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Travelling Through the Beast World: Beautiful Men, Line Up!

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Lin Luo was originally an ordinary college student. But once she crossed over, she came into the land of beasts, where the primitive forest is full of danger.

However, she met all kinds of beautiful men of different races to protect her, and got a lot of love.

Lin Luo: “Uh, different races can have children? Don’t be ridiculous. Interracial love is impossible to have results.”

A group of beautiful men: “As long as you’re willing, you can have results.”

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Short Title:TTBW
Alternate Title:穿越兽世:美男,排好队!
Weekly Rank:#2452
Monthly Rank:#3886
All Time Rank:#5023
Tags:Beastkin, Beasts, Bestiality, Female Protagonist, Human-Nonhuman Relationship, Modern Day, Polyandry, Reverse Harem, Transported to Another World,
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17 Comments on “Travelling Through the Beast World: Beautiful Men, Line Up!
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  1. No me gusta mucho cuando la protagonista se deja secuestrar y deja vivir a peligros futuros, dejando ir una y otra vez a sus enemigos. Historias así me causan mucha ansiedad

  2. Hello everyone, your poison tester in service. I've read the original as this novel here at MTL have few skipped chapter(usually very important snu snu scene). This typical story almost same storyline as usual, virgin mary girl transmigrate to orc handsome continent and loved by all top warriors. Luckily it have snu snu scene compared to others (warning:bestiality genre). However I'm bit tired of how she so innocent and no grudge attitude. Normally, common people from future 21st century should have more bad girl attitude but no she's more innocent than those primitive ladies. She was schemed, kidnapped few times, almost raped and her husband was almost raped too but she only let villain go so the villain can scheme again against her for plot lines. Honestly, plot armor r thich enough that every bad things happen can be solved by her. It's get bored if you're looking for adventure or mature content. Not enough emotions in the story. Btw, even at first she was just normal not very pretty mc but later as always she become typical pretty vase heroine. And if you're like me, & have read lots of orc books, you'll notice that the story almost similar to other story with only different characters name. Conclusion: Not recommended. Only for snu snu content reader are recommended 😂🤭

  3. Every time she was kidnapped was because she have bodyguard but she purposely don't allow them follow her to discreet place with nobody.Honestly i just think she's stupid and purposely want to be raped or kidnapped. Imagine being kidnapped and she purposely moan with happiness when kidnapper is behind her...on bed... pffttt..

  4. This story is literally a copy of Beauty and the Beasts, it all deals with Curtis (snake) and each couple, the only thing is that he changed race, even the story of Winston with the scar is the same.

  5. We hope this polyandry be legal to the world and polygamy not and be illegal we hope that and god change the man just get 1 and woman have many many partner reverse

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