Chapter 616 Founder of NOK Forum, covered by Ying Huang [1 more]

  Ling Dongqing has never been to O State. Naturally, it is not clear that the predecessor of the NOK Forum was the Hidden League in the 15th century.

  But no matter how you count it, the NOK Forum is also a product of the last century.

  He doesn't know Yingzijin either, let alone that Yingzijin has changed.

   No matter how easy she is, she can't cover up the fact that she is the same age as Jiang Ran.

  How to get involved with NOK forum?

  NOK forum trading area, reward area and the regulations of each area are set by the administrator one by one.

  Neither the big family of O Continent nor the hunters on the list can be changed.

  Ling Dongqing almost laughed.

  He really wanted to doubt whether there was something wrong with Ling Chonglou’s brain, and he would not find a witness to speak big words.

  Judicial hall trials have always guaranteed absolute justice, and no good person can be framed.

  The Minister of Justice nodded, and then ordered a guard: "Go, get a computer, and log in to the NOK forum now to see if there is this rule in the trading area."

  The guard responded and led away.

  Ling Dongqing sat down, holding a cup of tea.

  He coldly watched as the guard brought up a laptop and logged on to the NOK forum on the spot.

  Ying Ziying's eyelashes drooped and yawned.

  Ling Dongqing chuckled: "If you say no, you don’t have any. What else do you want to——"

   Before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by the guards: “Report the offering. There is indeed this rule in the trading area, which is on the top.”

  Ling Dongqing’s laughter stopped abruptly.

  He was stunned for a full five seconds, and then called out in disbelief: "What did you say?!"

  When he bought these hot weapons on the NOK forum, there was no such rule at all!

  If there is, how could he buy it?

   Ling Dongqing's brain was hot, and he was about to grab the computer in the guard's hand.

  The Minister of Trial said in a cold voice: "The trial house still dare to make trouble, be bold!"

   Two more guards came up and held down Ling Dongqing.

  Ling Dongqing still couldn’t believe it: "There can’t be!"

  The Minister of Interrogation became impatient, and said faintly: "Show it to him."

  The guard turned the computer over and faced Ling Dongqing.

  Ling Dongqing can clearly see the first item in the top bar of the trading area.

   is still red, very conspicuous.

  【Anyone who buys thermal weapons in the trading area and the quantity reaches one hundred or more, the buyer’s name must be engraved on the thermal weapons. No pseudonyms are allowed. This order. 】

  Ling Dongqing couldn’t turn his mind, he opened his mouth wide: "But this—"

  He still couldn't finish what he said, and was interrupted by the security guard who was going to inspect the weapons: "Report the enshrinement. All weapons have been tested. Indeed, as the witness said, there is the name of the purchaser."

  The Minister of Justice's expression suddenly became serious: "Who is it, you can see clearly?"

  "There are two names in total." The guard submitted the photo, "One is Ling Dongqing and the other is Qiao Han."

  Qiao Han, is the real name of Qiao Patriarch.

  Ling Dongqing was completely stunned: "How could it be me? Absolutely impossible!"

  When he bought these weapons, he was also anonymous!

How can    be so stupid to engrave his name?

  The Minister of Justice read the photo and threw it on the table heavily: "Come here, take Ling Dongqing into custody, go to Qiao's house and tie up Qiao Han!"

  Deceiving up and down, all deceived to the judicial hall.

  "It's not me! I didn't engrave this name!" Ling Dongqing panicked, "It's really not me to enshrine adults!"

  His fingers trembled: "It must be Ling Zhonglou! It must be him! He deliberately framed me."

   "Ling Dongqing, you have said everything." Jiang Huaping sneered, "It's clear who framed whom."

  The Minister of Justice directly waved his hand: "Get down."

  Ling Dongqing shivered, turned his head, and met Ying Zijin's gaze.

  The girl has a cold eyebrow, a pair of beautiful phoenix eyes, as if she can see through everything.

  She stood there, calm and calm from beginning to end.

  Ling Dongqing was trembling with anger, almost vomiting blood.

  He was unwillingly detained.

   "Today's trial is over here." The Minister of Justice stood up and said, "Ling Zhonglou, the Judiciary has misunderstood you about this matter, and compensation will be issued to Ling's house in a while."

  Ling Zhonglou waved his hand: "No, the justice hall is fair, and the ancient martial arts world knows it."

  Without Ying Zijin and Fu Yunshen, he really couldn't say anything.

  An interrogation that caused Jiang Ranru to face the enemy, it ended.

  There are still some reflections.

  He dabbled to the girl's side: "Daddy Ying, what's the name?"

   "It's very simple." Ying Ziyan said softly, "He went to the place where the thermal weapons were collected yesterday, and then used his inner strength to engrave the names of those two people on those weapons."

  Jiang Ran: "..."


  In the case where no one else finds out, use the inner strength to engrave on the heat weapon.

  His father Fu still has this ability? !

  How high is this cultivation base?

  Jiang Ran asked this question.

  Ling Zijin thought for a while: "Almost two ancient martial masters' cultivation skills add up?"

  Jiang Ran put his finger to the fortune.

  Together, it is almost two hundred years.

  What kind of perversion? !

  Jiang Ran is completely autistic.


at the same time.

  On the NOK forum.

   Suddenly an additional rule came out, and it was added red on the top of the homepage. It is impossible to see the sand sculptures who are posted every day.

  [Which administrator is crazy again, when did the NOK forum buy hot weapons and become a real-name system? It's incredible, the identity of the hunter will be exposed. 】

  [Look at the duty schedule, today is @管理004 again, every time something goes wrong, it’s you, come out! 】

  【I have to wonder, is the forum hacked again? Who was the subcutaneous account of that account? No one found it? 】

  【Anyway, he won't be the boss of the Anonymous Hacker League, he is even less courageous. 】

  【Forget it, I will buy weapons in the future, ninety-nine of them, so this rule is invalid for me, I am really a clever ghost. 】

  Just when the discussion was in full swing on the forum, somewhere in the world.

  In a room.

  Administrator 004 looked at the movement on the forum and was shocked with a mouthful of water: "Cough cough cough!"

  He was really wronged.

  Neither before nor now, these two things have nothing to do with him.

   And this time is different from the last time, this time the rules have been changed.

  This is not something that hackers can do, it requires extremely high authority.

   "I'm going to see an adult." Administrator 004 put down the water glass, "Ask if he changed the rules on a whim."

On the side of   , another administrator said: "Farewell, if we can find adults, we don’t need to manage the forum here."

  What do they adults do best?


  Even if they are all in the same city, they really can’t find their adults.

  Administrator 004 nodded and couldn't help but feel a little confused.

  He heard from an adult that the Yinmenghui was founded by him and three other people.

  In this situation, it is very likely that another founder started it.

  It’s just that they don’t even know who the other three are.

  After all, they are just humble beaters.


  Qiao's house.

  The elders of the Qiao family did not stop the actions of the Qiao family leader and Ling Dongqing.

  One is that if the action is successful, the Ling family will stand by their Qiao family and belong to the Fan family.

  Secondly, Ling Mianxi can also be married in order to please the Fan family, and the status of the Qiao family can rise.

   kills two birds with one stone.

  Today’s interrogation, Patriarch Qiao did not go, and was waiting at home for Ling Dongqing’s good news.

  But Ling Dongqing didn’t wait for him to come. He waited for someone from the Supervision Department of the Judicial Hall.

   Patriarch Qiao was overjoyed in his heart, without showing any color on his face.

  He stepped forward, respectfully: "Dare to ask two adults, did the trial of yesterday's case have ended?"

  The middle-aged man glanced at Patriarch Qiao faintly, without saying a word, said directly: "Grab it."

  The two guards immediately held down Patriarch Qiao, then took out the shackles and handcuffed him.

   Patriarch Qiao was immediately stunned: "My lord?"

"You bought hot weapons privately, hoarded them in the warehouse, and framed others. These two items are enough for you to stay in the cell for a long time. It's still a problem that you can't get out." The middle-aged man sneered, "I really know how to play. , Deceiving people are deceived to the court of justice!"

   Patriarch Qiao’s brain was blown to nothing by these words, and his ears buzzed.

what happened?

  How did the person who bought the heavy thermal weapon turn into him?

  The Qiao family advocated opening their mouths, and swallowed them back when they only paid half of the money in time.

  Speaking out, it was only a confession of the crime.

  People from the Judiciary Hall came, and the elders were also alarmed.

  After listening to the third elder Qiao, his brows frowned: "Impossible, you see that our Qiao family has so few things that are connected with high-tech. Where can he buy thermal weapons?"

   "It's the Ling family, on the contrary, there are many opportunities."

   Patriarch Qiao also nodded hurriedly.

"Is it enough to conspire with others? He can't buy it, others won't buy it? Coincidentally, it was done with the people of the Ling family." The middle-aged man was too lazy to talk nonsense with the people of the Qiao family. , Add more sin, take it away!"

  He has been in the judicial hall for so long, and he has long been accustomed to the struggle within the family.

  The matter has been conclusive. The Supervision Department is not as polite as it was to Ling Chonglou yesterday in the treatment of Patriarch Qiao.

   Patriarch Qiao was dragged away.

  It's no use how he wailed, and the whole Qiao family could hear his heart-piercing shouts.

  Leaving the elders of the Qiao family looking at each other.

  The third elder Qiao looked ugly, and turned to look at the elder: "Brother, this matter..."

   "It's overshadowed." Elder Qiao squinted his eyes and snorted coldly, "I don't need to be careful when I do something and leave someone else a handle. He, the Patriarch, doesn't need it anymore."

  Medium-sized and above Guwu family is like this.

  Patriarch is just a representative of the family outside and can be changed at will.

  The third elder Qiao nodded, and was angrily: "Ke Ling's side, absolutely can't let them go easily!"

  Defeat Qiao's family, don't think Ling Zhonglou is safe. .

   "Let's ask the Fan family about this matter." Elder Qiao thought for a while and said, "The third child, you said, for an ancient martial arts family, besides cultivation resources, what is the most important thing?"

  The third elder Qiao was stunned, and blurted out: "Of course it is an ancient doctor!"

  The ancient warriors fight and practice every day, and they will suffer more or less injuries.

  An ancient doctor is around, which is equivalent to a few more lives.

There are also fifteen resident ancient doctors in the Qiao family.

  Just because of the Qiao family's status in the ancient martial arts, it is impossible to hire ancient doctors from the three major families of Fu, An, and Meng.

  The ancient doctors of the Heavenly Medicine School were also out of reach.

   "Yes, it is the ancient medicine." Elder Qiao said faintly, "What will happen if there is no ancient medicine in the Ling family?"

  The third elder Qiao’s eyes lit up: “If the Ling family had no ancient medicine, the development of the family would stagnate or even regress.”

  The Ling family is the same size as their Qiao family. They have not yet stood by any big family, and it is impossible to have any contact with the top forces in the ancient medical world.

  Passing through Fan's house, they blocked the passage of ancient doctors who lived in Ling's house.

  The Ling family is about to die.

   "Let the Ling family change the Patriarch of Ling Zhonglou." Elder Qiao said coldly, "Don't change Ling Zhonglou, the Ling family don't want any ancient doctors."

  The third elder Qiao made a decisive decision: "I will go to the Fan's house now."


  In just two days, the Fan family revealed the news to the casual doctors of the Ling family.

  San medicine does not belong to any force, but it also has good medical skills.

  The medium-sized Guwu family also hired this type of ancient doctor.

  The Fan family's move caught the Ling family by surprise.

  Under the intentional threat of the Fan family, the ancient doctors of the Ling family had to retreat one after another.

  They and Ling's family are only a cooperative relationship.

  The ancient doctor has always been in demand. After leaving the Ling family, there are more ancient Wu families for them to choose from.

  Early in the morning, the ancient doctors of the Ling family said goodbye to the elders and left the Ling family.

  The great elder didn't understand what was going on, he stopped an old doctor who had been in Ling's house for 30 years.

   "Old man, what do you mean?"

   "The Fan family breathed the ancient medical world." The old ancient doctor just shook his head and sighed, "None of us can have any cooperation with the Ling family. Grand Elder, please forgive me."

  He carried the medicine box and left in a hurry.

  The Great Elder couldn't stop it anymore.

  At this time, a guard came to report: "Elder, Fan's family is here."

  The great elder frowned: "Please come in."

  The Fan family is more powerful than the Ling family, so you can't mess with it.

  But why did the Fan family do this?

  A housekeeper from Fan's family came.

  He is straight to the point.

"That's it. We have no intention of forcing the Ling family, but there are some things that some people have done too much." The butler smiled and threatened pointedly, "As long as the Ling family changes the owner of Ling Zhonglou, the ancient doctor I will come back naturally."

  "Not only that, we can also help the Ling family hire ancient doctors from the three ancient medical families, as well as the Tianyimen."

  As long as Ling Zhonglou comes down from the position of Patriarch.

  (End of this chapter)

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