"Go to his American dream! Go to his New York! I'm not waiting for you!"

   Ye Tian stood on the Brooklyn Bridge, glanced at Manhattan not far away, yelled in grief and despair, and leaped towards the surging water.

   Everything that happened to me in the past six months began to flash in my mind.

  Unemployment, bankruptcy, breakup, house being taken away by the evil bank, panic every day, countless cold rejections of the job search process, until now it is almost nothing and nowhere to go!

   This is a dark and dark half year, full of frustration and pain, there is not even a trace of good times worth remembering, and there is no half of happiness!

   has only the last fifty dollars left on him. Tomorrow he will have to walk into the rescue station to register for unemployment benefits, otherwise he will starve to death on the street.

   This is a way of living that I can't tolerate and don't want to accept. The little self-esteem still in my heart will never allow myself to live by charity!

   The so-called American dream has been completely shattered, and everything that has been gained through hard work has completely disappeared!

   Thinking of this, Ye Tian immediately showed a sorrowful smile on his face.

   "Since the world has abandoned me, then I can only abandon this world!"

   is getting closer and closer to the surface of the water, and it seems to be in close contact with it.

   The expressions of anger and despair have disappeared from Ye Tian's face. He is now very calm, his eyes are silent, there is no tragic and no fear!

   At the last moment of falling into the East River, Ye Tian glimpsed a white light across the sky from the corner of his eyes, came straight towards him, and disappeared into his body like lightning.

   "What is this? How did it get into my body?"

   But then he put it aside completely.

   "Let it go, love whoever!"


   Ye Tian slammed heavily on the water, splashing waves.

everything is over!



   A mouthful of river water spouted up to the sky.

   The next second, Ye Tianyou quietly opened his eyes.

   Maybe I'm already in the Yin Cao Jifu!

   But the sound coming from his ear made him realize that he was still in the world, in **** New York!

   "Wake up! This guy finally woke up, he really did not drink less water!"

   English, with a strong taste of Brooklyn street.

   Obviously he was saved.

   "It's so useless, you can't die! You can only live!"

   Ye Tian grinned bitterly and murmured, speaking in Chinese.

   At this time, there is no trace of excitement in his heart after the disaster, nor any gratitude to the rescuer, only endless disappointment!

   It was two middle-aged black men who rescued him who cleaned up the garbage on the river.

   Seeing Ye Tian jumping into the river, they immediately drove a garbage boat over, rescued him, and sent him to the river bank.

   A little more clear-headed, Ye Tian immediately stood up and said with a sad smile to the two blacks:

   "Thank you for your help, I'm all right now"

   "Young man, I don't understand why you jumped into the river, but I know this is the stupidest choice!"

   the taller black man said.

   "Yes, no matter how hard and desperate life is, it is happier than death!"

   Another black man also began to persuade him, quite a bit of spiritual chicken soup.

   "Thank you, can I leave now?"

   "Of course, you can leave at any time, but I don't want to see you jumping into the river again!"

   "No! Since God won't let me die, then I will live and see what the future holds."

   Ye Tian squeezed an ugly smile, bowed to the two black buddies, then turned and walked towards the street not far away.

   The only death in the age of hardship!

   After experiencing this, all other difficulties seemed to be less terrible and less desperate than before. The thick clouds in my heart also disappeared, and my breathing became much smoother.

   Ye Tian is indeed dead, ready to face life again.

   Crossing the street, he threw the cell phone that had been soaked into waste into the trash can, and continued to walk forward. It was not far from where he lived, and it took only ten minutes to walk.

   I should pack my bags when I go back, and I will sleep on the streets in the future.


   walked for about ten minutes and was very close to the residence.

   Ye Tian was very depressed, walking and thinking about what to do in the future.

   Wall Street will definitely not be able to go back, and the financial investment banking sector has completely closed the door to itself. It seems that you can only start from the bottom and do the jobs that you once dismissed, such as express delivery, dock workers, salespersons and so on.

   We must first ensure our survival, and then we can look forward to a turnaround in the future.

   While thinking, a loud noise suddenly came from my ear.

   looked up, twenty or thirty people gathered at the entrance of the storage company in front of them, joking and chatting.

   Ye Tian is very familiar with this scene. There is obviously a warehouse auction activity here today.

   He also participated in college before, in order to shop for some bargains, but every time he returned disappointed, he bought basically useless things or garbage.

   Many of these people gathered in front of them live nearby to see if they are cheap to pick up. There are also many professional treasure hunters who are trying to make a profit through the auction of abandoned warehouses.

   Seeing them, Ye Tian immediately remembered that he still had a warehouse here.

   After the house was taken away by the bank, some things that had nowhere to be stored were thrown here, and later they were sold off by themselves to make ends meet.

   The warehouse has paid half a year's rent, and it will expire next month.

   At present, it seems impossible to renew the lease. If nothing else, it will be auctioned off by the storage company.

   But no matter who takes the photo, it will be a loss-making business, and only garbage will be reaped.

   Let's go to the warehouse again, maybe there are still things that can be sold, you can go to the second-hand store to exchange some money.

   Thinking of this, Ye Tian immediately touched his jeans pocket, the key was still in his pocket, and there was only fifty dollars left.

   "Steven, what's wrong with you?"

   As soon as I walked to the door of the storage company, someone came up to say hello. Steven is Ye Tian's English name.

   is Jason who lives in the same building and is fairly familiar.

   At this time, Ye Tian was wet all over, his clothes clinging to him, very embarrassed, his face full of sullen expression, and a breath of defeat.

   Fortunately, it’s summer, otherwise I would freeze to death if I didn’t starve to death!

   "I fell into the water just now, so it looks like this"

   Ye Tian replied with a wry smile, of course he could not say that he attempted suicide by jumping into the river.

   "You are so unlucky! Why don't you go home right away? You even came to participate in the warehouse auction!"

   "I'm not here to participate in the auction, I have a warehouse here, so I drop by to get something"

"So that's the case"

   "How about you? Are you here to hunt for used goods or to make a fortune?"

   "I'm here to shop for second-hand goods, it would be better if I could make a little money!"

   Jason replied with a smile, his eyes gleaming.

   While talking, the auctioneer came out and began to read the auction rules aloud.

   "Good afternoon, everyone. There are four warehouse auctions today. The transaction is only in cash. The cash in your pocket is the upper limit of the price. You cannot go to the ATM or bank to withdraw money, enter the warehouse, or touch the items, understand?"


   All those who participated in the auction responded in unison.

   "Please come in, warehouse auction starts"

   After speaking, the auctioneer took everyone into the building.

   There are also two warehouse staff members, and a woman is responsible for recording auction prices. The other is carrying hydraulic tongs and is responsible for cutting and locking the warehouse and maintaining order at the auction site.

   The moment he turned his head, the auctioneer saw Ye Tian in embarrassment, but he didn't care. There were everyone participating in the warehouse auction, even the homeless.

   Ye Tian didn't care about other people's eyes and walked into the warehouse area.


   The first auction was warehouse 106, which was on the first floor, not far from the elevator.

   Many auctioneers walked to the door of the warehouse and immediately blocked the aisle.

   Ye Tian’s warehouse is on the second floor. Although his clothes are half-wet and half-dry, it is a bit inappropriate to squeeze through the crowd to the elevator. People will definitely complain.

   It’s okay anyway, so why don’t you follow www.uukanshu.com?


   The staff used hydraulic pliers to cut the padlock and opened the abandoned warehouse.

   "OK, you can visit, I repeat, you are not allowed to enter the warehouse, and you are not allowed to touch the objects. The total time of the visit is five minutes, ten seconds per person, please do not stay at the door for a long time, understand?

   The auctioneer said loudly, and then took a step back and stood by the door, supervising everyone.


   Everyone responded, and then they stepped forward to check the items in the warehouse and secretly assessed the price.

   From the way and equipment of checking the warehouse, we can roughly tell that those are professional treasure hunters, and those who come to join in the fun and pick up the bargains.

  The treasure hunters are basically two or three in a group, holding a strong light in their hands, like a searchlight, which can almost dazzle the eyes of the blind!

   They watched very carefully, and they discussed in a low voice together, made the most accurate estimate, and set the upper limit of the quotation based on the estimated selling price of the items in the warehouse.

  For those invisible items, they will also make a rough forecast and assessment based on the packaging, a little information revealed elsewhere, and the overall situation of the warehouse, and set the psychological price.

   But under normal circumstances, they estimate the price based on the items in sight. If the price exceeds the upper limit of the quotation, they will immediately stop and be very professional.

   Those ordinary Taobao people just look at whether there are things of interest on the surface, they look very carelessly, the valuation is not accurate, and the valuation is completely taken for granted.

   They don’t have any professional equipment either. It’s good to get a home flashlight. Some don’t even have a flashlight, so you can just take a glance.

   Looking at this scene before him, Ye Tian smiled bitterly.

   It won’t take long, and it must be the same at the door of my warehouse!

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