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Transmigration: First Class Immortal Husband

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Once the genius pharmacist in the interstellar world traveled to the Cultivation Family of Tianlin Continent, he was caught in bed on his grandfather’s birthday.

Looking at the adulterer who just rolled by, Gu Yao spread his hands, what do you think?

The adulterer Chi Changye replied seriously: I will be responsible.

Gu Yao: …

Keywords: Transmigration One Pin Xianfu, North Wind Blows, Gu Yao, Chi Changye, Upgrade Liu Shuangwen, HE

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Short Title:FCIH
Alternate Title:穿越之一品仙夫
Author:north wind blows
Weekly Rank:#1419
Monthly Rank:#899
All Time Rank:#1941
Tags:Alchemy, Cultivation, Genius Protagonist, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Lucky Protagonist, Magical Space, Pharmacist, Power Couple, Sword Wielder, Transmigration, Xianxia,
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20 Comments on “Transmigration: First Class Immortal Husband
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  1. Does someone know in what chapter they get together officially?? Cuz I'm in chap 200 something but they didn't even confessed yet?? There's only a tiny mini mood between Gu Yao and Changye... I'm getting impatient... 🥲

  2. The mc is shou who transmigrated from interstellar era however his transmigration also has backstory which is not properly explained..i thought it would be the same kinda story like other bl novel but it's somehow little different...I'm on chapter 350 however it hasn't shown any bed scenes except for kisses on forehead ...i loved how the story is different but now i feel bored cuz they are working hard for immortality and going away from the path of yaoi but it's kinda cool to read ..it's just the story focuses on other sode characters development as well ..even tho it shows the mc has a golden finger that is space but it has other nice characters..author have often missed including them in story properly but still mixes well with how the novel is going on ..not without any reason why they are getting stronger cuz in other novel the protagonist takes very short time but here they been cultivating for a long time which shows how hard work and consistency is necessary for power enhancing so overall everything is good and funny ...I'm still gonna read cause I'm still curious abt how they will reach the spiritual space in the future which makes it different from other novel I've read before cuz they had like higher realm or lower realm but in this novel the realm of cultivation is broken by the ancient forces during battle which makes it more interesting...well and the ml is also good ...in conclusion:sorry for some spoilers but it's a good novel in my opinion if you're a kinda person who doesn't get bored reading cultivation ..

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