Chapter 618 Ying Zijin: I think Fan’s family doesn’t need ancient medicine [1 more]


  As soon as this sentence came out, the room was silent.

  Ling Zhonglou and Jiang Huaping glanced at each other, both surprised.

   Let the Ling family enter the top ten of the ancient martial arts?

  Now that the Ling family is not even a big family, how can it be in the top ten?

  Ling Zijin’s phone number has been dialed.

  It was Fu Xi on the other end: "Master."

  嬴子衿 paused: "There is something, I need you to transfer fifty ancient doctors from the ancient medical world to the Lingjia of the ancient martial arts world."

   "Both the Fu family and the Tianyimen are fine. The Ling family provides food and housing, and the salary is paid at the market price."

  Of course, ancient doctors cannot work in vain, they also need wages.

  But the families of the ancient martial arts world want to hire ancient doctors from Fu, Meng, An, and Tianyimen. It is not enough just to have money.

   also needs status and power.

  So the medium-sized families of the ancient martial arts world can't get in touch with the ancient doctors in these four major forces.

   "Ling Family?" Fu Xi thought for a while, "Okay, Master, I will let Fu Chen lead the team. It just so happens that he also needs to go to the ancient martial arts world to experience and practice."

   Sleeping every day is also famous for improving her inner strength, and she just wants to kick it out when she looks at it.

  "Uncle Ling, are the fifty ancient doctors enough?" Ying Zijin ended the call and nodded, "If it is not enough, I will call some alchemists from the Dan League?"

  Hearing these words, it was Ling Zhonglou, who was also a little dizzy, and was completely shocked: "...Isn't this, not enough?"

  Fan's family ranks seventh in the ancient martial arts world. There are hundreds of ancient doctors in the family.

  However, there are definitely no more than 30 of them that originated from the top forces in the ancient medical world.

  Now, Ying Zijin has called fifty people casually.

  There is a great posture that can move the entire ancient medical world.

  "Not enough?" Ying Zijin called the number of Danmeng Grand Elder and was about to dial out.

   "No, no." Ling Zhonglou stopped in time and took a deep breath, "I mean, it's enough, and is it a bit too much?"

   is about to catch up with Lin, Xie, and Yue.

  Ying Ziyan raised his eyebrows: "Not many, big family, the configuration can't be bad."

  Ling Zhonglou was speechless and his eyes were hot.

  It was also at this time that they really realized how high Ying Zijin's status was in the ancient medical world.

   "Zi Jin, your help to the Ling family is so great." Ling Zhonglou thought for a while, "What do you need? The Ling family will do it for you."

  Ying Ziyan thought for a while: "I don't lack anything, but there is one thing."

  Ling Zhonglou looked solemnly: "You said, as long as I can do it."

   "Uncle Ling, you can put him in confinement for a period of time." Ying Zijin pointed to Jiang Ran, "somewhat annoying."

  Ling Zhonglou made a decisive decision: "Okay, no problem."

  Jiang Ran: "???"

  Why is he always hurt?

  Now that the ancient doctor has it, Ling Zhonglou went to prepare the funds and contract.

  Jiang Huaping walked to Fu Yunshen's side, and also relaxed a little: "Liu Ying can see you today. You have achieved such great achievements. I will be very happy if I want to come."

   "I also hope she can be happy every day." Fu Yunshen was silent for a moment and smiled, "If I don't return to the ancient martial world for a long time in the future, please ask Aunt Jiang to sweep the grave for me. She is alone, too lonely."

   "Of course, if you don't say I will go too." Jiang Huaping said, "I really don't know where she went in those years, and I don't know you—"

  She didn't go any further, just sighed.

  Don’t know who Fu Liuying gave birth to Fu Yunshen.

  Fu Yunshen didn't speak, her peach blossom eyes caught the cold chill.

  He had already determined where Fu Liuying had gone.

  The problem now is that I can’t find the entrance to that place and I can’t get in at all.

  Fu Yun faintly: "I will avenge her, no matter who did it."

  This is the belief that supports him, and it will not change.


  The third day.

  Ling’s family held a meeting again.

   "The specific course of the matter has already been said the day before yesterday." The elder knocked on the table and said lightly, "Ancient medicine is the top priority. For the entire Ling family, the elders have decided to remove the position of Patriarch of the heavy building."

  "In order, Ling Quan is the head of the Patriarch. Can you disagree?"

  Ling Quan was overjoyed and immediately said: "Thank you, the elder, I will definitely live up to the expectations and lead the Ling family to the sky!"

  The great elder nodded and turned his head: "Chonglou, how about you."

   "I have objections." Ling Zhonglou said, "Ancient doctor--"

Before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Ling Quan: "Yes, ancient doctor, because you still have good deeds done by your son, the Ling family can't hire even the ancient doctor, do you still have objections? ?"

   "If you have the ability, you first let the Fan family release the blockade order and let the ancient doctor come back."

  Ling Quan looked cold.

  He had seen Ling Zhonglou a long time ago.

  But he will not be as impulsive as Ling Dongqing.

  This time, the elders personally handed over the position of Patriarch to him.

  Finally let Ling Zhonglou get out, and he would like to thank the Fan family.

  Ling Zhonglou sneered: "Who said the ancient doctors can't come back again? All I want to say is, I just signed a contract with fifty ancient doctors."

   "Chonglou." It was the great elder who made the sound. He frowned, "Don't be arrogant, if you say five, we can still believe it."


how is this possible?

   "Great Elder!"

  At this moment, a guard hurried in from outside.

  He knelt down on one knee, and his voice was an uncontrollable surprise: "Dozens of ancient doctors have come outside! They are all going to settle in Ling's house!"

  A word that shocked everyone in the conference room.

  Ling Quan is incredible: "Dozens?"

  The great elder was stunned for half a minute, and immediately got up: "Quick, please come in!"

  He went out first and went to the front hall to meet him.

   Ling Quan gritted his teeth and left.

  When he got to the front hall, he realized that Ling Zhonglou's words were true.

  It turned out to be fifty ancient doctors, not a few.

  Moreover, the clothes of these ancient doctors have the words "F" and "天" on them.



  The Great Elder is dizzy.

  This is the ancient doctor that the Ling family can hire? !

"Ling Patriarch, I am lucky enough to meet. I am Fu Shen." Fu Shen stepped forward and shook hands with Ling Chonglou. Some, so I can sleep well."

  Ling Chonglou: "...definitely."

  The elder was shocked again: "You, are you Lord Fu Shen?"

   "Yes." Fu Shen shook his fan, surprised, "Don't I look like?"

  Jiang Ran looked at the big gold chain and sunglasses on Fu Shen's body: "..."

   totally different.

  And more like the underworld than him.

  Fu Shen waved his hand: "You can take care of the assignment. I'm going to rest."

  The great elder was sweating profusely and didn't know how to answer the conversation.

  His fingers are trembling because of over excitement.

  Ling Quan opened his mouth: "Elder, then my Patriarch..."

  The great elder took a few breaths before he barely calmed down: "Since the Chonglou has invited the ancient doctor, the Patriarch will still do it."

  This time, it is absolutely impossible for the Ling family to change the owner.

  The position of Lingzhonglou was completely consolidated.

  Although the great elder did not know how Ling Zhonglou invited the ancient doctors from the Fu Family and Tianyimen.

  Ling Zhonglou gave Jiang Ran a wink.

   Jiang Ran followed Fu Shen and took him to the room.

  Fu Shen's fan closed: "By the way, where's Miss Ying?"

  Jiang Ran recalled: "Oh, Daddy Ying said he was boring, so I went to the martial arts league to play in the arena."




  Budo League headquarters.

  嬴子衿 finished the last game.

  She didn't take off her mask, went to the worktable to register a pseudonym, and then left the ring.

  The steward looked at the record on the paper and hissed: "This young lady's combat effectiveness is really strong. She reported five games and won five games in a row."

  Female ancient warriors are only one-fifth of men, and their average strength is weaker than that of men.

  There are not many female ancient warriors who come to the arena.

  Xie Nian is an exception.

  Furthermore, Xie Nian was also very cruel in the arena. Jiucheng beat the opponent to death.

  But no one can say anything. After all, she participated in the life and death arena.

  And now, there is one more woman, and it is a good result of a complete victory.

   does not seem to belong to Lin, Xie, and Yue.

  Another manager asked: "Do you want to report to the young master?"

   "It's useless to report." The manager shook his head. "It's obvious that she doesn't show her face, and she has a pseudonym."

   "We can only wait for her next time to participate in the ring, please come to watch the master."

  After the two exchanged opinions, they entered the results of Ying Zijin into the file.

   Outside the arena.

  Fu Yunshen was waiting.

   Seeing the girl come out, he beckoned, hugged her, and rubbed her head: "Have fun?"

   "Unhappy, meaningless." Ying Ziying yawned, "It's not a fight, and it's not challenging, it's more interesting to fight with you."

  "Girlfriend, be gentle." Fu Yunshen raised his hand, his light amber pupils were dimly blurred, smiling, "I'm really scared."

  嬴子衿 patted his shoulder comfortably: "Boyfriend, don't be afraid, you said, I won't slap him."

  Face, she still needs to look at it.



  Fan's house.

  Three days have come, but there is no news from the Ling family.

  It is only a sentence to the Fan family to let the casual doctors and the Ling family suspend their contracts.

  As long as the Ling family becomes an affiliated family of the Fan family, the Fan family can marry Ling Mianxi.

   After she married Ling Mianxi, she let her have children at Fan's house.

  The stronger the ancient martial arts talents of both parents, the better the ancient martial arts talents will be inherited by the offspring.

   The master Fan called the housekeeper who went to Ling's house that day: "If I asked you to bring it, you didn't bring it? Or did the Ling family weigh the pros and cons?"

  The housekeeper hurriedly said, “I’ll give you Patriarch, I’ve brought it here.”

  "The words are brought here, they have no response?" Patriarch Fan was confused, "Do they know ancient doctors from Tianyimen?"

  The steward smiled: "Patriarch, if the Ling family is related to a major force in the ancient medical world, can it still be of its current size? Even if they are not in the top ten of the ancient martial arts world, they can definitely become a big family."

   "That's right." Patriarch Fan nodded slowly, "It's a real truth."

  An ancient doctor who knows acupuncture and moxibustion can also help the ancient martial artist to continue to develop the potential of the body.

The ancient doctors of   F, Meng, Anhe, and Tianyi are not at the same level as ordinary ancient doctors.

   "Let's go, go to the Ling's house." Family Master Fan frowned and stood up, "Look at what tricks they are doing, or if any loose doctor doesn't listen to Fan's words and stay at the Ling's house."

  The butler respectfully: "Yes, Patriarch."

  The Fan family and the Ling family are not in the same direction, and the ancient martial arts world is big.

  As the evening approached, Patriarch Fan arrived at Ling's house in a carriage.

  Ling’s family did not have the panic as imagined, nor did they mobilize the crowd to greet them.

  The servants and guards are also working methodically.

   "What does the Ling family mean?" Patriarch Fan squinted his eyes. "You said it well the last two days. You change the owner. We will help you hire ancient doctors."

   "Why are you indifferent until now? Do you really think you can still find ancient doctors in the ancient medical world?"

  Patriarch Fan didn’t think anything was wrong at all.

  In the ancient martial world, there are hundreds of medium-sized families like the Ling family.

  The gap between medium-sized families and large families is very large, both in terms of population and overall force.

  The Ling family doesn’t even have a backstage, and still want to fight against the Fan family?

  Ling Zhonglou smiled faintly: "Your Fan family can let the ancient doctor go, we naturally have a way to get the ancient doctor back."

"You? Can you compare with the Fan family?" Family Master Fan turned his head, his eyes fell on Fu Shen, "This is the ancient doctor you found again. Where did you come from? Didn't receive the order from my Fan family? "

  Jiang Ran was stunned, turned his head, and asked: "He doesn't know you?"

   Fushen’s name is also well-known in the ancient martial arts world.

"It's not that any family in the ancient martial arts world can see me." Fu Chen touched his chin, "My portrait is expensive, and not everyone can buy it. I am not interested in being like Meng Qingxue. Everyone is expensive. My children treasured her portrait..."

  Jiang Ran nodded.

  This is also true.

  "Give you one minute." The family master Fan glanced at Fu Shen, "Leave the Ling family, if you can't find a family to settle in, come to the Fan family, and the Fan family will give you ten times the money."

   Fu Shen looked cold, before answering, a cold voice sounded.

  The girl embraced her arms, stood at the door, and tilted her head slightly: “I think it’s the Fan’s family that doesn’t need ancient doctors.”

  (End of this chapter)