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I don't know how long it took, Li Du's spirit was quickly exhausted, and his perception became numb immediately.

He felt like he was about to collapse, and this feeling repeatedly tortured him. Finally, they reached the bottom of the lake, and a large spiral crust appeared in front of them.

The Inuit signaled him to fix the propeller on the bottom of the lake, and then pulled his arm slowly to swim against the spiral crust.

Of course, there was no light at the bottom of the lake, and he couldn't see anything, all of which was seen through the eyes of the flying insects in time and space.

An undercurrent suddenly appeared, Li Du felt that his body was out of control, at the same time, the connection between the space-time flying insect and him was broken, that is, the vision of the space-time flying insect disappeared!

Unable to control the body plus the time and space flying insects disappeared, panic and despair began to pervade his chest, and then his body rotated and was suddenly washed away by the water flow!

What made him even more desperate was that the Inuit hands were released!

An unprecedented terror appeared in his heart. He couldn't help screaming in the diving suit. It was shameful and seedless, but the sudden situation was too horrible. At this time, his spirit was almost collapsed and he couldn't control himself at all. Emotions!

Fortunately, a pair of big hands quickly grabbed his right hand, the turbulent undercurrent was gone, and his body stabilized in the water again.

The big hand was holding him in a difficult swim, during which Li Du felt various turns and changes of direction, the front was dark, he could see nothing, and his fate was no longer in his hands at this time, he could only accept passively.

Suddenly, he felt a pair of big hands holding his other arm, and then he was dragged and his body became much heavier.

Although he was heavy, he felt relieved because it proved that he had left the lake and he stepped on the land. The hard ground that his feet touched at this time was proof.

Someone wanted to help him take off the deep diving helmet, but he didn't know how to get it, and the noise of turning the helmet was not taken off. Li Duzheng was about to say that he was coming. At this time, a familiar voice sounded: "I'll help him. "

The voice made Li Du startled, and he exclaimed ecstatically: "Fack, Steve!"

This is Steve's voice. The other party laughed after hearing his cry: "Li, you are here, you are still here."

With Steve's help, Li Du took off his helmet three or two times, and a stream of stale air poured into his nasal cavity, making him cough a few times.

Stopping the cough, Li Du quickly grabbed Steve and said, "What's going on with you? Where have you been, **** it, do you know ..."

"We found the entrance to the fifth dimension!" Steve interrupted, "Yes, we found the entrance to the fifth dimension. We are the gods of time and space in this world!"

"Don't blaspheme the gods of time and space!" The Inuit voice sounded, not very well.

Steve immediately apologized: "Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to insult your beliefs. Can I take my friends here for a walk?"

No sound sounded, it was people here who defaulted on Steve's words.

Everything was as expected by Li Du, he walked and said, "Well, you have found the fifth dimension of the entrance, did you enter?"

Steve sighed: "I didn't go in. I'm not ready yet, but I've seen it. It's amazing, man. The fifth dimension is the dimension of God!"

Li Dudao: "You haven't entered the fifth dimension? What are you preparing for? What do you know? Others? Ford brothers?"

Steve was silent, and the dark space became weird.

Li Du tried to summon space-time flying insects, but this was futile, as if he had no space-time flying insects, he could not summon them up.

Anxious in his heart, he said urgently, "I ask you something."

Steve said: "They're in the fifth dimension and they think they're ready. Then I don't know where they went."

Li Dudao: "What do you mean? What is the fifth dimension? I have seen Bit, and Bit has also entered the fifth dimension?"

Hearing this, Steve's footsteps stopped suddenly, and he asked a little excitedly: "You, did you see Bit? Where did you see him?"

Li Du said everything about Bit, and Steve took a deep breath after hearing: "They are telling the truth, it will make people crazy and even death."

"Who are they?" Li Dulima asked. "Also, Bit knows some of my secrets, do you know what's going on?"

Steve said: "The people who brought you here are the Inuit. As for Bit knows your secret, we all know that in the fifth dimension, there is no secret at all."

Li Du was startled and didn't know what to say for a moment.

Anyway, he had too many questions in his heart, so he asked one by one: "What's going on with these Inuit people? What's this all about? What's going on with all this? What's no secret at all?"

Steve took him to his seat and said, "Have a rest here first, don't worry, I'll tell you everything I know. But I don't know much, so maybe you will be disappointed."

"These Inuit are from land. Now that you've found it, you should know the missing Inuit village by Lake Anjikuni? You guessed it, they came from there."

Li Du was surprised: "You mean, they are the descendants of the people in the village at that time? But how do they inherit the offspring? Is this close marriage?"

Steve slowly said, "They are not descendants of those people, they are those people!"

Li Du had some speculation, but he was shocked and speechless.

After a while, he said weakly: "You mean, they're over 80 years old, right? I should say they are all over 100 years old?"

Steve said: "In fact, this is my guess. They are very secretive about their origins and everything about them."

Sitting in the darkness, Li Du was confused and sober.

He understood a lot of things. No wonder these people have fair skin. They always live in the dark, and their skin is naturally fair and excessive.

But he wasn't sure about his location. He asked Steve, and Steve said, "We're on Lost Island. I don't know exactly where it is. I only know it's inside Lost Island."

Li Dudao: "What do you mean? The interior of Lost Island? Is it underground ?!"

Steve said: "Yes, this is underground, or under the island. Are you coming in through the spiral crust at the bottom of the lake? It is a vein, it is a strange undercurrent, when you are involved In between, it will take you under the island. "

"You can imagine that there is a place below the island that is hollow, and the place connecting this space is at the bottom of the lake, but the channel is filled by the lake. Because of the pressure difference and the height of the horizon, the lake cannot flow into the cave from the channel. in."

"Following the passage, you floated along the way, and eventually came to this space. Any questions? If you ask them, I will tell you all."

Li Du took a deep breath and said, "I have countless questions, but I don't care. The only thing I care about now is Sophie and her child, Steve. Come with me, let's leave here!"

His words stunned Steve and said, "You don't want to know the truth of the matter? For example, what happened to Lost Island, you may not know. Lost Island is very strange. The vegetation on it is revolving very fast. Isn't it strange , Strange why the tree rings on the island are so dense ... "

The following words shocked Li Du: "How do you know this? You can monitor the island here?"

Steve laughed: "No, here you can monitor the world! And it is the history of the world! In fact, the tree rings are nothing, but the four seasons on the island are changing very fast, the time is passing fast, what is really interesting is that Some mysteries in history. "

"For example, why was President Lincoln murdered? Why was President Kennedy murdered? Or you also have some interesting mysteries in China, where is the Genghis Khan tomb? What are the secrets of each dynasty? You can know the answer here! Have……"

Li Du could not help but interrupt him and said, "How do you know?"

Steve said, "I'll take you to a place. There are no animals in your mysterious space? Don't take animals there. Animals have no wisdom. Once they disturb, it can cause terrible things. "

Li Du was shocked and numb, he moaned, "You know everything about me?"

Steve said proudly: "I said, the world has no secrets in front of me! You have nothing at all, just a space-time flying insect, and there is a space-time flying insect at the entrance to the fifth dimension!"

Li Du asked subconsciously: "It's nothing to me, what big secret is there?"

Steve said, "The big secret is, come with me, I will take you to the fifth dimension of the entrance, where the whole world is yours!"

While talking, he stood up to pull Li Du away.

Li Du followed the path, and then his pace became slower and slower, he said, "Steve, you know my secret, you know why I succeeded. Then you should know that I want to go home to accompany Su Fei and Boy, shall we leave here? "

Steve shook his head and said, "No, Lee, I won't leave here. I'll go into the fifth dimension after I'm fully prepared to save my parents and the world!"

Li Du shouted, "Do you want to change history?"

Steve said: "This history was originally the result of being changed! Lee, think about it, we enter the fifth dimension, we go back to the past, we are almost gods! We can be like President Washington, like Mahatma Gandhi, Like Tang Taizong and Li Shimin, they will stay in history! "

Li Du shook his hand and said, "I don't want to be a god, I just want to go back and accompany Sophie! What about you? You don't know that Mr. Elson is anxious after you disappear, you ... no, you know, this You know everything, right? "

Steve, who had been in a feverish mood, finally shuddered. He murmured, "I know, I certainly know. But I want to save my parents, I can't leave here."

Li Du said: "You don't want to save anyone, you just want to do what God!"

Steve stopped talking, and after a while, he said tiredly: "You're right, everyone who explores the fifth dimension is to be a god. Don't you want to be a god? Spacetime flying insects help you control How does everything feel? If you enter the fifth dimension, you can have more powerful energy than the space-time flying insects! "

As he said, he began to fanatical again: "Really, Li, what woman, what love, worthless in the face of history and time! Come with me, we will be at the door immediately, you just have to walk in with me to see, just Look at the entrance of the fifth dimension and you will know that everything is great! It is wonderful to be a god! "

He pulled Li Du and walked forward. Li Du shook his hand away and said, "I just ask you if you want to come back to land with me."

"Go back and be mortal?" Steve asked.

Li Dudao: "Maybe."

Steve immediately said loudly: "No, I will never go back to the kind of life that is rude and incompetent like a cow and a horse! I would never want to die without a name. After some years, no one remembers himself, like No one remembers a turkey burned to death on Thanksgiving! "

He grabbed Li Du's hand and put it forward ~ ~ and said: "This is the door, you push it open and it is the entrance of the fifth dimension, where you can experience the feeling of God, you can experience it yourself! "

Li Du raised his hand, the tentacles were a spar texture, cold, smooth and heavy.

"Push it away, you can know all the mysteries in your heart by pushing it away. You can even know where people come from! You can touch history, make history, and let the whole world know your name!" The husband whispered frantically around him.

Li Du swallowed his saliva, and he clearly heard the gurgle and the heartbeat bang.

"You can see the peerless beauty at the entrance of the fifth dimension, you can understand the historical puzzles, and you can enjoy the endless beauty, and as long as you are ready to enter it, it is not just that simple, you can become a **** ! "

Steve was almost crazy: "Just open the door. I have no exaggeration. Lee, as long as you go in for a while, you won't want to leave here anymore."

"I don't want to say more. I'm going in. If I didn't know you were coming, I wouldn't be out to waste time."

Speaking, Steve took a step forward, and Li Du heard his gasping voice and the sound of the stone being pushed, and then his ears calmed down.

Steve is gone, and he's left here.

He slowly raised his hands, and he felt the familiar spar touch again.

"Are you going in?" The Inuit's unique tone sounded.

Li Du did not answer the question: "Is Steve talking about it?"

Inuit said: "It is true, but not everyone likes it so much. If you want to go back, follow me. If you want to try the so-called" Goddess "taste, then open this door . "

Li Du closed his eyes and patted the door with both hands ...

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