Chapter 615 Fu Yunshen: Judicial Hall, don't listen to what I said? [2 more]

  Two of the guards stepped forward and immediately pressed Ling Zhonglou.

   Jiang Ran's expression changed: "Dad!"

  Ling Zhonglou was calm, his expression unchanged: "When did I stock up on thermal weapons?"

   "I said, this is evidence." The middle-aged man took the pieces of paper closer, "Isn't the owner of this warehouse you?"

  There are photos on the paper.

  There are missiles, guns, and artillery in the photo, which piled up an entire warehouse.

  Ling Zhonglou glanced at it and frowned: "I am indeed the owner."

   "Won't it be over?" The middle-aged man sneered, "The Judicial Hall has all been surveyed. These weapons you stocked up,

  Jiang’s painting screen has a calm voice: “The warehouse has been abandoned for a long time. How do you determine that the heavy building transported these shells in?”

   "It is because it has been abandoned for a long time. Without that anonymous letter, we can't find it until now." The middle-aged man, "As for how to determine whether it is Ling Zhonglou, this is indeed a problem."

   "So we just caught him instead of killing him directly."

  The middle-aged man’s voice was even colder: "Take it away, and the trial will be public tomorrow."

   "Little painting." Ling Zhonglou signaled Jiang Huaping not to act rashly, "I'll go with them."

  Jiang Huaping's eyes were cold: "Okay, I'll look for evidence."

  At this time, Ling Mianxi came over: "Aying, the camera is destroyed, and there is no video of this warehouse in the monitoring room."

  嬴子塿 squinted slightly.

  Without recording, there is no way to restore it with computer technology.

  Things are indeed a bit troublesome.

  Ling Dongqing walked over and smiled: "Fourth sister-in-law, why don't you think he can't figure out his mind in Chonglou? What kind of means is used to engage Qiao's family, and if he has to stock up weapons, he will be killed?

   Jiang Ran gritted his teeth: "It's you."

   "Yes, it's me." Ling Dongqing admitted directly, "But you have no evidence. If you record, I will say that you are forcing me to say at this time. You can see whether you believe it or not at the Judiciary."

  Jiang Huaping looked at him lightly.

   "Fourth brother-in-law, and you, young master, enjoy your last days." Ling Dongqing laughed again, "When the trial is over, you will get out of Ling's house."

  Ling Zhonglou entered the judicial hall, but still want to come out intact?

  Jiang Ran squeezed his fists and said angrily: "Ling Dongqing, I killed you!"

"Kill me? Then you have to have that ability." Ling Dongqing was very contemptuous, "Oh, yes, tomorrow I can go to the interrogation with you, maybe that will be the last time your father and son can see. "

  He left with a big laugh, in a good mood.

   Jiang was so angry that he was about to catch up.

  One hand, firmly pressed on his shoulder.

  Fu Yun raised his eyebrows deeply: "It's 19, not so young, why are you still so eager?"

  Jiang Ran was stunned, pursing his lips: "I'm useless."

  He doesn’t want to rely on others for everything.

   "Why is it useless? You are not a school bully?"

  Jiang Ran: "..."

  Fu Yun deeply let go of Jiang Ran’s shoulders and beckoned: "Yaoyao."

   Ying Zijin walked over: "I have figured out a way."

   "Huh?" Fu Yunshen curled up peachy eyes, "Let me guess, do we think the same thing?"

  Ying Ziyan raised his eyebrows slightly: "Sir, there is a long way to go, it's up to you."

   "Okay, you stay here." Fu Yun squeezed her face deeply and smiled, "I'll go back."


  The heavy thermal weapons confiscated from the warehouse by the Judiciary Hall were all placed in a confined space, and the guards were ordered to guard them strictly.

  No one dares to relax.

  Until the sound of footsteps comes.

  The guard guarding at the door looked awkwardly, respectfully: "Shadow seat."

   Fu Yun gave a faint hum, and lifted his chin: "Here, those heavy thermal weapons are confiscated?"

   "Yes, the camera seat." The guard replied, "The enshrined master ordered us to guard the prisoner strictly, and then destroy it after interrogating the prisoner."

   "This way." Fu Yunshen was noncommittal, "I'll go in and take a look."

  Hearing this, the guards guarding outside hesitated, and did not move.

   "What?" Fu Yunshen's voice was gentle, "Judicial Hall, now my words don't work anymore? Very good."

  The last two words made the guards feel cold, and they knelt down with a "plop".

   "The movie seat is forgiving, and the subordinates have no intention of this."

  They dare to block other people, but can they block the shadows?

  The guard immediately opened the door and let Fu Yun go in.

  A few minutes later, Fu Yunshen walked out and said quietly, “I’m optimistic, don’t miss it when you destroy it.”

   "Yes, the film seat!"


  At night, Qiao’s house.

Patriarch Qiao was slapped several times by Ling Zhonglou that day, and his right eye is still swollen.

  But because he was happy, he drank a bottle of wine happily.

   "President Qiao, thanks to you." Ling Dongqing clinked glasses with him, "This time, Ling Zhonglou was completely slaughtered."

"It's easy to say, but I have other requirements for helping you win the position of the Ling Family Patriarch." Patriarch Qiao took a sip of wine and smiled, "Ling Mianxi, there is no marriage partner yet, right? "

  Ling Dongqing squinted: "Yes, but she has a boyfriend, and both parents have met."

   "Hi." Patriarch Qiao waved his hand, "I know, isn't her boyfriend from the secular world? Can it be more powerful than a genius in the ancient martial world?"

   said, he lowered his voice: "This is the idea of ​​the eldest son of the Fan family. You said, if your Ling family and Fan family become relatives and become the top ten of the ancient martial arts family, isn't it just around the corner?"

  Ling Dongqing's expression was heavy and did not speak.

The elders of the Ling family were not satisfied with Nie Yi.

  If he becomes the head of the Ling family, he can indeed influence Ling Mianxi’s marriage.

   Patriarch Qiao also put it right, with the help of Fan's family, Ling's family can also rise to the top.

   "Okay!" Ling Dongqing gritted his teeth and responded, "When I sit as the head of the house, I must persuade the elders to marry Ling Mianxi to Fan's house."

   Patriarch Qiao’s eyes lit up: “Well, drink and drink. Tomorrow is Ling Chonglou’s death, so we have to celebrate.”


  The next day.

  The Supervision Department transfers the case to the Judicial Department.

  In the courthouse.

After finishing the ins and outs of the matter, the Minister of Justice said: "Ling Zhonglou, do you have anything else to say?"

   "Or, what other evidence do you have that proves that you did not purchase these thermal weapons?"

  Ling Zhonglou faintly: "Nothing."

  The Minister of Justice nodded: "Since there is no such thing, then--"

  Ling Zhonglou said again: "But I have other witnesses."

On the seat of   , Ying Zijin stood up.

  She changed her face and dressed very ordinary.

  The Minister of Justice asked again: "Who did you see transporting thermal weapons to the warehouse?"

   "No." Ying Zijin said calmly: "But the Judicial Hall checked. The origin of this batch of thermal weapons is the NOK Forum."

  NOK forum may other ancient warriors not know, but the Judiciary knows.

  There are also accounts inside the Judicial Hall, and I will occasionally log in to check it out.

  The Minister of Justice nodded: "Yes, you go on."

  "To customize so many thermal weapons on the NOK forum, you need a real-name system." Ying Zijin said, "Every thermal weapon will have the buyer's name, but the logo is relatively small and difficult to find."

   "As long as the name engraved on the weapon is not the three words Ling Zhonglou, he will not buy it."

   Hearing this sentence, the Minister of Justice frowned slightly and ordered a guard next to him: "Check again to see if there is a name. Check it carefully."

  They haven’t customized so many weapons from the NOK forum, but they really don’t know that there is such a rule.

  Under the seat.

  Jiang draws a screen and twists his eyebrows: "Xiao Mian, will there be a name?"

  Ling Mianxi thought for a while: "In fact, there is no, but I think Ah Ying can let it have."

  Jiang Ran immediately raised his hand: "I think too!"

  Ling Dongqing sneered.

first name?

  What's the joke?

  Who is okay to make weapons and write the name on it?

  He also looked at it carefully when he bought it, and confirmed that there were no flaws.

  He has been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, so Ling Chonglou provoked the Qiao family.

   Together with the Qiao family, he can get Ling Zhong downstairs.

   "Okay, let's not waste time." Ling Dongqing glanced at the girl coldly, "Do you know if you are talking nonsense, false evidence, you have to deal with the same crime as the culprit?"

  He was very impatient: "Enjoy, NOK forum does not have this rule at all. If there is, how can you make a safe transaction? Isn't the identity exposed."

  The Minister of Justice nodded: "What you said makes sense."

Both sides are very cautious about the hot weapons trade on   O Continent.

  Ling Dongqing sneered again: "She and Ling Chonglou are in the same group, they are only covering each other, you must not be deceived."

  "Is it true? I'll know in a while." Ying Zijin is still calm, "You are so anxious, there is a ghost in your heart?"

  Ling Dongqing's face is ugly: "What the **** do I have? It's nonsense!"

  I really thought I was the administrator of the NOK forum, so I could just add a rule to the forum?

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