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Transmigrating into the Villain’s Demon-Revealing Mirror

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Novel Summary

Ji Huan transmigrated into 《Demons are Running Amuck》, a melodramatic BL novel that was so pathetic that the people couldn’t even be counted as people. He transmigrated into the novel’s holy relic——demon-revealing mirror.

Ji Huan: “…….”

He trembled as he opened his eyes and saw a handsome and aloof man leisurely wearing his (the man’s) clothes standing in front of him (JH).

*splash* Ji Huan had drooled.

The man who saw suspicious-looking water spots appearing on the mirror’s surface: “? ? ? ? ?”


In the novel, the main gong-shou pair had painstakingly looked for the demon-revealing mirror for 10 years and this object was thrown by the villain into a corner and used as a normal mirror.

One day, the boss was suddenly seized by a whim and finally intended to display the demon-revealing mirror’s true usage and used it on the disfigured frog demon, the suppurated anaconda, the enormous shipworm, the huddled together leeches…….

A month later, the demon-revealing mirror started foaming at the mouth.

The boss slightly smiled: “Look nice?”

Ji Huan: “ ! ! ! ”

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:TVDRM
Original Title:穿成反派大佬的照妖镜
Author:Su Ci Li
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Romance, Shounen Ai
Weekly Rank:#1728
Monthly Rank:#1661
All Time Rank:#2215
Tags:Handsome Male Lead, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Reincarnated as an Object, Transmigration,

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