Chapter 619 Very regretful, face hurts, can’t be more than [2]

  Jiang Ran's expression was shaken: "Father, father, are you back after playing?"

  I don’t know why, every time he sees Ying Zijin, he feels safe.

  Ying Zijin glanced at him and said nothing.

   But the meaning is obvious-

  Why haven’t you been locked up yet?

  Jiang Ran: "..."

  Patriarch Fan was interrupted, very angry.

  He looked at the girl, his face darkened: "Who are you again?"

  It is not only the head of the Fan family, but also the elder group of the Ling family for the first time to officially meet Ying Zizhen.

  Ling Zijin's portrait has long been intercepted by Fu Yunshen, and no family can treasure it.

  But her appearance is too outstanding.

  The great elder watched for a while, and suddenly the rumors of these days popped up in his mind.

  Now Ying Zijin, the first young man in the ancient medical profession.

  High medical skills and good growth.

  In front of her, Xie Nian couldn't see enough.

  Could it be...

   "Master...Miss Ying!" Fu Shen's eyes lit up, "I have been to Ling's house for almost a day, and finally I have waited for you."

   "Yeah." Ying Zijin said slowly, "Aren't you here to sleep?"

  Fu Shen: "..."

  The great elder finally found his voice at this time.

  He stepped forward with a solemn expression: "Dare to ask this young lady, who is Miss Yingzijin?"

  Ying Ziying raised her eyes slightly, neither close nor alienated: "You are welcome."

  The elder was flattered: "It's really Miss Ying, the Ling family has missed far to welcome."

   "It's okay." Ying Zijin said indifferently, "It's not for the Ling's family. You don't have to meet."

  The expression of the great elder stagnated.

  Of course he can hear what Ying Zijin meant.

  Not for the Ling family, but for the faction of Ling Zhonglou.

  With the winner, Ling Zhonglou's position as the head of the Patriarch cannot be shaken.

  Patriarch Fan is unbelievable: "You? Are you just Yingzijin?!"

  Since Yingzijin’s name spread to the ancient martial world, many families wanted to make her.

  Fan's family naturally thinks too.

  As long as you can connect with Ying Zijin, you still worry about not having an ancient doctor?

  How could the Keling family know Ying Zijin, and let Ying Zijin help them transfer the ancient doctor? !

  Patriarch Fan’s head buzzed and he couldn't stand still.

  "Fu family and Tianyimen matters, it is not yet the turn of the Fan family to take care of them." Ying Zizhen turned his head, his brows were light, "The Ling family will have ancient doctors, but the Fan family can have none."

  Patriarch Fan froze in place, his brain was congested.

  For an instant, the emotion of regret flooded his heart.

   almost out of breath.

  The Fan family advocated opening the mouth: "Miss Ziying, I didn’t mean that, I..."

  "Whatever you mean, you have come to pressure and persecute yourself, do you want to be old-faced?" Jiang Ran was emboldened, "Come on, drive this old thing out!"

  The status of Ling Zhonglou and Jiang Ran in the Ling family is different from the past.

  The guard also didn't ask the great elder, but directly detained Patriarch Fan and dragged him out forcibly.

  The three ancient doctors who were brought by the housekeeper of the family leader Fan last time have also returned to the heavenly doctor.

  They have no feelings for the Fan family at all, they are just former partners.

  In their hearts, Yingzijin's status is naturally higher.

  The elder glanced at the girl’s back: "How did you meet Miss Ying? Shall we say it earlier?"

   "Huh?" Jiang Ran wondered, "Didn't I say that my high school classmates are very good? She is one of them."

  The Great Elder is speechless.

  The high school classmates he thought were ordinary people in the secular world.

  No matter how good ordinary people are, where can they go?

  Now, the mere fact that Jiang Ran and Ying Zijin have friendship has silenced everyone in the Ling family.

  The expression of the great elder is complicated.

  No one thought that Ling's family would still have such a day today.


in the room.

  嬴子衿 hugged the pillow and went to bed, and glanced at the man in front of the computer: "What are you doing?"

   "I have booked a flight to O State next month, and the hotel has also been booked, um—" Fu Yun paused, "There are also human-shaped pillows, and delicious desserts."

  Ying Ziyan raised his eyebrows: "Sir, come on, so thoughtful, what are your plans?"

   "There was a premeditated plan." Fu Yunshen walked over, put one hand on the bed, lowered his head, "How about accompanying me to the dance party within the Venus Group?"

  The light reflected in his eyes, tinged with a gentle color.

  Ying Zijin avoided his sight: "Okay, boyfriend."

  Fu Yun squeezed her face deeply and smiled softly: "My girl is so sweet."

  It just so happened that he didn't want to gang up with Ian's single dogs.

  The phone rang at this moment.

  Fu Yunshen took a look, then picked up the computer: "Yaoyao, you rest, I'll go out."

  Ying Ziyan nodded: "Pay attention to rest."

  Fu Yunshen went out, and when he reached the open-air garden behind, he answered the phone: "Hello?"

  The bartender is on the other end of the phone.

"D, it's like this. There is a reward, which is a private reward. It was sent through the NOK forum and sent directly to the private mailbox, but only the hunters who ranked in the top 50 on each list received it." The bartender lowered it. The voice, "So I also heard from the underground world, will you answer? The reward is for a six-year-old girl, one billion dollars."

  "Are you sick?" Fu Yun paused and said, "Or is your brain broken?"

"Is there a difference between the two? No, I'm serious." The bartender almost fainted, "I know that you are offering a reward. The target of the reward has always been criminals, or the high-ranking members of the Pazzi family. They are notorious, no What a psychological burden."

  "This article also has a reward of one billion dollars, not half of you? Didn't you say you want to buy sweets for your kids?"

  Fu Yun's deep eyelashes lowered, faintly: "One billion dollars, let me kill a little girl, what about my conscience?"

  The bartender was speechless.


  Killing a child is really cruel.

  But one billion dollars, not everyone can be uneasy.

  As far as he knows, the number of hunters who have accepted the reward has exceeded one hundred.

  This figure is the same as Fu Yunshen’s reward figure more than two years ago. It is a sky-high price.

  Even Devil, the number one reward on the killer list, has more than a dozen hunters in the top ten daring to take it, let alone this one.

  The difficulty of hunting the first killer Devil is more difficult than that of a little girl. Everyone knows that the latter is easier and the money comes quickly.

  Neither hunter cares about who this little girl is or who provokes her.

  Just take money to do things.

   Fu Yunshen asked: "Who sent the reward?"

  "It's an anonymous reward, not clear, but the hand is very big." The bartender thought for a while, and tentatively said, "You see, this is not the Venus group or the Laurent family."

  "Aren’t you also considered a high-level executive of the Venus Group? This may mean that your group’s chief executive wanted to kill people and gave a billion-dollar reward."

  Fu Yunshen was too lazy to talk nonsense with him: "Hang up."

  He was so idle, he went to kill a little girl.

  But the bartender’s words also reminded him that he also wanted to know who gave the reward.

  Fu Yunshen opened the NOK forum and logged in to Devil’s account, and found that there was a private reward in the private mailbox.

  In addition to the reward amount, there is only one photo.

  This photo is still a back view.

  Except for clothes, there are no other features at all.

  Isn’t this catching the blind?

  Fu Yun's deep eyebrows moved slightly.

  There is a string of golden characters under the photo, which is the name.

  Sinai·Leaangle (Sinai·Leaangle)

  Fu Yun was silent for a few seconds before knocking on a program.

  After ten seconds, a box pops up.

  【The signal has disappeared. 】

  It is not that the ip address of the person who sent the anonymous reward letter cannot be deciphered, but the ip address has disappeared.

  Or was completely blocked.

  The ancient martial arts world has similar methods, because the ancient martial arts world is an independent space.

  As long as this kind of place is completely enclosed, even if there is a signal transmitter, it is useless.

  Fu Yun's eyes darkened gradually.

  It seems that it is related to that mysterious place again.

  Le Engel.

  After he wrote down the name, he closed the computer.


  Fan's house.

  Patriarch Fan was shocked at the Ling's house that day, and returned to the family in embarrassment. He couldn't help being a little frightened.

  He waited fearfully for two days. When he saw that the ancient doctor of the Fan's family was not disturbed, he still stationed at the Fan's house quietly and went to the doctor's house for treatment. His heart fell.

   But early this morning, before he could react, the ancient doctors of the Fan family left one after another.

  Not one is left.

  Patriarch Fan realized that something was wrong, and was about to rush to the elders.

   Before he could move, an old man came over.

   Raised his hand and slapped it in the face of Patriarch Fan: "Asshole!"

   Patriarch Fan was beaten directly on the ground, and he spit out a mouthful of blood, his face pale: "ancestor, ancestor..."

   is over, this incident has shocked the Fan family's ancestors who have been unable to escape from the world!

  "Before you started working on the Ling family, can you check it out, huh?" The old man hates iron for not making steel, "The Ling family and Ying Zijin have a good relationship. You don't even know about such a big thing?"

  Patriarch Fan did not dare to raise his head, his voice trembled: “Ancestor, it’s not that we didn’t check it, it’s Ying Zijin whom the young master of the Ling family knew in the secular world. We didn’t expect it at all.”

  Who would be okay to go to the secular world?

   "This is not a reason!" the old man said angrily, "Now my Fan's family has no ancient medicine, what should I do?"

  Without the ancient medicine, the comprehensive strength of the ancient martial family is also greatly reduced.

  Other big families are watching the jokes of the Fan family.

  Patriarch Fan shivered and kept kowtow: "My ancestors are forgiving, forgive me!"

  The elder of the Fan family walked in, also looking ugly.

  He pondered for a long time, and said: "That Yingzijin, it is impossible to cover the sky with one hand in the ancient medical world."

  "Ancestor, in this way, we go to the Lin's house and beg for Miss Qing Jia with a lot of money. With her contacts at the Tianyimen, she will definitely be able to help us hire ancient doctors."

  Ling Zijin is just an ancient medicine.

  Lin Qingjia's ancient medicine and ancient martial arts double repair.

  There is still a gap.

    Many people are curious about what fragrance Fu Yunshen is. Ou Long has a perfume called Jade Agar~

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  (End of this chapter)

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