Latest website: Lina has long been intoxicated by the beautiful sceneries and beautiful pictures of the country, she thanked the dance teacher, so she also learned this dance! Give her a different experience of dancing.

After the whole dance, Liu Yan was panting and sweating. Shen Mozhen played at least 20 times of this song "Scared Hong" today. Take a closer look. Her fingers are red and her back is full of sweat. She wiped the sweat on her forehead with the back of her hand. No less stamina than dancing.

Yan Tong couldn't stop smiling. For this play, He Lushen spent 3.5 million more, Liu Ye 3 million, and Shen Mozhen 500,000. The real value of this money!

He confirmed with the photographer that all the recording had been completed, and after leaving no omissions, he stepped on the stage and praised Liu Xun for his unrestrained response. He performed very well on the spot and made the dance more perfect.

Liu Ye laughed. In fact, when she realized that the scarf was falling, her first reaction was, bad! She didn't want to jump again. A five-minute dance she went back and forth for a day, rising from the east to the west of the sun, and she would feel weak. Otherwise, how could adversity push out human potential.

Yan Tong said to Liu Ye and Shen Mozhen, "Your performance will definitely become the highlight of this movie. Based on my many years of experience, I can predict the great repercussions in the future. You two have worked hard."

Faced with such polite words, Liu Ye can now easily answer, "You and Teacher Fang (dance teacher) are harder, everyone is hard."

Shen Mozhen laughed, "Only by giving, you can gain something."

They didn't realize how shocking their performance was to the people present.

At 9:30 that evening, "Han Gong Qiu Yue" was released in North America. Some media transmitted the live broadcast to the domestic network at the premiere scene. He Lushen took the stage to speak. He was fluent in English, comparable to his mother tongue, and really a talent. Dangerous, calmed down the netizens, "This tm is the 'green hair turtle' deity?"

Along with all kinds of lace news, He Lushen's appearance rate has never been low, but he has hardly shown himself in front of the media in this way, breaking everyone's impression of his prejudice.

"It turns out he's not a worthless son-in-law. At least he speaks English better than me (laughing and crying)."

"I suspect that those photos were taken by the paparazzi deliberately at the ugliest angle. He is obviously very handsome. No wonder those women are throwing at him one by one, even if it is not money, it is worth it for his face. of."

"After he was green by Fu Feiqian, he didn't seem to make another girlfriend."


He Lushen in the video is indeed very attractive. He has all the characteristics of a handsome rich man. From the fact that he laughs at himself as a green turtle, and occasionally responds to Weibo messages from netizens, it can be seen that he is quite earthly, unlike Some rich second-generation generations are so high-cold, the main point is that he has been single for a long time, and it seems that he no longer messes with it, and changed the evil, and gave the majority of dreaming girls a thought, they feel that it was okay to be a playboy, and they have experienced all kinds of storms To be more specific. Therefore, the live comment area is called "husband".

At this moment, Liu Ye was sitting on the sofa of the villa, holding a bag of potato chips in her hand, and watching the live broadcast with the ladies and sisters. Sun Weiwei just bought a set of projection equipment for the team. use.

After Liu Ye left the crew in the afternoon, they went directly to the villa. Liu Ye wanted to host a farewell party for Lina. She remembered that Lina had told her that she likes the party best, and Liu Ye wanted her trip to China to end successfully. .

Everyone was very busy. It ’s been a long time since the party, so that Chu Taro and Yang Huayue, who had to work overtime, would rather take time off and come to the party. They arrived late and did n’t have dinner with everyone.

Lina, who has a face, relies on her cheerful and lively character, and quickly becomes a part of everyone. She is very happy. Lina herself has already met most of the younger sisters, but Chu Chu and Sun Weiwei have never met.

I learned that Chu Taro was the heroine of the movie she was watching today. She should have danced with her. Lina's eyes lit up. "She should be very beautiful." Chu Taro's beauty and Liu Ye are two different styles. A pair of peach-eyes, with bands and glamorous, do not need to act, born enchanting, with some beautiful and touching taste, is the man's favorite type, otherwise she will not be repeatedly passed on.

Chu Tan asked Lina curiously, "What does Liu Ye dance like?"

"No words," Lina regretted. "It's a pity not to let me take pictures and videos."

She tried to describe the scene with Chu Taro. At this time, He Lushen's face appeared on the projection screen. The smile on Chu Tau's face converged a little. Lina could keep staring at her face, notice this detail, Looking down at her, I saw He Lushen.

She asked Liu Yan, "He is the culprit who made you misunderstand J?"

Lina's words made the girls present curious, and Tao Zhiyao asked, "What is the culprit?"

Jason is very kind. He made a series of big news in China, but he never revealed anything about being deceived by He Lushen. Probably he thought it was shameful.

He didn't say it, Liu Ye didn't even say it.

Liu Ye didn't expect Lina to have such a good memory. She only mentioned Ho Lushen's name once, and she remembered it. It ’s all over, Lina mentioned it again, she had to tell her friends about the cause and effect,

Tao Zhiyao was surprised. "I said that the tone of those conversations is not your style. I thought it was you who cooperated with the speculation of Huaguang Media. That's the case. You didn't tell me and my brother.

Weiwei Sun frowned ~ ~ without Liu Ye's consent, he pretended to be casual, and he was too self-righteous. "

"He is doing this style of work," Yang Huayue had a little understanding of He Lushen after he moved to Huaguang Media.

Everyone's three views are on one line, and they are attacking He Lushen. Chu Tan did not participate in the discussion, but it is not difficult to see from her expression that she hates He Lushen. Liu Ye has been paying attention to her reaction. Liu Ye swears that she did not intentionally say anything bad about He Lushen in front of Chu Ya. She heard Yu Zhan said that He Lushen went to the crew of "Little Walnuts" to visit a class—He Lushen borrowed the name of Tang Tu. The actual purpose was to give gifts to Chu Taro. As a result, Chu Taro avoided and the gifts were confiscated. It was embarrassing to make He Lushen.

Sisters scold He Lushen, but netizens are praising He Lushen.

He Lushen's personable and agile speech won ardent applause from the scene in Los Angeles. He attended the premiere with Lin Zhi and Wang Xiangqin, as well as several North American film and television industry leaders.

At this time, online news headlines have come out: # “汉宫 秋月” at the North American premiere on the day of the box office has been sold out #.

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