True Daughter, She is the Almighty Boss

Ying Zijin, the former big man, woke up and became the youngest daughter of the Ying family who had been missing for 15 years, and decisively adopted a child to replace her. After returning, everyone ridiculed her for not being smart and capable, sensible and elegant. Her parents.... Read more

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Chapter List

Chapter 649 Ying Zijin backing up: show you the boss [2 more] Chapter 648 Horses are falling all the time [1 more] Chapter 647 The worldview is broken, the chief executive [2 more]

Chapter 646 Abuse! Fall off the horse again, the chief executive [1 more Chapter 645 Fu Yunshen: Sage's Court, what is it? 【2 more Chapter 644 New vest, see Yu Shaoyun [1 more] Chapter 643 Bastard, don’t have this ability [2 more] Chapter 642 Unable to regret it, the youngest genius doctor [1 more Chapter 641 The whole network splits, and the chain hits the face [2 more] Chapter 640 My face hurts, picking the horse at the scene [1 more] Chapter 639 Fight back! Abuse [2 more] Chapter 638 The sage, the terrifying network of Ying Zijin [1 more]

Chapter 637 A series of horses! [2 more] Chapter 636 The relationship between Ying Zijin and Nishizawa Laurent [1 more] Chapter 635 Old things in those days, take their own shame [2 more]

Chapter 634 Are you worthy of Elizabeth? Biological father [1 more] Chapter 633 Completely crazy, everyone! [2 more] Chapter 632 The experimental project was removed, the wife of the CEO [1 more] Chapter 631 Slap, Helvin’s phone number [2 more] Chapter 630 Plagiarism, abuse of scum, loss of horse [1 more] Chapter 629 The truth is revealed! [2 more] Chapter 628 Can't offend the Laurent family, meet with nephew and aunt [1 more] Chapter 627 Respect Yingzi as a god! Let the president get out [2 Chapter 626 Beheaded! Xie’s family exploded [1 more]

Chapter 625 Ying Huang hands-on, incredible identity [2 more] Chapter 624 Madness and thanksgiving, great feng shui! 【1 more】 Chapter 623 Shock! Xie Nian, are you arrogant anymore? [2 more] Chapter 622 It’s really dead, Yingzijin’s backstage can’t be counted 【 Chapter 621 The ancestors are out! Papa Wen lost his horse [2 more] Chapter 620 Don't know how many catties you are? Wind repair [1 more] Chapter 619 Very regretful, my face hurts, can’t be more than [2] Chapter 618 Ying Zijin: I think the Fan family doesn’t need ancient medicine Chapter 617 The ancient medical world, respected by Miss Ying [2 more] Chapter 616 Founder of NOK Forum, covered by Ying Huang [1 more] Chapter 615 Fu Yunshen: Judicial Hall, did I not listen to what I said? Chapter 614 Abandoned on the spot, Xie Nian was humiliated [1 more]

Chapter 613 Falling horse scene [add more] Chapter 612 Ying emperor abuse scum [2 more] Chapter 611 To beat you is to beat you. Do you still need to choose a date? 【1 Chapter 610 Known in the ancient martial arts world, a sign of rage [plus more] Chapter 609 Xie family, get out! [2 more] Chapter 608 The Lionel family, the birth mother of Yingzijin [1 more] Chapter 607 Ying Zijin: The person you are talking about is me [add more] Chapter 606 Slap on the face, tear off the true face of the evil doctor [2 more] Chapter 605 Ying Zijin: Who gave you the illusion? 【1 more】 Chapter 604 The top forces gather! Support [2 more] Chapter 603 The death of Meng Qingxue, commanded by the evil doctor [1 more] Chapter 602 Slap, punish! Cool [1 more]

Chapter 601 Life and death are not as good as life and death, Ying Zijin wakes up [1 more] Chapter 600 Manually feed the medicine and enter the dream house [2 more] Chapter 599 Fuxi shoots, the dreamer who is looking for death [1 more] Chapter 598 The gap between Yingzijin and Yingzijin has all exploded! 【 Chapter 597 Fengxiu ancestor, the dying man Meng Qingxue [1 more Chapter 596 Ying Zijin: Guwu's first person, my apprentice [2 more] Chapter 595 Face slap, Yaoyao’s birthday [1 more] Chapter 594 Mental breakdown, pick up the vest again [2 more] Chapter 593 593 The miraculous medicine couple fought and continued to fall off 【1 Chapter 592 Both fall off the horse [2 more] Chapter 591 Single-handedly crushed! Alchemy [1 more] Chapter 590 Outrageous! Kill the entire Pazzi family [2 more

Chapter 589 If you don’t agree, you will lose your horse and regret it [1 more] Chapter 588 Offended the Laurent family, who is Miss Ying? Chapter 587 exposure! 【1 more】 Chapter 586 At the opening ceremony awards, then take out the power to come [2 more Chapter 585 Before provoking Yingzijin, consider the consequences [1 more] Chapter 584 Face hurts, Ying Zijin’s background [2 more] Chapter 583 Big guys meet, face a wave [1 more] Chapter 582 Abuse, the inhumane Laurent family ruler [ Chapter 581 Both are the younger brothers of the Emperor Ying, formally confront [1 more] Chapter 580 Nishizawa Laurent: See clearly, this is my boss Chapter 579 reverse! Yingzijin, always worthy of your trust【 Chapter 578 Things detonated! Backed by the Laurent family [2 more]

Chapter 577 Slap Mengjia, earth-shaking news [1 more] Chapter 576 What is bullying of juniors, we are more than [2] Chapter 575 Fu Yun deep protects shortness [1 more] Chapter 574 Meng Qingxue is miserable, no one can compare [2 more] Chapter 573 Ying Zijin: Want to see the Sage of Tea? See you then [1 more Chapter 572 Tame on the spot! Immortal boss strikes [2 more] Chapter 571 Face slap, top family gathering [1 more] Chapter 570 Arrogant, support [2 more] Chapter 569 The forces and connections behind Yingzijin [1 more] Chapter 568 Now that the horse falls and the horse falls too much, you are also the alchemist? 【 Chapter 567 Guwu master in the district, meet the master and the apprentice [1 more] Chapter 566 Face hurt, Fu Xi: Xu family? [2 more]

Chapter 565 Slapped and slapped it out, Ying Huang showed his might [1 more] Chapter 564 Regret, far worse than Yingzijin [2 more] Chapter 563 The shock of Lin Qingjia for the magic drug couple [1 more] Chapter 562 Face slap scene, God assists [2 more] Chapter 561 Help take a bath, the whole ancient medical profession is begging to win the big brother Chapter 560 The true patriarch of Tianyimen! Flirt you [2 more] Chapter 559 Introduce, Yingzijin, my boss [1 more] Chapter 558 Scumbag, Norton Francis! [2 more] Chapter 557 Ying Zijin: Nick Herschel, I will regret having you Chapter 556 Ying Zijin: The Herschel family is not easy to mess with? 【2 more Chapter 555 Juan's insanity [1 more] Chapter 554 Yingzijin, she is really a **** [2 more]

Chapter 553 Crit again! Support the children [1 more] Chapter 552 There are always Diao people taking off the big guy's vest [2 more] Chapter 551 Completely crushed! Lin Qingjia meets Wen Tinglan [1 more Chapter 550 Accept absolute sanctions from Yingshen [2 more] Chapter 549 Wen Tinglan: Only Yingzijin is my sister [1 more Chapter 548 Bi Lin Qing Jiaqiang, Norton University, brother-in-law [2 more Chapter 547 Slap, what right do you have? 【1 more】 Chapter 546 Lin Qingjia is second, Ying Zijin is first [2 more] Chapter 545 Ying Zijin: Guwu Master, that's it? 【1 more】 Chapter 544 Miss Ying is a real genius of ancient medicine and ancient martial arts 【 Chapter 543 Clean up Ji's house, lose terribly, seduce [2 Chapter 542 Three kings blow up! 【1 more】

Chapter 541 Ying Zijin: My people are here [monthly ticket plus more] Chapter 540 Miss Ying is an ancient doctor, and she meets a top boss [2 more Chapter 539 Heir vote [1 more] Chapter 538 Not easy to mess with, little ancestor Yinghuang [3 more] Chapter 537 Ying Zijin’s ancient martial arts, expelled Yan Ruoxue’s nephew Chapter 536 Fall off the horse again [1 more] Chapter 535 Drive out, can Yan Ruoxue compare with Ying Zijin? 【 Chapter 534 Dismissal, severe punishment! Coax girlfriend [1 more] Chapter 533 Cool, the principal would like you to take a trip [2 more] Chapter 532 Unconditionally believe in Yingzijin, clean up Yan Anhe [ Chapter 531 Dan League shakes and supports [2 more] Chapter 530 Ying Zijin: Fuxi, my apprentice [1 more]

Chapter 529 Face slap, human-shaped bug Yingzijin [2 more] Chapter 528 The Lin family is really not good, acquaintance, the second code name [1 Chapter 527 Robbing people again! Angry Yan Anhe [2 more] Chapter 526 Take off the boss’s vest in public [1 more] Chapter 525 You Su You Raise, See Yan Anhe's True Face [2 Chapter 524 Instructor Fu: My girl [1 more] Chapter 523 Collective boycott! Dismissal【1 more】 Chapter 522 Ying Zijin: Two tricks for you [1 more] Chapter 521 Retribution, Fu Yunshen: Sorry, there is a master [2 more Chapter 520 Depraved, slapped in the face frantically [1 more] Chapter 519 Promote your fame! Lin Jiaqiu invites Ying Huang [2 more] Chapter 518 Ying Zijin: It's easy for me to destroy you [1 more]

Chapter 517 Return to abuse the scum, expel the family [2 more] Chapter 516 Wen Fengmian you can't afford to climb high [1 more] Chapter 515 International top experimental project! Immortal Yinghuang [2 more Chapter 514 Who do you look down on? Master Ying [1 more] Chapter 513 Kick to the iron plate! Yingshen Niubi [2 more] Chapter 512 Principal of the Imperial University: Is there anything wrong with you? 【1 more】 Chapter 511 Unfinished vests, group pets Yingshen [2 more] Chapter 510 Ji family heir! Detonated the entire Imperial Capital University [2 Chapter 509 Ying Zijin: Dan League? what? [2 more] Chapter 508 The real giant in the ancient martial arts world! Ying Zijin’s Medical Skills【 Chapter 507 A headache for knowing so many identities of the boss [2 more Chapter 506 Slap in the face, lost the kid of the giant family? 【1 more

Chapter 505 Picked a vest, No.1! [2 more] Chapter 504 The operation of the big guy is always so showy [1 more] Chapter 503 Real genius, explode! [Except New Year's Eve Xiaofan] Chapter 502 Scum, do you know who Lin Qingjia’s medical practitioner teaches? Chapter 501 talent! Ying Zijin: Courage, I give it [2 more Chapter 500 The people that Ying Zijin knows are more perverted. [ Chapter 499 Ying Zijin: This stitch, I created [2 more] Chapter 498 Ying Huang’s three-generation disciple, can you, Miss Lin? 【 Chapter 497 Ying Huang Liwei, the underground world shakes, Lin Qingjia [ Chapter 496 Frightened, the investment of the Laurent family [1 more] Chapter 495 Finally got a concept of Yingzijin’s force value [2 Chapter 494 Ying Zijin: Get out [1 more]

Chapter 493 The mentality collapsed, and the two big brothers got on the bar [2 more, pumping Chapter 492 It's just a king fried! No. 1 on the killer list【1 Chapter 491 Throw out the family, the first poisoner [2 more] Chapter 490 Ask the genius doctor, An Roujin will be gone if she is gone [1 more Chapter 489 Ji family, so bold [2 more] Chapter 488 Abuse slag, directly abolished [1 more] Chapter 487 The three great ancient martial arts can not afford to offend [2 more] Chapter 486 Rich woman Yingzijin: You can try [1 more] Chapter 485 Ying Zijin: Am I that weak? [2 more] Chapter 484 Do you call this an ordinary person? ! 【1 more】 Chapter 483 Winner is just an ordinary person [2 more] Chapter 482 Unbelievable, I ran into Wen Fengmian’s ex-wife head-on [1

Chapter 481 Ying Huang took out a stack of invitation cards [2 more] Chapter 480 Face slap, identity recovery [1 more] Chapter 479 The experiment is completed, the International Virus Center replied [2 more Chapter 478 Code name: The fortune teller [1 more] Chapter 477 Who dares to provoke Yingzijin [2 more] Chapter 476 Cool and refreshing [1 more] Chapter 475 The real Miss Xiu family [3 more] Chapter 474 What is Xiuyan? Withdrawal statement [2 more Chapter 473 No one knows poison better than Ying Huang [1 more] Chapter 472 What horrible family got into [3 more] Chapter 471 Paternity test exchanged [2 more] Chapter 470 Ying Zijin: looking for death [1 more]

Chapter 469 Yan Ruoxue’s face is gone, pick up the goods and do things [3 Chapter 468 Invitation letter from ancient medical circles and ancient martial arts [2 more] Chapter 467 Cracked, please ask the president of Imperial University [1 more] Chapter 466 Wen Fengmian's wife and daughter, she wants to return your file? 【3 more Chapter 465 You can kiss, Fu Yun dark [2 more] Chapter 464 Suspicious life experience, abuse scum [1 more] Chapter 463 The final retribution, another paternity test [3 Chapter 462 She is the first researcher of Helvin Lab【2 Chapter 461 Ying Yuexuan's end [1 more] Chapter 460 Wife is strict, I don’t know where Ji’s family is emboldened Chapter 459 Gift against the sky, Tuan Chong Yaoyao, conflict [2 more] Chapter 458 Zhong Manhua's mental breakdown [1 more]

Chapter 457 On the hot search again, the evidence was hammered to death, Ying Zhen Ting and Ying Yue Xuan Chapter 456 Ji family, cousin, matched successfully [2 more] Chapter 455 Jump the beam clown, solve the beauty [1 more] Chapter 454 Nine consecutive bursts of Weibo! [3 more] Chapter 453 How about calling brother-in-law? [2 more] Chapter 452 Crazy face slaps, all parties support [1 more] Chapter 451 Whole network exposure [3 more] Chapter 450 Do you still have a baby kiss [2 more] Chapter 449 Yingyuexuan can also be matched [1 more] Chapter 448 The Ying family is also worthy? [3 more] Chapter 447 Can't afford to offend, detonate hot search [2 more] Chapter 446 You lost your biological daughter, you deserve it 【1

Chapter 445 The top families of the Imperial Capital are all here for Miss Ying Chapter 444 Yuan family retires, Ying Yuexuan collapses [2 more] Chapter 443 Three big brothers in a family, incredible [1 more] Chapter 442 Wen Fengmian's family members, crazy celebrations around the world [4 more] Chapter 441 Zhong Manhua: Ying Yuexuan, are you worthy of me? ! Chapter 440 On the day when the college entrance examination results were announced, the Ying family was going crazy again [2 Chapter 439 Fu Yunshen, the one from the Judicial Hall [1 more] Chapter 438 Do it directly, Fu Yunshen: Xie Feng, right? 【 Chapter 437 A painful blow, cool and cool day entertainment [2 more] Chapter 436 The identities are all exploded, maybe Yingshen is still a hacker? Chapter 435 Sao operation from the big guy [20 more] Chapter 434 Face slap scene [19 more]

Chapter 433 Designer charm, self-destructed identity [18 more] Chapter 432 Ying Zijin: Very good [17 more] Chapter 431 The collapse of the Ying family is a trivial matter [16 more] Chapter 430 In those years, the fear of being dominated by Ying God [15 more] Chapter 429 Fu Yunshen: Girlfriends are young, so I have to coax [14 more] Chapter 428 Comparing with Yingzijin for divination? Insult oneself [13 more] Chapter 427 Ying Zhenzhen is critically ill [12 more] Chapter 426 Arrogance [11 more] Chapter 425 Ying Zijin: I really don't want to do it [10 more] Chapter 424 The third apprentice, the first ancient warrior! [9 more] Chapter 423 Project report [8 more] Chapter 422 The Laurent family is not enough, another Venus group

Chapter 421 Strong return [6 more] Chapter 420 Fu Yunshen: Lose 200 million to his girlfriend [5 more Chapter 419 National Volume No. 1 [4 more] Chapter 418 Behind the scenes [3 more] Chapter 417 IBI director, big guys gather [2 more] Chapter 416 Father Wen's identity is revealed, S grade! 【1 more】 Chapter 415 Hot search explosion Chapter 414 Ying Zijin: Don't discharge to me [2 more] Chapter 413 Secrets of past lives, the final ranking [1 more] Chapter 412 You are Gwen Brown! [2 more] Chapter 411 Global fall, Ying Zijin: garbage [1 more] Chapter 410 Hua Guo, Ying Zijin [2 more]

Chapter 409 Please rank first! Is it still arrogant? 【1 more】 Chapter 408 International finals live [2 more] Chapter 407 Yinghuang protects the short, punches and explodes [1 more] Chapter 406 Poisoner, how does Ying Shen compare to Irna? 【2 Chapter 405 Nishizawa Laurent: Boss! 【1 more】 Chapter 404 Ying Zijin: Is the Laurent family enough? [2 more] Chapter 403 Regret, ISC removed Ying Yuexuan [1 more] Chapter 402 Whose ID is this? [2 more] Chapter 401 Liang Liang Ying Yue Xuan [1 more] Chapter 400 Ying Zijin: Ten million [2 more] Chapter 399 I wonder if she is a researcher in Helvin's lab? Chapter 398 Pei Tianyi was expelled from the research base [2 more]

Chapter 397 Stupid, the lowest is A grade [1 more] Chapter 396 Who doesn't have a NOK forum account yet? [2 more] Chapter 395 Your parents are really disgusting [1 more] Chapter 394 Global live broadcast, Yingjia changes [2 more] Chapter 393 Ying Yuexuan was originally an illegitimate daughter? 【1 more】 Chapter 392 Zhong Manhua was mad into the hospital [2 more] Chapter 391 Ying Zijin: Good [1 more] Chapter 390 Fu Yunshen: I can’t wait [2 more] Chapter 389 Ying Yuexuan’s collapse [1 more] Chapter 388 Bar Mitzvah, identity disclosure [2 more] Chapter 387 The original shape is revealed [1 more] Chapter 386 After learning the truth, the anonymous forum changed its real name [2 more]

Chapter 385 Ying's family is crazy, Ying Zijin: Don't save [1 more] Chapter 384 Fake daughter, true illegitimate daughter, the prophecy of the fortune teller【 Chapter 383 This is Yingzijin’s voice, she likes him [1 more Chapter 382 International finals! Ask the genius [2 more] Chapter 381 Tearing the true face of Ying Yuexuan [1 more] Chapter 380 Gave Ying Yuexuan a slap [2 more] Chapter 379 Fool, this is his boss! 【1 more】 Chapter 378 There are always people who want to pick up the big guy's vest [2 more] Chapter 377 Hot search exploded, the whole network mocked Ye Xi [1 more] Chapter 376 What kind of fairy piano is this? [2 more] Chapter 375 The ancient martial world shakes, the magic drug couple abuses the scum [1 more] Chapter 374 Fu Yunshen: What evidence do I need? [2 more]

Chapter 373 Ying Zijin shot: The Yu family can be gone [1 more] Chapter 372 Do it! You **** doctor? [2 more] Chapter 371 Face slap, Ying Zijin: I'll come [1 more] Chapter 370 Help out, the boss of Chuguang Media [2 more] Chapter 369 What you can’t get is easy for the big guys【 Chapter 368 Fu Yunshen: Get out of here now [3 more] Chapter 367 Hide in your brother's arms? Yaoyao is jealous [2 more] Chapter 366 Lost the horse, Associate Professor! 【1 more】 Chapter 365 Not worthy, I met Ying Zijin in the Imperial Capital University [2 more Chapter 364 Admit it personally, cool, let your brother squeeze a face? 【 Chapter 363 Face-slapped two waves, interview with Ying Zijin [3 more] Chapter 362 God calculates the world [2 more]

Chapter 361 Ying Zijin: It's me [1 more] Chapter 360 Slap in the face, drop a vest [2 more] Chapter 359 Ye Xi, is your face okay? 【1 more】 Chapter 358 Treat his body with his own way [4 more] Chapter 357 The combination of immortals, the entertainment circle bursts [3 more] Chapter 356 crazy! What is Ye Xi? [2 more] Chapter 355 Xie Manyu is here, my brother will give you free [1 more] Chapter 354 Hold the gold master's father's legs tightly, no more recording [4 more] Chapter 353 Kids, come and hug me to sleep [3 more] Chapter 352 Ying Zijin: Are you worthy to let me do it? [2 more] Chapter 351 Ancient medicine, the person covered by Chuguang Media [1 more] Chapter 350 This is the father of the gold master! [3 more]

Chapter 349 New Year's Eve together, another day of losing horses [2 more] Chapter 348 If you provoke her, the Yuan family is not enough to bury her [1 more] Chapter 347 Old ancestors, one face slap technique every day [3 more] Chapter 346 Intrigued, the family of Ying Huang’s younger brother [2 more] Chapter 345 Knowing the truth, Zhong Manhua regrets [1 more] Chapter 344 Almighty genius, Yingzijin is a **** [3 more] Chapter 343 Nie Chao is crazy, you guys can't afford to climb high [2 more Chapter 342 Ying Yuexuan, are you worthy? 【1 more】 Chapter 341 I never thought that she who looked down on her identity would be so terrifying【 Chapter 340 Patriarch of the Ling family, Ling Chonglou! [2 more] Chapter 339 The truth, I saw the future of Yingzijin [1 more] Chapter 338 In the secret experiment area, the family members of the boss are also immortals

Chapter 337 Show off your medical skills! Ying Zijin: Your EQ is low [2 more Chapter 336 Abuse scum, live in regret for a lifetime [1 more] Chapter 335 Get out of Jiang's house! [3 more] Chapter 334 Fu Yunshen: She is the treasure, my heart loves [2 more Chapter 333 Jiang Moyuan is over, kinship identification [1 more] Chapter 332 His reputation was ruined and he resigned as CEO Jiang Moyuan Chapter 331 The sir is pursuing the object and eating the evil consequences for himself [2 more] Chapter 330 Scandal exposed! Cause of death [1 more] Chapter 329 court death! Fu Yunshen: No one can move her [3 more] Chapter 328 Jiang Moyuan was beaten [2 more] Chapter 327 Ying Tianlu abuses Ying Yuexuan, invincible Yingshen [1 more] Chapter 326 Scum, Jiang Moyuan, are you also worthy? [3 more]

Chapter 325 Regret, Fu Yunshen: Besides being used to it, what else Chapter 324 My face hurts, IBI is here for Miss Ying [1 more] Chapter 323 Don't listen to your brother? Pei Tianyi, apologize! 【3 Chapter 322 Life and death rescue! Ying Yuexuan is not qualified yet [2 more Chapter 321 Yingzijin’s account ID, hands-on! 【1 more】 Chapter 320 Strong, Ying Zijin’s network [3 more] Chapter 319 Wei Tian Ying boss! Pet her [2 more] Chapter 318 Face-slapped at the scene, the embarrassed Pei Tianyi [1 more] Chapter 317 Pei Tianyi begged Ying Huang, she solved the problem [ Chapter 316 Falling horse warning! The genius lunatics of Norton University【 Chapter 315 I was jealous, my lips were very soft, and my face was beaten in seconds [1 more] Chapter 314 Like, she participated in the history of English evolution [3

Chapter 313 Magic drug cp, can Yingzijin know Middle English? 【 Chapter 312 Delisting, the downfall of the Su family [1 more] Chapter 311 Face slap, divorce agreement [3 more] Chapter 310 Su Ruan slapped in front of everyone [2 more] Chapter 309 Don’t let the kids get tired [1 more] Chapter 308 Scum, Miss Ying is a real boss [3 more] Chapter 307 Throw Su Ruan directly out of the building [2 more] Chapter 306 Completely resolved, Fu Mingcheng’s fate [1 more] Chapter 305 Feeling regretful, still don't know who Fu Yunshen is? 【 Chapter 304 Purging Fu Shi, chasing children [2 more] Chapter 303 Strong return! Fu Mingcheng's Regret [1 more] Chapter 302 Hot search warning! [3 more]

Chapter 301 Next betrothal gift, marry her [2 more] Chapter 300 Retribution【1 more】 Chapter 299 He loves her and abuses the scum [3 more] Chapter 298 Ying Zijin: Brother, support you [2 more] Chapter 297 The truth, clean up the Fu family [1 more] Chapter 296 Life experience exposed! [3 more] Chapter 295 Not sure about Fu Yunshen’s strength [2 more] Chapter 294 Mu Jia Nie is here! 【1 more】 Chapter 293 Shanghai City Chaos [3 more] Chapter 292 Big bosses are everywhere, fortune telling [2 more] Chapter 291 Both Weibo and Internet are exploded [1 more] Chapter 290 Unique in the world, I don’t even have the qualifications to meet

Chapter 289 Fu Mingcheng, this is the CEO of Venus Group【2 Chapter 288 Slap online and blow up! 【1 more】 Chapter 287 Live, since taking off the vest [3 more] Chapter 286 Winner shot, No.1 [2 more] Chapter 285 Not his biological father [1 more] Chapter 284 Xiuyan can't go on, will [3 more] Chapter 283 Kick up, really think you can't get rid of you? 【 Chapter 282 Face slap: Thanks to classmate Ying Zijin for eliminating violence, Anliang [1 Chapter 281 Hey, hot search on Weibo [3 more] Chapter 280 Clean up the portal, Fu Yunshen’s identity [2 more] Chapter 279 From today on, the fifth one will honor Miss Ying [1 Chapter 278 Boss, you lost the horse [3 more]

Chapter 277 Embrace, abuse scum [2 more] Chapter 276 Fu Yunshen: From today onwards, there is no fifth in Emperor Du Chapter 275 I won’t be able to hire a genius doctor in my life, and I’ll change my fate against the sky [3 Chapter 274 Squeezing his face, Zhong Manhua learned of the identity of the genius [2 more] Chapter 273 Emperor University Professor: Xiuyan, get out of me immediately [1 more Chapter 272 The feeling of being crushed directly by the boss【3 Chapter 271 The secret of twenty years ago, Ying Huang shot [2 more] Chapter 270 Norton University, the organizing committee declares to fight face [1 more] Chapter 269 Make a global sensation! Holding hands [3 more] Chapter 268 Yingshen: Sorry, zoomed in [2 more] Chapter 267 Xiuyan was shocked, and she was always caught off guard [1 more Chapter 266 Identity disclosure, ranking [3 more]

Chapter 265 The backstage of Ying Dao [2 more] Chapter 264 Face slap, look and IQ [1 more] Chapter 263 It's cool, Feng Po, Yingshen you are on fire [3 more] Chapter 262 Regret not at the beginning, no one can afford to provoke the boss [2 more] Chapter 261 Mu Heqing abuse scum [1 more] Chapter 260 Furious, falling horse scene [3 more] Chapter 259 Hypnotism, hands-on! [2 more] Chapter 258 Little money-making expert, cool and cool Mu Shenzhou [1 more] Chapter 257 The Emperor University professor personally ends: Are you worthy too? 【4 more Chapter 256 Sanctions from academic bigwigs! [3 more] Chapter 255 Mrs. Mu is shocked, last name is Ying [2 more] Chapter 254 Take off the vest, the real genius doctor! 【1 more】

Chapter 253 Threat? Yingzijin she can cure [4 more] Chapter 252 The boss is always very mysterious, Mrs. Mu's face is blue. [ Chapter 251 Hand over the heir’s qualifications for assessment [2 more] Chapter 250 Miss Xiu's family, take the big guy to fly [1 more] Chapter 249 Unfortunately, Miss Ying will be responsible for the assessment [4 more] Chapter 248 Mu Chenzhou ran into Ying Zijin in the imperial capital [3 more] Chapter 247 Sensational Weibo! Ask the genius to come out [2 more] Chapter 246 Big abuse Ying Yuexuan [1 more] Chapter 245 Magic doctor, hacker [3 more] Chapter 244 As expected of you, Yingshen [2 more] Chapter 243 Kick to the iron plate! The true face of Ying Yuexuan [1 more] Chapter 242 Excitedly picking up a vest [3 more]

Chapter 241 Sprinkle sugar, put your face up and beat [2 more] Chapter 240 I don't know whether to choose you or Yingzijin? 【1 more Chapter 239 Fight, let Fu Yihan change his wife [3 more] Chapter 238 Still don't know what is a fortune? [2 more] Chapter 237 The highest level VIP! Su Ruan’s face is gone [1 more] Chapter 236 Heir, the black gold card of Laurent Bank [3 more] Chapter 235 Mu Heqing's phone call [2 more] Chapter 234 Slap, in front of you is the ancestor of the ancient healer [1 Chapter 233 Mu Chenzhou is not qualified at all [3 more] Chapter 232 Ancient medical family! Ying Huang wants to fight fake [2 more] Chapter 231 Yingtian Law: Zijin is my sister [1 more] Chapter 230 This is an invitation from Mu Heqing personally [3 more]

Chapter 229 Big brothers’ group favorite: Yingzijin [2 more] Chapter 228 Norton University: Evidence throws your face [1 more] Chapter 227 Donate to you a genius that China must protect? 【3 Chapter 226 Once the vest is off, Norton University protects shortcomings [2 more] Chapter 225 Crying and begging to win the boss [1 more] Chapter 224 Miss Ying has a leg with the IBI chief [3 more] Chapter 223 It's the international boss who provokes! [2 more] Chapter 222 Battered scum, Ying Zijin: My sister is [1 more] Chapter 221 Just break in! Hide identity [3 more] Chapter 220 Mrs. Zhong's body is cold [2 more] Chapter 219 Do you know who Wen Fengmian is? 【1 more】 Chapter 218 court death! Ying Huang is angry [3 more]

Chapter 217 Take the initiative to send the hug, Ying Yuexuan is the dove occupying the magpie's nest [2 more Chapter 216 Biological mother [1 more] Chapter 215 Strong! Paternity test [3 more] Chapter 214 Almighty boss! False can never be true [2 more] Chapter 213 The list is right in front of your eyes [1 more] Chapter 212 The mentality collapsed, and the big man’s vest layered layer after layer. Chapter 211 Gifts, the big guy's show operation [2 more] Chapter 210 To announce that Ying Zijin is the real eldest lady [1 more Chapter 209 Ying Tianlu learns that Ying Yuexuan is a fake daughter [3 more] Chapter 208 Ying Huang: Your ancestors, my apprentice [2 more] Chapter 207 Slap on the spot, everyone is crazy [1 more] Chapter 206 Dare to touch the big guy's stuff? Expulsion from the Zhong family [3 more]

Chapter 205 Yinmenghui, Yingzijin is 10,000 times stronger than you [2 more Chapter 204 Zhong Zhiwan is completely abolished [1 more] Chapter 203 One more blow! Full scandal exposed [3 more] Chapter 202 Fan up according to Zhong Zhiwan’s face [2 more] Chapter 201 Ying Zijin: Well, I drew it [1 more] Chapter 200 This is the original product, the brain exploded directly! 【3 more Chapter 199 Brother try it? Live match [2 more] Chapter 198 Let Zhong Zhi have a big ugly night [1 more] Chapter 197 Dare to copy the designs of Chuguang Media? [3 more] Chapter 196 I broke a vest in the face [2 more] Chapter 195 If you don’t die, you won’t die [1 more] Chapter 194 Ying Zijin is the real daughter, heartbeat [3 more]

Chapter 193 A perverted character like Ying Zijin [2 more] Chapter 192 Madam Ying, you committed slander [1 more] Chapter 191 Yinghuang direct hands-on [3 more] Chapter 190 The gangster is the gangster, Zhong Manhua who is looking for death [2 more Chapter 189 To protect the shortcomings, Miss Ying, the heir of the Mu family, has the final say [1 Chapter 188 Master Fu also loses his vest, and the big guy comes on stage [3 more] Chapter 187 Brother hugs, those who look down on the big guys regret it. [ Chapter 186 Slap on the spot, are you also worthy? 【1 more】 Chapter 185 Strong, removed from Norton University [3 more] Chapter 184 Very regretful, very collapsed [2 more] Chapter 183 Unbelievable, the assessment interviewer is a winner [1 Chapter 182 Seeing Zhong Zhiwan clearly, I ran into the principal to pick up the person in person【

Chapter 181 Battered scum, the clues of Ying Huang’s life experience [2 more] Chapter 180 See you at the interview at Norton University [1 more] Chapter 179 Snap the invitation letter directly in front of He Xun's eyes [3 more] Chapter 178 Old friend, the arithmetic ability is restored [2 more] Chapter 177 Norton University: SS-level invitation letter has arrived [1 more] Chapter 176 The biggest vest has dropped [3 more] Chapter 175 Two waves of face slaps, Ying Huang shows off his prestige [2 more] Chapter 174 Mu Heqing: I will pick up Xiaoying [1 more] Chapter 173 Slap in the face, causally and decisively [3 more] Chapter 172 Life is better than death! True adopted daughter [2 more] Chapter 171 Winner can choke Winner to death with any backstage [ Chapter 170 Face slap, blood torture Ying Luwei [3 more]

Chapter 169 Cut off relations with the Ying family [2 more] Chapter 168 Send Ying Luwei to prison [1 more] Chapter 167 Winner’s true and false daughter [3 more] Chapter 166 The vest is about to fall, the Jiang family retires [2 more] Chapter 165 The truth is exposed! 【1 more】 Chapter 164 Regarding Ying Luwei's throwing away Miss Zijin [3 Chapter 163 Shaking the entire network, collapse of human settings [2 more] Chapter 162 Ying Luwei just collapsed [1 more] Chapter 161 Burning! [3 more] Chapter 160 Zhong Manhua's unprecedented regret [2 more] Chapter 159 Ying big guy directly crushed [1 more] Chapter 158 Papa Wen also has a vest [3 more]

Chapter 157 Find out the truth about Miss Zijin’s loss [2 more] Chapter 156 Big guys: What is Ying Luwei, also worthy? 【 Chapter 155 Recital [3 more] Chapter 154 Drop a vest and scare people [2 more] Chapter 153 Big guys from all sides gather [1 more] Chapter 152 Live face-slapped, the whole network is boiling [3 more] Chapter 151 Extremely tough backstage! [2 more] Chapter 150 Ying Huang started [1 more] Chapter 149 The genius doctor of life and death [3 more] Chapter 148 Weibo exploded! [2 more] Chapter 147 Unfortunately, she is Vera, she will all [1 more] Chapter 146 Your Ying family is going to collapse [3 more]

Chapter 145 Ying Luwei’s piano is **** [2 more] Chapter 144 Kids, sit down and don’t move [1 more] Chapter 143 It’s just the vest of the winning boss [3 more] Chapter 142 Norton University: Robbery? ! [2 more] Chapter 141 He Xun thoroughly [1 more] Chapter 140 Shake the audience! Swollen face [3 more] Chapter 139 Emperor University Professor: Looking for classmate Ying Zijin [2 more] Chapter 138 Every minute knows the night [1 more] Chapter 137 The whole school is crazy [3 more] Chapter 136 The strength of the winning boss! [2 more] Chapter 135 Hidden life experience [1 more] Chapter 134 The big guy is crazy! [3 more]

Chapter 133 Mid-term exam results [2 more] Chapter 132 Ying Huang: Play with your own vest [1 more] Chapter 131 Full marks! The teachers cracked [3 more] Chapter 130 Slap in the face, regret it [2 more] Chapter 129 Boss, why are you here in person? 【1 more】 Chapter 128 How do you compare to Willa Holly? [3 more] Chapter 127 Call from Norton University [2 more] Chapter 126 Let He Xun get out of the examination room [1 more] Chapter 125 The fear of being dominated by Ying scholars [3 more] Chapter 124 Isn’t the exam just casual writing? [2 more] Chapter 123 The school is the first to replace [1 more] Chapter 122 Want to let your brother hold you away? 【4 more】

Chapter 121 Art Association: Is Master Ying’s mother? 【3 Chapter 120 A new day starts from losing the vest [2 more] Chapter 119 Slap hard [1 more] Chapter 118 Regret, provoke an offending person [3 more] Chapter 117 Slap face with kids [2 more] Chapter 116 Winfather: Laurent family patriarch, my little brother [1 more] Chapter 115 Let you see what is almighty [3 more] Chapter 114 As soon as Father Ying shot, the whole network was hacked [2 more] Chapter 113 Today Zhong, Miss Ying is the master [1 more] Chapter 112 Fu Dao Ying Dao teamed up [3 more monthly tickets required] Chapter 111 Don’t ask, ask is almighty [2 more] Chapter 110 Ying Zijin: You try everything [1 more]

Chapter 109 To provoke the winning boss, the end is miserable [3 more] Chapter 108 She hugged his waist [2 more] Chapter 107 Father Ying, that is the ancestor of the ancient warrior [1 more] Chapter 106 Ying Zijin: Are you ready to call Dad? [3 more] Chapter 105 Future boyfriend, have to control [2 more] Chapter 104 Continue to drop horses [1 more] Chapter 103 Winner is not a scholar, but an academic expert [3 more Chapter 102 Big brother’s younger brother is also big brother [2 more] Chapter 101 Lu Zhi cried and begged, regretting it [1 more] Chapter 100 Ying Zijin is the genius doctor [3 more] Chapter 99 Look down on the big guy Ying, and regret it [2 more] Chapter 98 In front of Zhong Manhua, worship Ying Zijin as a teacher [1 more]

Chapter 97 O Zhou oil painting master personally hit his face [3 more] Chapter 96 Fu Yunshen: She is my medicine [2 more] Chapter 95 The big guy Ying abused Zhong Zhiwan with one hand [1 more] Chapter 94 Tear off Zhong Zhiwan’s disguise [7 more] Chapter 93 Fu Yunshen: He has become a beast [6 more] Chapter 92 Winner is simply not a human [5 more] Chapter 91 Ruinous! 【4 more】 Chapter 90 The vest just dropped [3 more] Chapter 89 Sheng Qingtang: You say that this character is Wei Hou's? [2 more] Chapter 88 Arrogant, write in front of everyone [1 more] Chapter 87 Ying Zijin's calligraphy is too strong【Launching activity】 Chapter 86 What do you think of this handwriting?

Chapter 85 The chef went to celebrate Miss Ying Zijin's birthday Chapter 84 Invisible slaps are the deadliest [2 more] Chapter 83 Global shock! 【1 more】 Chapter 82 Seventeen-year-old Yaoyao, happy birthday Chapter 81 Kneel directly to Mr. Ying Chapter 80 First hypnotist Chapter 79 Ying Zijin looks like a person [2 more] Chapter 78 Will be revoked by Norton University [1 more] Chapter 77 He Xun saw the live broadcast Chapter 76 Kick the clock to know the night into the water Chapter 75 Slap them in the face Chapter 74 Know who the true adopted daughter is

Chapter 73 Winner, she really knows fortune-telling [2 more] Chapter 72 It's cold [1 more] Chapter 71 Sentenced in court! Ying Luwei's face is green Chapter 70 Emperor Nie’s! Chapter 69 Fu Yunshen: I haven't even touched a woman's hand Chapter 68 Kids, get in the car with brother Chapter 67 Not worthy to play "Sun and Moon" [2 more] Chapter 66 The collapse of human settings [1 more] Chapter 65 Do you know that she is your granddaughter? Chapter 64 Ying's family left in disgrace [2 more] Chapter 63 It's so arrogant [1 more] Chapter 62 What else won't win?

Chapter 61 He and her are too close Chapter 60 Miss Ying’s matter, you are not qualified to intervene [2 more Chapter 59 Another vest [1 more] Chapter 58 There are always people who like to insult themselves [2 more] Chapter 57 Full network live broadcast to Ying Luwei's fans [1 more] Chapter 56 You guys can't afford to provoke Chapter 55 Speed ​​of light fight face [2 more] Chapter 54 Watching how your brother teaches the bully Chapter 53 Face pain [2 more] Chapter 52 Become a joke of the whole network [1 more] Chapter 51 Fight back strongly! [2 more] Chapter 50 Vent our children [1 more]

Chapter 49 Big shot Chapter 48 Hot search on Weibo Chapter 47 The kid didn't hurt Chapter 46 Shaking Jiang Moyuan's face with a bank card Chapter 45 Grandpa supported you to kidnap Old Man Zhong's granddaughter Chapter 44 Mystery vest Chapter 43 Daddy Ying is a real almighty boss Chapter 42 What do you know is Jinzhendu acupoint? Chapter 41 Thank you little girl for helping me discipline my son [2 more] Chapter 40 Father Ying, I will cover you Chapter 39 Feed the kids candy Chapter 38 Campus forum exploded

Chapter 37 Ying Zijin: It's up to you Chapter 36 What is your mother as a decoration? Chapter 35 Fu Yunshen: No one protects, I protect Chapter 34 Dare to be so horizontal in front of Seventh Young Master? [2 more] Chapter 33 Okay, I'll explain to you Chapter 32 Let Ying Feifei eat the **** bit by bit Chapter 31 No one in ancient medicine can compare to her Chapter 30 Brother accompany you on duty Chapter 29 Slapped the entire elite class in the face Chapter 28 Hands-on Chapter 27 Bad face Chapter 26 He read it again: Yaoyao

Chapter 25 What is magic calculation Chapter 24 Ying Luwei didn't expect it Chapter 23 My kids are really amazing Chapter 22 Sooner or later she will regret it Chapter 21 A box of children's books Chapter 20 Kids, how can I take advantage of me? Chapter 19 The world's first university Chapter 18 Genius boy Chapter 17 How are you going to thank you brother? Chapter 16 The Ying family dare not, I still dare Chapter 15 Adoptive father Chapter 14 My kid, I spoiled

Chapter 13 A video of a face slap Chapter 12 Call brother again to listen Chapter 11 Fu Yunshen: My kidney is weak? Chapter 10 This is a genius doctor Chapter 9 First boss Chapter 8 I can get married in three years Chapter 7 Miss Ying Family Chapter 6 support Chapter 5 Touch the head to kill Chapter 4 What to compare with Yingluwei Chapter 3 Ancient O Zhou Chapter 2 Give our kids blood

Chapter 1 The return of the fortune teller

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