement would cause severe pain in his chest.

  Besides, constant coughing, itching and redness of the skin are also tormenting his will.

   It should be really sick.

   Capa smiled bitterly silently.

   It was just unlucky enough to get sick just by being close to civilians.

Capa couldn't help feeling a little uneasy and depressed, but when he saw soldiers, he didn't dare to approach the nurses. When the doctor made a diagnosis, he also protected himself tightly, and spent most of the time alone in the ward Here, the opportunity to contact the International Equality League has greatly increased, and he is still happy.

  The most important thing now is to hand over those important evidences to the International Equality League.

   This matter is bigger than everything else.

   "Ahem..." Capa lay alone on the bed and coughed heavily, waiting patiently for the comrades from the International Equality League to come to find him.

  He was pretty sure that if the International League for Equality had really received the news from Clementine, then they must be secretly monitoring him, looking for the right time to contact him.

  The fact that I entered the hospital must be known by the other party. If there is no accident, some people have already started to touch the hospital.

  Perhaps, the door of the ward will be opened in the next second.

  Facts were just as Capa expected. Comrade Evans, who was in charge of meeting him, fell down on purpose and was kindly sent to the hospital by a tenant living in the same apartment for treatment.

  Evans' injury was not serious. There was no fracture in his leg, he was just hit by the stairs, and he was bruised and purple.

   This is mainly due to the fact that he is very young, and others mistakenly think that he is lame, but in fact he has extraordinarily strong bones.

  The doctor treated the broken skin wound, prescribed the medicine, and at the request of Evans, checked him into a single room for recuperation.

  In fact, his injury is not necessary to be hospitalized, but the hospital welcomes him to live here and pay high medical expenses every day.

  After repeated persuasion, the well-meaning tenant did not leave a caretaker after all, and returned to the apartment first. Evans lay on the hospital bed and fell asleep alone, thinking about what to do next in a quiet environment.

  He tossed a lot in the hospital, just to learn more about the situation of the hospital and confirm the specific location of reporter Capa.

   This thing went well.

  Although he did not see reporter Capa with his own eyes, he found two government soldiers wearing masks standing in front of a ward at the end of the corridor.

  In this hospital, the soldiers of the government army still wear masks, and the direction is very clear.

  Then the next question is how to get past the soldiers and meet the reporter Capa in the ward.

   Nothing more than two choices.

  One, find a way to send the soldiers away.

  Second, pretend to be a doctor and go in.

   It is not easy to dismiss soldiers, unless they are their superiors, otherwise it is difficult to drive them. The most promising is to pretend to be a doctor, wearing a mask and fully armed, the other party will not recognize it, and the possibility of getting away with it is relatively high.

   Later, Evans tried to move his lower leg. Although it was still painful, it was far from being unable to move.

  He first came to the door and looked outside, and after confirming that there was no one in the corridor he was in, he boldly walked out, looking around while walking, looking for places where there might be doctors' clothes.

   This behavior was very ostentatious, but Evans didn't think about restraining himself at all.

  Because if someone like a doctor or nurse comes to inquire about the situation, you can easily cover up your real purpose by answering that you can’t find a bathroom, or that you have a stomachache.

  The most important test at this time is precisely the psychological quality.

   "Is there anything I can help with?" A nurse on the night shift asked, yawning as Evans passed by the duty station.

   "Where is the bathroom?" Evans was very calm, responding according to the prepared remarks.

   "It's in front." The nurse pointed.

   "Okay." Evans nodded and disappeared into the corridor.

  The nurse didn't take this matter to heart, lying on the standing counter with both hands, drowsy.

  On the side of the corridor, Evans, who hadn't left at all, poked out half of his face and observed the situation at the duty station.

  The left and right sides behind the duty station are the rest room and the cloakroom respectively. Everything he needs is in the locker room.

   But it's too risky to rush over like this.

  I was found passing through the duty station, which is easy to explain, but if I was caught in the locker room and showed up, it would definitely arouse suspicion and lead to exposure.

   Fortunately, before Evans could come up with a countermeasure, a woman walked out of a ward on the other side of the corridor. The woman walked straight to the duty station, not noticing him who immediately turned sideways to hide.

   Soon, the dozing nurse was woken up by the woman, and followed the woman into the ward to change the bottle for the woman's sick child.

  When the opportunity came, Evans decisively took advantage of the absence of the nurse and entered the locker room.

  In the cloakroom, there are entire hangers for the uniforms and casual clothes of doctors and nurses. Evans quickly took off his shirt and changed into a well-fitting doctor's uniform.

   Unfortunately, by the time he got dressed and was about to go out, the nurse had already returned to the duty station.

   We can only wait for the opportunity.

  Twenty minutes later, the nurse lay prone in front of the standing counter and snored slightly.

   Evans, who was waiting calmly, immediately walked out of the locker room, took a mask from the counter, put it on, and walked directly to the ward where reporter Capa was.

  Two government soldiers on duty took a nap against the door frame. A more sensitive soldier heard footsteps, opened his eyes immediately, and patted his companion awake at the same time.

"Let me check his condition." He walked up to the two soldiers with steady steps. Evans didn't feel nervous. He said something in a very normal tone, and the sleepy and frightened soldiers had no doubts opened the door.

   "Doctor, is he sure it's an infectious disease?" The soldier asked worriedly.

   "... not sure yet." Evans followed the soldier's question and replied with an ambiguous answer.

  Another soldier glanced at Capa who was lying in the ward scruples, and whispered: "Then how should we prevent it? Is it safe enough to stand here wearing a mask?"

   "Don't worry." Evans didn't understand this, so he comforted the two soldiers perfunctorily, walked into it, and closed the door again with his own hands.

  It was the early morning of December 1st.

  Kappa was very uncomfortable, but he never fell asleep.

   Evans walked slowly in front of Capa, and called tentatively: "Capa?"

   "Hmm." The pale Capa frowned slightly and responded softly.

   "Are you okay?" Seeing that Capa's situation seemed to be really not good, Evans suppressed his joy after confirming his identity and asked with concern.

   "Fever... My whole body hurts..." Capa didn't recognize Evans' identity for a while, and still regarded him as a doctor, telling his own situation, "Those medicines seem...seem to be useless..."

  The development of things exceeded Evans' expectations.

  He didn't expect that reporter Capa really got sick: " did you get sick?"


  I told the doctor about my own experience of contracting the disease when I was admitted to the hospital. Why would the doctor ask again without knowing the situation?

   Capa looked at Evans, and said with surprise and joy: " are not a doctor..."

   There is no need for Evans to conceal his identity. He nodded slightly: "Hello, Reporter Capa, I am a comrade of the International Equality League Action Team. You can call me Evans."

   "You, how... how do you prove that you are a comrade of the International Equality League?" Capa was full of vigilance, and wanted to rule out the possibility that the editor-in-chief Byron doubted himself and deliberately sent someone to test him.

"Your wife Clementine, children Dorothy and Matt are now properly settled in Leicester City. We are looking for opportunities to contact you based on the information they provided." Evans road.

   "It's not enough." When it came time to meet, Capa found it hard to believe it.

Originally, he fully considered the suspicion of himself from the International Equality Alliance, and racked his brains to make the other party trust him. Now, he is also consistent with the International Equality Alliance, maintaining suspicion and not daring to reveal his hidden secrets easily. .

   Evans continued: "Your wife, Ms. Clementine, has considered this point and specially asked us to bring you a sentence. She said that Dorothy and Matt are waiting for your gift."

  Hearing these words, Capa, who stood alone, faced, and challenged the provisional government, burst into tears.

  He can be sure that the person in front of him is really a comrade of the International Equality League.

  Because only the family knows about the agreement with the children.

  Even if Clementine was caught by the provisional government in an accident, she would never say such words to Capa. She could only use other words to make him aware of the danger.

   "You, you are finally here." Capa said excitedly, his eyes blurred by tears.

   "Sorry, I haven't been able to find a suitable opportunity to meet you before." Evans can somewhat understand Capa's current mood, and it is the man in front of him who can cry and has softness that makes him admire him even more.

"I have all the evidence of the newspaper's falsification, and... and the evidence that the government arrested innocent people, designated them as you, carried out inhuman torture, and executed them. I also... have it." Capa confirmed Identity, and immediately began to hand over the evidence related to the outcome of public opinion, "These films are hidden in my bedroom window...under the eaves outside the window..."

   "We will get it as soon as possible." Evans nodded solemnly.

"Those innocent people..." Capa felt that Evans was not eager enough. He wanted to let the other party know what kind of **** the people in the prison were in, but he was rarely able to organize words and describe it, "They, They... they are really difficult, life is better than death... life is better than death..."

   Evans saw Capa raised his hand tremblingly, trying to explain something with tears, and said, "Don't worry, we will do our best to rescue them."


   "Did you...did you contract the disease deliberately in order to create a chance to meet us?" Evans asked.

   "It's the must hurry have to do this..." Capa said.

   "Can you still hold on?"

"Ok, Ok."

   Evans asked: "If the evidence is released, will it expose you? If so, we will immediately find a way to **** you out of Laizein."

"Yes. When filming the evidence of the newspaper office...the newspaper office had only me. For the evidence in the prison, the editor-in-chief only arranged...arranged for me to go there...As soon as these evidences are published, they will immediately realize that I did it." Capa never Missing his wife and children so much, he wished the comrades of the International Equality League would send him to Leicester right now.

   "Understood, we will send you away as soon as possible. Before that, all you need to do is to rest in peace." Evans patted Capa lightly.

   "Okay, as long as I need to cooperate, I, I will cooperate..."

  Evans took a few tissues and helped Capa wipe away his tears: "Heal with peace of mind, your wife and children are waiting to be reunited with you."


"Comrade Capa—I hope we can be referred to as comrades in the future. Time is running out, so I will go out first, and I will report back to the situation, and I will come back as soon as possible to help you leave Laizein." After staying in the ward for long enough, Evans was about to leave.

   "Okay." Capa has no objection, his heart is very stable.

  The moment he connected with the International Equality League, he felt that he had unlimited power again.

  At this moment, he finally stood together with thousands of revolutionaries and marched towards a brave new world together.

   "Thank you for your efforts." Evans got up and walked out of the ward.

   Capa breathed a sigh of relief, looked at the ceiling in the dark, and smiled.

   "Doctor, how is he?" The soldier inquired about the situation.

   "It's still stable. If there's nothing else, don't go in and disturb his rest." Evans stood still and said to the soldier.

  The soldier quickly smiled and waved his hands: "That's an infectious disease, of course we won't go in casually, don't worry."

   "Well, thank you for your hard work." Evans nodded and left.

   "Doctor, please wait a minute, we still have a question."


   "When will he recover?"

   "Not sure, let's see when the time comes." Evans didn't entangle the soldiers too much, and went all the way back to the duty station.

  The nurse was still sound asleep. He tiptoed into the locker room, changed his clothes, and returned to his ward to sleep peacefully. He waited to be discharged tomorrow and reported this important information to the General Liaison Office.

  (end of this chapter)

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