In an instant, Ye Tian's line of sight had penetrated into the main Pyramid of Copan, clearly seeing everything within the scope of perspective.

What he saw was the history of Maya civilization and the Copan Kingdom, brilliant and brilliant, breathtaking and shocking.

On this main pyramid, he saw many Mayan hieroglyphs and various patterns and decorations carved on the stone, telling people about the most brilliant civilization in ancient American history that had mysteriously disappeared.

And inside the pyramid, he saw countless layers of boulders that were closely spaced together, and saw many bones embedded between the boulders, endless suffering, blood and tears, and devout beliefs!

For a moment, Ye Tian seemed to flash such a series of pictures.

About 1,500 years ago, tens of thousands of Copan Mayans, prisoners of war and slaves captured by them, transported countless huge stones weighing several tons or even dozens of tons from all over to the ancient city of Copan.

Next, they used methods that modern people would never have imagined, building up these boulders one by one and pushing them to the top of the tower, which was several tens of meters high, until the magnificent main pyramid was built.

In the process, the priests of the Copan Kingdom danced in the surrounding open space, in temples, and on top of the other pyramids, praying to the gods and praying that the main pyramid would be built as soon as possible.

The army of the Copan Kingdom frequented the surrounding mountains and forests, constantly attacking other Maya tribes and even hostile city-states, capturing prisoners of war and slaves, and supplementing fresh labor for the construction of the main pyramid.

After more than ten years or even decades, this magnificent main pyramid was finally completed, which is amazing.

What followed was a grand and **** celebration. The prisoners of war and slaves who built the pyramid became sacrifices, paying homage to the pyramid they built with tears and blood.

Next, the priests of the Copan Kingdom began to worship and observe the celestial phenomenon in the temple on the top of the pyramid, and carved hieroglyphs and patterns on the pyramid to record the history of the Maya Empire and the Copan Kingdom.

Hundreds of years have passed, after a series of natural and man-made disasters, and crazy cannibalism, the once glorious Copan Kingdom has gradually declined, and the Copan royal family has been abandoned by their subjects.

The Copan Mayans all moved out of the city and hid in the surrounding mountains and forests. They did not look back. The vigorous tropical rain forest quickly swallowed the city until it was completely annihilated.

The same is true for this tall and magnificent main pyramid. It was completely swallowed up by the tropical rainforest and disappeared from people's sight. The city has also become desolate and become a forgotten ruin.

Hundreds of years later, when a group of European colonists passed by here, they occasionally discovered the ruins of this ancient city submerged in the tropical rain forest.

The ancient city of Copan at that time was in ruins! It is like an ancient ship that has fallen apart, stranded in the vast forest!

In this ruin, the stone tablet was broken and tilted, the temple collapsed, the building grew towering trees, the cracks in the stone were filled with the roots of fig trees, and the ancient vines also covered the wall, which was extremely desolate.

With the passage of time, the ancient city of Copan and the main pyramid, which once again appeared in the eyes of the world, finally bloomed with the brilliant light of civilization, which shocked everyone who saw them.

Only at this point did people truly realize that America, which has always been regarded as a wild land, had a very glorious and splendid ancient civilization, that is, the Maya civilization.

Under perspective, the evolutionary history of the Mayan civilization and the Copan Kingdom is like a slideshow, flashing quickly in front of Ye Tian's eyes, very clear.

It is a pity that the volume of this main pyramid is too large. When his line of sight reaches six or seven meters inside the pyramid, he can no longer advance again, reaching the ultimate depth of perspective.

It is impossible to know whether there is a hidden space inside the main pyramid and whether there are any major secrets hidden.

As far as Ye Tian is concerned, if he wants to see the deeper part of the main pyramid and understand whether there are any major secrets hidden in it, he can only save it later.

In a blink of an eye, Ye Tian had finished the perspective, and immediately retracted his gaze to end the perspective.

At this time, his understanding of the main pyramid of Copan has surpassed everyone on the scene and all archaeologists in the world, including Professor Delgado and Professor Douglas.

Next, he became a pure visitor, listening with relish to Professor Delgado's explanation.

Soon, ten minutes passed.

Everyone circled the main pyramid and returned to the starting point again, which is the front of the pyramid, and ended the visit.

As soon as he came back here, the moment he stopped, everyone on the scene turned their heads to look at Ye Tian, ​​and everyone's eyes were extremely hot and full of expectations.

"Steven, we have now finished visiting the main pyramid. Are you going to climb to the top of the tower to find clues about the Mayan Empire Golden City? Hope you can find something!

The time has come. Can you show the golden scepter head of the six-pointed star from the Mayan Empire in your hand? Everyone wants to see that priceless treasure! "

Hernando said expectantly, obviously unable to wait.

Not only him, but one of the others on the scene counts as one, and the mood at this time is the same.

Ye Tian looked at Hernando, then glanced at the crowd, then smiled and nodded and said:

"It is true. Then I will ascend this main pyramid to verify some of my conjectures and judgments, and look for clues about the treasures of the Mayan Empire Golden City, hoping to discover something.

As for the golden scepter head of the six-pointed star, which symbolizes the power of the Mayan Empire, it’s okay to show it to everyone, but for the sake of confidentiality, everyone can only appreciate it, not using mobile phones or cameras! "

"Don't worry, Steven, we will never take pictures with our mobile phones and circulate related pictures. To be honest, I can't wait to see that priceless treasure a long time ago and see what secrets it hides?"

The curator of the National Museum of Honduras said, his face was full of excitement.

The rest of the people at the scene also nodded one after another and accepted Ye Tian's condition.

While Hernando and Hierro, who were standing next to them, flashed a disappointment in their eyes, but they were very helpless.

Seeing that everyone agreed, Ye Tian took off the backpack behind him and opened it.

On the way to the ancient city of Copan, he took out the golden scepter head and golden scepter of the six-pointed star from the previous backpack and put them into this smaller backpack so that he could carry them with him when visiting the ancient city of Copan.

With such two priceless treasures, he would never let them out of his sight, it was tantamount to opening the door to steal.

Following Ye Tian's actions, everyone on the scene looked over, and everyone's eyes shone straight.

Ye Tian first took out a G36C short assault rifle from his backpack and hung it beside him, and then took out an exquisite metal box and showed it in front of everyone.

Immediately after he opened the metal box, took out the head of the six-pointed golden scepter placed inside, and handed it to Hernando's eyes.

"Hernando, you can admire the golden scepter head of this six-pointed star, which symbolizes the power of the Mayan Empire, and then pass it to the next person, so that everyone can appreciate one by one. Whether you can find anything depends on your eyesight!

The characters and patterns engraved on the head of the golden scepter of the six-pointed star can be explained to you by Professor Delgado. It was Professor Delgado who translated these hieroglyphs. I will not explain it."

"Okay, Steven, let me enjoy this priceless treasure!"

Before he finished speaking, Hernando stretched out his slightly trembling hands and took over the golden scepter head of the six-pointed star radiating bright light.

At this time, his eyes were already green, he was extremely excited, and his eyes were full of greed!

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