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Lin Tantan was a die-hard fan of Ye Xiao, the most powerful person in the apocalypse. After her death, she went to the beginning of the apocalypse more than three hundred years ago. Her first wish was to protect Ye Xiao and his team, who were still relatively weak at this time, so that he would not go back to the original path of his teammates dying, and finally blowing himself up among the zombies.

Of course, to love someone is to love his CP together. Her second wish is to focus on protecting Ye Xiao’s vice-captain, so that these two lovers can open their hearts to each other bravely, and spend a happy life together. No more regrets.

Ye Xiao found that whenever he talked to Old Bai, that very powerful but also a little weird little girl always looked at them and smiled like an aunt. So, what was she laughing at?

After a long time, Ye Xiao blocked the little girl in a corner, kissed her forehead, and successfully saw the little girl instantly turned into a screaming chicken, and laughed in a low voice: “Who told you that Old Bai and I are a couple?”

Lin Tantan: “!!!”

What should I do if I want to fall in love with my idol?

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Short Title:TLDTPY
Alternate Title:穿进末世守护你
Weekly Rank:#1545
Monthly Rank:#2622
All Time Rank:#4481
Tags:Apocalypse, Doctors, Female Protagonist, Special Abilities, Time Travel, Transmigration, Zombies,
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10 Comments on “Traveling To The Last Days To Protect You
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  1. "Lin Tantan ya se había lavado el cabello con la ayuda de la abuela Xu y le dijo su pedido, y el hombre inmediatamente se sacó la polla y le cortó el pelo a Lin Tantan." 🤣🤣🤣 poder cortar el pelo con la polla es sin duda el poder más raro que e visto nunca.

  2. help!! why is this over?! I just enjoyed with emotion, and ended? ah shit. even though there are already extras, but I still want more. hum hum. I'm really greedy. btw, one comment to sum up my feelings is "it's so hard raising a daughter" ...though I didn't raise her. The scene being several animals and finally being a national treasure makes me want to pinch it. Very cute!!!

  3. MC is saints, and kinda stupid. Eventho author credit tried to justify she only respect lives and not necessarily saints but i still think she hopelessly saints...and stupid ones at that. She knows every decision she made will change consequences but somehow denies it. If author doesn't describe her age, I'll bet shes like 10 years old...btw if you guys anticipating smut scene, I'm sorry she gonna laugh and say itchy itchy the ml will stop and no more smut. It's sweet innocent romance setting. And yes agree with comments above, mc kinda stupid with reply and the beginning was awesome but after they settle down, everything goes down. Not enough plot except mc is Author's daughter and the best and everyone love her.

  4. @ chapter 88 This is an ok novel overall. The MC isnt useless or needs saving every two steps. There is a plot but it seems to be further and further away. The MC has time traveled to the past and sets out to save her favorite character in history from injury and sadness. After they make it to a base the plan goes to building their own base. But many chapters later and they are still at the same base and are putting down roots. Bit confusing on what they are actually wanting to do. On the downside the MC is constantly dumbfounded when someone talks back [ex. If she goes off on someone and they reply she is to stunned to do anything but back out. She is "stunned" alot by others "shamelessness" that it makes her look weak and stupid that she can never say anything back] she has the 5 elements but the entire time is regulated to being a healer for all. And later runs free clinics. Now this isnt bad per say but at the end of times this "saintness" is unrealistic and to farfetched it just makes me irritated that she is so naive and the cliche "she is a girl therefor no matter how powerful she may be, she is to be a healer and must have a soft heart that smiles at the old while handing out candy to kids" again modern time? All right. Apocalypse where there is little law and dwindling resources? No, not ok to be so softheart and if it wasnt for plot armor that type would be dead by a knife from the back or pushed into the arms of hungry zombies.

  5. Kinda agree with everything you said. I read your comment before deciding to read the novel. About putting root on the base, it's wasn't that hard to understand. Actually in real history they're all supposed to go to capital but somehow because mc, ml decided to separate from army(capital) and settle down somewhere else. ML planned very well to move to new base after they(the whole group) have sufficient resources including talents. That's all the preparation that almost 2/3 of the book happened at Ning Base, its unanswerable question why author take that much space to explain preparation...maybe ml just trying to ensure the real settlement prosper properly & will able to cope with next step by all those preparation. And eventho this novel apocalypse, they hv no problems with supplies much, less struggle for mc and the gang. Maybe that's why mc can be that saints.

  6. The beginning is awesome and then becomes just a terrible story of a FL being more strong than God… what’s the point if she has no struggles? No challenges? It becomes boring! Sad cause the beginning is really good.

  7. I agree there's good part at beginning...i read the books for the good part you said but meh...the back kinda annoying and plain...plot armor everywhere.

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