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Five thousand years of majestic China, just one hundred years of humiliation, how many treasures have been lost overseas?

Famous porcelain, beautiful jade, bring them all!

Oriental, Western, all mine!

Eat mine and spit it out, take mine and give it back!

Antiques, cultural play, food, beautiful scenery, all are not spared!

Let’s see how Jin Muchen relied on a pair of golden eyes, full of pride and courage, and counterattacked in the United States!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:THA
Alternate Title:寻宝美利坚
Author:Lonely Ant
Weekly Rank:#19
Monthly Rank:#157
All Time Rank:#6333
Tags:Discrimination, Jealousy, Lack of Common Sense, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Racism,
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28 Comments on “Treasure Hunt America
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  1. When I come across China's Xi Jinping speech, I can't help but hear, "Wahhh, wahhhh, waaaaaaah, go goo gagaaa!" Like an Old infant. I can't take this country seriously lol.

  2. Tips to read this type of novel: 1: my country is the best every time you read China No1 replace with the name of your country 2: every time you read talking shit about other countries look at your neighbor countries and replace with that 3: and last pray for the whole country to sometime in the future to be cured from the zombie virus they have 😇

  3. Tips to read this comment No. 1 see false equivalence as logical No. 2 hold a pretentious moral high ground by pretending to be self aware. No. 3 accept that this comment's strawmen is the true belief of people. No. 4 use a commonly compassion related phrase (pray for) as a way to talk down on people. Now that I've explained how you have to read this comment. I'm going to ignore all the tips I gave you. First the difference between China's "nationalism" and other countries nationalism is China is expansionist. It seeks to destroy other countries not just better their own. Secondly inaccuracies, most of what China presents as the flaw of another country are actually the flaws of that country but instead a caricature of a completely different thing imposed on that country. One common one is that everyone is racist towards the Chinese. No one really gives a s*** about the Chinese in their own country unless their country is an immediate effect of China's tyranny and puppet States. The United States for instance only if you read Chinese books or know the news about the Chinese government's genocides. Do you really start to hold a negative view of China. For most of the western world stories make a point of showing the value of other countries where in Chinese books you only see hate a little bit of hate and maybe some death threats. So there's a difference between saying ah yes China saying they're number one and all the humans should be subservient versus America's badass. Two different things there.

  4. China is the West poster child for decades. They open the world trade for China, they invest in China, and took care of it like a foster child (yes, it is capitalism, but its a win win situation for china). Now, China cries like a baby who wants some toys(COUNTRY of Taiwan) and throw tantrums everywhere. If Chine haven't seen what happened when Putin invade Ukraine with devastating lost and massive sanctions by the countries allied by USA, then this China would have a guts to start the invasion now.

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