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They love gold, and they love silver. Even more so, they love gems that dazzle, like stars across the skies.
Firearms, jewelleries, and precious metals; A collector’s world will not be complete without antiques.
Storage auctions, old goods trade, re-estate sales and gold-digging. But the truth is, if one wants to make money, then the supreme way is through searching for the legendary treasures.
Holding the fort, there’s an ocelot, a wolf, and an Andes condor. At the side, there’s a loyal hound, an irascible ape, and an African honey badger. Who said that you can only rely on humans when treasure hunting?!

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:THT
Original Title:捡宝王
Author:Full-Metal Bullet
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Action, Adventure, Supernatural
Weekly Rank:#1879
Monthly Rank:#2023
All Time Rank:#1533
Tags:Beast Companions, Black Belly, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Nationalism, Time Manipulation,

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