Latest website: The next day, Lina and Peter left China one after another. Lina's flight to Paris was in the morning, and Peter's flight to New York was at noon.

Liu Ye, his mother, and Yu Zhan came to see him off. Lina was satisfied when she left, but she couldn't bear it. Every day in China is worth her nostalgia. She hugged Liu Xun and didn't want to let go. She also invited Liu Xun to Europe for summer vacation.

Liu Ye agreed, but it was just a verbal statement. There are still two months before the summer vacation, and the plan can't keep up with the changes. By then, Lina herself may not be free.

Reluctantly released Liu Ye, Lina's big eyes flickering suddenly looked behind Liu Ye, Zhang Pei standing a step away.

The expectation in Lina's eyes surprised Zhang Pei. She smiled Zhang Pei and said, "Farewell, Pei, and look forward to seeing you next time."

Peter found an opportunity to have Lina and Zhang Pei sit down for a meal in the name of introducing her daughter. Liu Ye was not present at the time. Zhang Pei was not attentive at first. She thought that Peter just wanted to let her meet his daughter politely. After all, they worked together during this time. The two were already friends. Besides, Peter's daughter was so beautiful and so wonderful. It is also the glory of parenthood.

At the dinner table, Lina asked Zhang Pei, "Will you and Liu Ye settle in New Zealand in the future?"

Zhang Pei is inexplicable. Peter does often describe her life in New Zealand with her. She also knows a lot about New Zealand through the Internet and other channels, but she has never considered such a matter of settling abroad. She left. Who is the domestic business? do? She was restless when it was left to others to take care of. Could it be Liu Ye who wants to go to New Zealand? She is indeed an ambitious child.

Zhang Pei said, "I am more comfortable with the atmosphere of life in China. My relatives are also here. As for Liu Ye, she is already an adult. She has not lived with me for a long time. I cannot interfere with her life. If she Willing to go abroad, I will not stop her. "

Lina said to Peter, "Will we move to China in the future?"

Peter: "..."

He gave Zhang Pei an embarrassing glance, and said vaguely, "Future things, let's talk about it later." He was worried that Lina would say something amazing again, hey, he shouldn't rush to show Lina to Zhang Pei.

Lina observed the look of the two, and suddenly realized that, after a long while, her father hadn't gotten Liu Ye's mother! Even in front of her, she said that they were moving very fast! It seemed that the relationship between the male and female friends made her excited.

After this meal, Lina never said anything misleading, she was very polite and polite to Zhang Pei, but Zhang Pei seemed to notice something and started to keep a distance with Peter. For example, during working hours, Peter would work in her office. She didn't shy away from answering the phone. After the dinner, Zhang Pei invited Peter to Liu Ye's office. Liu Ye rarely comes here now, and the office is idle.

Peter was reluctant to move. Zhang Peiming was trying to draw a line with himself. He felt very aggrieved. He said to Zhang Pei, "I used to work in your office. It doesn't matter."

Zhang Pei seriously said, "It doesn't matter. You are the vice president of the company. We are just agents. It was my fault before. I was too careless. I didn't notice the boundaries between superiors and subordinates. Sometimes you and the agents of other countries call I can also hear some of the content. It involves a lot of industry secrets. If you continue to let those agents know, it will affect your work. "

Peter wants to say that there is no impact, but this is obviously a lie. Not to mention agents, Cats’Garden's other presidents have called him and asked why they prefer Chinese agents so much.

He had to say to Zhang Pei, "I'm going to the United States soon. I can't stay in China for a long time. The last few days don't matter."

"Now that you have discovered the problem, you should correct it right away," Zhang Peiyi said eloquently, "it's not too late!"

"But I'm used to your office environment."

"Habits can be changed," Zhang Pei said in a strong tone, without giving Peter any room to discuss.

Peter sighed and moved his belongings to Liu Ye's office.

In fact, Zhang Pei was a paper tiger. She just used indifference to cover up her anxiety. She didn't dare to stay in the same room with Peter anymore, and even didn't dare to look directly into his eyes. She thought she was thinking too much, but what Lina said, her subtle expression had been lingering in Zhang Pei's mind at that time, and re-associated with Peter's previous behavior-he came to China to sign a cooperation agreement with them He signed for a long time. He did n’t know how many bags of cat food was imported from New Zealand, but he stayed in China for two months before he knew it!

Is it for doll marketing? To accompany my daughter on vacation in China? Or ... or for her? No wonder he said that she would let her go to the United States to see the agents there and inspect the market ... The more Zhang Pei thought, the more afraid she was. She never thought that Peter would have other intentions towards her. She always regarded Peter as a leader and respected her He was so approachable that she ignored the existence of class, and she thought it was because of the crooked personality of Ren Guoren-she had never contacted a few foreigners before! As everyone knows, foreigners have the same personalities as Chinese. Peter didn't speak so well in front of other agents, especially cold, just like Zhang Pei when he first met him.

Since when has his attitude changed?

Zhang Pei couldn't think of it. She was so confused and unable to think quietly. Not only did she work separately from Peter, but she also started to avoid him. They used to eat lunch and dinner together. Now Zhang Peike didn't dare to eat with him again. As soon as the meal came, she read the car at and left the company. Peter could not see her and sent a message to her. She shied away because of something.

Peter couldn't do anything about it, because Zhang Pei didn't hide. She was really at fault. She went to the major real estate in the capital to look at the house. At this time, there was no better way to divert attention than to listen to real estate sales. Zhang Pei really liked a few sets and wanted to wait for Liu Ye to have time to discuss with her before deciding which one to buy.

Fortunately, Peter is leaving China today.

No matter how in conflict, Zhang Pei came to the airport and sent Lina away, then Peter, and watched Lina enter the security checkpoint happily. The flight between the father and daughter was two hours away, and Yu Zhan proposed to eat a meal near the airport.

Peter declined, "No, I can eat plane meals. You are all very busy. Come back quickly. There is no need to accompany me here. I will go to the waiting room to rest. Time passes."

Liu Ye and Yu Zhan think about it too. The first-class lounge is more comfortable than a star hotel. They said some farewell to Peter, Zhang Pei also echoed a few words, and the three were going to fight back to their home. Peter At this time Zhang Pei was stopped.

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