At the northeast corner of the ancient city of Copan, Ye Tian and the others were standing in front of the main pyramid, admiring this ancient and magnificent Mayan building, and they were amazed.

Compared to the well-known ancient Egyptian pyramids, not many people know the Mayan pyramids.

As far as the existing pyramids in the world are concerned, the Pharaoh pyramids in Egypt seem to be larger and more magnificent. Regardless of popularity or momentum, they all stabilize the Mayan pyramid.

In fact, the Mayan pyramids are not inferior to the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh pyramids at all, and they are more mysterious, just like the Maya civilization that mysteriously disappeared.

The two most famous pyramids, the Kukulkan Pyramid and the Cholula Pyramid, are even more shocking than the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs that stand on the Nile.

In particular, the Pyramid of Cholula, whose foundation is four times that of the famous Pyramid of Giza, is also twice the size, and is the largest known pyramid in the world.

But the Pyramid of Cholula is often overlooked by people, so that when people think of pyramids, the first thing people think of is the Pharaoh Pyramid of Ancient Egypt and the famous Pyramid of Giza.

This happens because a large part of the Cholula Pyramid is buried in the soil, and people can't see its full picture.

Because the Pyramid of Cholula was too tall and looked like a mountain, it was ignored by a Spanish explorer and built a church on this pyramid.

In addition to the volume, the shapes of the Egyptian pyramids and the Mayan pyramids are also different. The Mayan pyramids are mostly cone-shaped and flat-topped. A temple or altar is usually built on the top of the tower to worship the gods.

There is a little difference between the two kinds of pyramids. The Mayan pyramids are often engraved with hieroglyphs and various patterns to record the history and civilization of the Maya. It is a history book and an altar.

The ancient Egyptian pyramids are the tombs of the pharaohs. The outside is relatively simple, and the pursuit is tall and solemn. Inside the pyramids are piled up with various funerary objects, forming a world of underworld.

In these respects, Ye Tian prefers the Mayan Pyramid.

Although various sacrificial ceremonies are often held on the Mayan pyramids, using livestock and even living people to sacrifice, the lifelessness is far less than that of the Egyptian pyramids.

The main pyramid in front of the ancient city of Copan is not as famous as the famous Kukulkan and Cholula pyramids, but in the history of the Mayan Empire, its status is no worse than those two pyramids, or even more important.

The Mayan Pyramid is about thirty or forty meters high and has seven floors. There is a steep staircase leading to the top of the tower. There are seventy-two steps, and each step is engraved with many hieroglyphs and various patterns.

On the top platform of this Mayan pyramid, there is an ancient and dilapidated temple used to worship the gods, and it is also the most important temple of this pyramid and even the entire ancient city of Copan.

In addition, on the outside of this pyramid, on the mottled granite ashlar, there are also many Mayan hieroglyphs, various patterns, and decorations.

Standing in front of the main pyramid, Ye Tian and the others, one of them counted as one, and they were all shocked and even a little dazzled by this magnificent Mayan pyramid.

As before, the one who introduced and explained the main pyramid to everyone is still Professor Delgado who has been here countless times and is very familiar with it.

"Gentlemen, the pyramid you see now is the main pyramid of the ancient city of Copan and the most important pyramid of the Copan Dynasty. It has an extremely important position in the history of the Mayan Empire.

In the past 100 years, countless archaeologists have carefully studied the main pyramid, studied the words and patterns carved on it, and studied the temple on the top of the tower.

Through research, archaeologists have solved many secrets hidden on this main pyramid, but all archaeologists agree that there must be more secrets hidden on this main pyramid.

This probably includes the secrets of the Golden City of the Mayan Empire, the pyramid carved on the head of the golden scepter of the six-pointed star in Steven’s hand. In all likelihood, this is the main pyramid of the Copan Kingdom.”

Having said this, Professor Delgado couldn't help looking at Ye Tian and nodded lightly at him, his eyes full of envy.

And Hernando and Hierro, who first heard about it, as well as the other Honduran experts and scholars, and two observers from UNESCO, immediately exploded.

"What? On the head of Steven's six-pointed golden scepter, there is actually a pattern of the main pyramid. Is it possible to say that this main pyramid is the key to the Mayan Empire Golden City?"

"Steven, it's hard for you to hide it from us. No wonder we have not allowed us to carefully appreciate and study the golden scepter head of the six-pointed star. It turned out to be because of this!"

In a cry of exclamation, Hernando, the other Hondurans, and the two UNESCO observers all turned to look at Ye Tian, ​​their eyes hot.

And Hernando, who was most familiar with Ye Tian, ​​had not only scorching eyes, but also a bit of sadness.

Ye Tian looked at these guys, then smiled and said loudly:

"Gentlemen, Professor Delgado is right. On the head of the six-pointed golden scepter in my hand, there is indeed a pyramid pattern engraved with the hieroglyph of the Golden City beside it.

Through careful research and comparison, we have only determined that the pyramid pattern on the head of the golden scepter of the six-pointed star should be the main pyramid in the ancient city of Copan.

Therefore, we presume that the Golden City of the Mayan Empire, which has been circulating in Central and South America for hundreds of thousands of years, should be in the forest near the ancient city of Copan, and we have also announced this discovery.

Everyone knows what happened next! It is safe to say that the golden scepter head of the six-pointed star in my hand is probably related to the Mayan Empire Golden City, which is a key clue.

For the sake of confidentiality, although I publicly displayed the golden scepter head of the six-pointed star, I never showed the details of it so as not to reveal the secret, so you didn't see the treasure.

The head of the six-pointed star golden scepter is only a clue, and it does not clearly indicate the location of the Mayan Empire Golden City. To find this famous treasure, you still need to explore.

After visiting the main pyramid later, I will climb the tower alone to verify some of my conjectures on the spot to see if I can find clues about the location of the Golden City, hoping to find out.

Now let’s admire this Regardless of whether the main pyramid is related to the Golden City, it is a breathtakingly great building that deserves to be appreciated! "

With that said, Ye Tian raised his hand and gestured to Professor Delgado, and made a gesture of please.

Professor Delgado nodded lightly, and immediately followed the topic just now, and continued to introduce the main pyramid.

"After many archaeologists' studies, everyone has unanimously concluded that this main pyramid should be built during the period when the royal blue parrot ruled the Copan Dynasty, and it took decades to build..."

As the commentary began again, everyone again looked at Professor Delgado and the magnificent Copan Kingdom Lord Pyramid.

At this time, Ye Tian had secretly turned on perspective and began to explore the secrets hidden in this main pyramid!

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