Transmigrating as the Younger Sister of a Bigshot with Multiple Identities

[1v1 Shuangjie, hypnotism, koi, group pet] Gu Yang, who had just inherited hundreds of millions of fortune, passed through the book, and became a fake daughter in the book who occupied the magpie’s nest and ended up miserable. At the beginning, he framed the real daughter-i.... Read more

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Chapter 1216 Extra: Singer and Jiang Mo Chapter 1215 Extra: Light Cone Experiment and Ryan Chapter 1214 Spoiler: Yan Xi, I like you

Chapter 1213 Spoiler: Years of long-cherished wishes come true Chapter 1212 Extra: Play a game? Chapter 1211 Extra: Wedding Chapter 1210 Extra: Cousins ​​and cousins ​​vying for favor Chapter 1209 Spoiler: Dog, dare to let her finish her sentence Chapter 1208 Extra: Gu Jin's Wedding Shoes Chapter 1207 Spoiler: Yangyang's wedding Chapter 1206 Extra: Ruan Xueling's gift Chapter 1205 Extra episode: Gu Jin and Xiao Yize's wedding

Chapter 1204 Spoiler: as in the past Chapter 1203 Extra: Ruan Chujilin's White-collar Marriage Certificate Chapter 1202 Spoiler: Ruan Chu Jilin and Bai Guanxuan

Chapter 1201 Spoiler: The Core of Strong China Chapter 1200 Goodbye Ning Shen Chapter 1199 Extra: 劝分 Chapter 1198 Extra: Ning Gui's feelings for Ning Shen Chapter 1197 Spoiler: Ji Minghui Chapter 1196 Extra: Ning Shin Chapter 1195 Extra: Ning Xiao Chapter 1194 Spoiler: Gu Pei Qin Shuling 2 Chapter 1193 Spoiler: Gu Pei Qin Shuling 1

Chapter 1192 Extra: Daily life in the old house of the Ruan family Chapter 1191 Spoiler: The whole network celebrates Chapter 1190 season finale Chapter 1189 revisit Chapter 1188 Blue Whale Killer Whale Battle Chapter 1187 have a moral bottom line Chapter 1186 bye ryan Chapter 1185 they are in their prime Chapter 1184 interview Chapter 1183 If there is no harm, the Blue Whale team does not exist Chapter 1182 we just get used to it Chapter 1181 Why did His Majesty rebel?

Chapter 1180 Don't blame me for severing the master-student relationship with you Chapter 1179 banquet Chapter 1178 no bones Chapter 1177 Shen Qin's past Chapter 1176 Reasons why Shen Qin accepted adoption Chapter 1175 Team Blue Whale reunite Chapter 1174 I'm always with you Chapter 1173 Yang Yang woke up! Chapter 1172 Tong Wan and Tong Rao Chapter 1171 Tong Rao and Yan Xi Chapter 1170 Qin Shuzhen and Tong Wan Chapter 1169 Gu Zhaoming cleans up Bai Yueshuang

Chapter 1168 White-eyed wolf's white Chapter 1167 Even if it is a terminal illness, I will overcome it for her Chapter 1166 I will always wait for you Chapter 1165 Blue Whale Team Abandoned Chapter 1164 light cone experiment Chapter 1163 but i love her Chapter 1162 my way is world peace Chapter 1161 coming Chapter 1160 Within the cone of light is destiny Chapter 1159 all the past Chapter 1158 perfume all right Chapter 1157 Another Ji Minghui

Chapter 1156 I am you Chapter 1155 You will cure me, right? Chapter 1154 Does she belong to the present or the future? Chapter 1153 you know me? Chapter 1152 Hang Ji Minghui's number Chapter 1151 Gu Yang suspects that he has amnesia Chapter 1150 sister fourteenth birthday Chapter 1149 Ma'am Chapter 1148 group pet Chapter 1147 unharmed suicide Chapter 1146 Unharmed MVP Chapter 1145 Surrounding the God of Salvation Tower

Chapter 1144 Get out of the Blue Whale team unharmed Chapter 1143 Almighty God is really calm Chapter 1142 Is the Blue Whale's team ace safe? Chapter 1141 World Esports Championship Chapter 1140 What are you hiding? Chapter 1139 Shen Qin self-recommendation Chapter 1138 to adopt Chapter 1137 Blue Whale's first match Chapter 1136 Shen Qin and Fireworks Chapter 1135 six years in a blink of an eye Chapter 1134 The Blue Whale Team was established Chapter 1133 A smile from the crowd

Chapter 1132 Who is so good? Chapter 1131 The scum of learning Chapter 1130 Shen Ran Game God Chapter 1129 shit shovel officer cao wrong Chapter 1128 Big orange is the most important Chapter 1127 he feels like a hero Chapter 1126 save lives Chapter 1125 When did you make an appointment with someone? Chapter 1124 Little Liar's Succulent Chapter 1123 big flicker Chapter 1122 Autistic children Cao wrong Chapter 1121 Yangyang painting big cake style flicker

Chapter 1120 Report to Dean Li Chapter 1119 Dog training is not so obedient, right? Chapter 1118 bad boy shadow Chapter 1117 collect evidence Chapter 1116 rivalry Chapter 1115 dislike; despise Chapter 1114 He would have endured darkness if he had never seen the light Chapter 1113 elder sister Chapter 1112 Little Gu Jin Chapter 1111 Those hands are perfect for playing the piano! Chapter 1110 Feng Jue Chapter 1109 Hero saves the beauty

Chapter 1108 Yunqi Orphanage Chapter 1107 you are my choice Chapter 1106 Selection of past light cones and future light cones Chapter 1105 sister let's go home Chapter 1104 Besieged on all sides, the turtle in the urn Chapter 1103 Forcibly trigger UO, open the space-time machine Chapter 1102 It is clearly the antidote to the coma potion! Chapter 1101 The UO signal appears, and the light cone experiment begins! Chapter 1100 There are undercover agents! Chapter 1099 I found Gu Yang's location Chapter 1098 The confrontation between Orion and the Weeping Clown Chapter 1097 exposed?

Chapter 1096 Is it for your missing girlfriend Gu Yang? Chapter 1095 Feng Jue leads people to search the Katie family estate Chapter 1094 Lord Organization Leader Chapter 1093 most expensive fireworks Chapter 1092 There's no need to mess with Xiao's family Chapter 1091 Physicists and Chemists Chapter 1090 Haven't played yet? Chapter 1089 ryan noble Chapter 1088 Hitman #1, Crying Clown Chapter 1087 Ji Linbai's memory Chapter 1086 split up Chapter 1085 All rescue

Chapter 1084 Only people from Utopia! Chapter 1083 Take Gu Yang to the M country headquarters Chapter 1082 Ji Minghui is also a hypnotist! Chapter 1081 is hypnosis Chapter 1080 Ji Lin confesses to Ruan Chu Chapter 1079 go if you want Chapter 1078 Ning Shen Crematorium Chapter 1077 Ning Shen personality memory fusion Chapter 1076 Seek medical attention carefully Chapter 1075 Feng Xuan was arrested Chapter 1074 This evidence came easily Chapter 1073 No matter where we start, we will meet you eventually

Chapter 1072 Contribute to the country, with the support of the country Chapter 1071 Do you want to go into the lab? Chapter 1070 You said his name is Feng Jue? ! Chapter 1069 Maybe you belonged to this world? Chapter 1068 Where is her consciousness? Chapter 1067 Yang Yang returns tea with tea Chapter 1066 vegetative state Chapter 1065 Ask Bai Shao Chapter 1064 Ruan Chu is still alive? Chapter 1063 everything is different Chapter 1062 White House Banquet Chapter 1061 i can play the piano

Chapter 1060 Are you an SSS level hypnotist too? Chapter 1059 The illegitimate daughter of the Bai family Chapter 1058 Rabbits don't eat grass by the side of the nest? Chapter 1057 Who allowed you to call me that? Chapter 1056 Shen Qin brought Bai Yueshuang to come Chapter 1055 Only you can cure my disease Chapter 1054 No match for my sister Chapter 1053 sister can blow your head off Chapter 1052 Möbius ring Chapter 1051 Bai Yueshuang, formerly known as Gu Yang Chapter 1050 He wished that his sister belonged to him alone. Chapter 1049 The you standing in front of me right now

Chapter 1048 What if she had been alive? Chapter 1047 you and her are really similar Chapter 1046 depression Chapter 1045 Burning Chapter 1044 Another Gu Yang Chapter 1043 You are far behind her Chapter 1042 Does Team Blue Whale include you? Chapter 1041 God-level perfume with a transaction price of 200 million Chapter 1040 pink diamond Chapter 1039 I have an old acquaintance named Gu Yang Chapter 1038 It's Gu Yang's divine perfume Chapter 1037 block

Chapter 1036 Bundle Marketing Gu Pei Chapter 1035 Xu Niannian wants to join Mega Entertainment Chapter 1034 Gu Yang won the banner of bravery for justice Chapter 1033 Xiao style learning and selling Chapter 1032 Xiao Cheng and Feng Jue sparring Chapter 1031 Clean up my sister Chapter 1030 Young master of the Ye family, Ye Hanshen Chapter 1029 Calm down, that's my sister! Chapter 1028 Xiao Cheng Chapter 1027 You are ill, she may be able to cure Chapter 1026 Ning Cautious Chapter 1025 Ning Jin

Chapter 1024 split personality Chapter 1023 Brother Ji Linbai Chapter 1022 Stay away from my brother Gu Pei Chapter 1021 Will not join the CNM team Chapter 1020 Qin Shuling beat Xu Niannian Chapter 1019 Qin Shuling and Xu Niannian Chapter 1018 Gu Pei applied to join the Blue Whale team Chapter 1017 once their time Chapter 1016 Team Blue Whale returns! Chapter 1015 Perfumer Shen Qin Chapter 1014 Gu Ying is in the Alien Warrior Department Chapter 1013 makeup artist prank

Chapter 1012 Mortician Chapter 1011 Can't find burning and ghosting Chapter 1010 CNM team and Killer Whale team Chapter 1009 Gu Pei's Rotten Peach Blossom Chapter 1008 Back to Jincheng Chapter 1007 Little Witch's Prey Chapter 1006 The number one scholar in the Beijing college entrance examination Chapter 1005 Gu Pei's college entrance examination Chapter 1004 All fear stems from lack of firepower Chapter 1003 Ning Shen's invitation Chapter 1002 Tong Rao fled Chapter 1001 So you want me to go home and inherit the family property?

Chapter 1000 I don't mind if you humiliate me with extra billions Chapter 999 Then I wish you happiness! Chapter 998 Give you three million and leave my cousin Chapter 997 The little apprentice is Yan Xi? Chapter 996 Fu Mingxiu makes an appointment with an online dating partner Chapter 995 Could it be a ghost? Chapter 994 Feng Jue, a wild warrior Chapter 993 It's a pity not to do research Chapter 992 Being used as a test subject? Chapter 991 SSS Psychic Alien Warrior Chapter 990 The Xiao brothers and sisters sing together Chapter 989 Ten times the ability to learn

Chapter 988 Don't you want to? clearly not Chapter 987 Are they all different warriors? Chapter 986 Alien warrior department Chapter 985 Maybe UO was triggered then Chapter 984 Su Yinger takes a fancy to Feng Jue Chapter 983 but the news is fake Chapter 982 surrender yourself Chapter 981 The bureau set up by the five elders Chapter 980 real murderer Chapter 979 Gu · Lie Detector · Yang Chapter 978 family law Chapter 977 Gu Shuzhi vomiting blood

Chapter 976 Patriarch Chapter 975 Elders seek Gu Jin for medical treatment Chapter 974 Gu Jin and Ning Shen's holiday Chapter 973 Qin Family Little Witch Chapter 972 all family Chapter 971 antisocial personality disorder Chapter 970 Xiao Feng Jue was kidnapped Chapter 969 An Tusheng's Fairy Tales Chapter 968 Feng Jue's past Chapter 967 Feng Jue's life experience Chapter 966 Ning Shen is dangerous Chapter 965 Brother, it can be cured according to the doctor's advice.

Chapter 964 Gangster confrontation Chapter 963 Ning Shen Chapter 962 Introverted expert Xiaoshe fears Ninggui Chapter 961 Sooner or later, Gu Yang will be called cousin-in-law! Chapter 960 Cousin won the prize Chapter 959 dude, poaching is everywhere Chapter 958 Qin Shuzhen really didn't know? Chapter 957 It's Xiaojin's credit Chapter 956 Awan, this is my daughter Qingzi Chapter 955 Uncle Chapter 954 Gu Shuxue, is she that Gu Yang from your family? Chapter 953 she is in my class

Chapter 952 Xiao Yang is a village girl? Chapter 951 Gu Yang's fan Chapter 950 wealthy gossip duo Chapter 949 The misunderstanding between me and Brother Yi Ze will be resolved soon Chapter 948 Overwhelm the guest Chapter 947 Cousin Gu Jin doesn't know where she lives Chapter 946 Miss Luo is dissatisfied with my sister? Chapter 945 Didn't know that Yang Yang was the protagonist? Chapter 944 Shaw Banquet Chapter 943 Hang Tong Rao Chapter 942 cousins Chapter 941 Yan Xi knows her identity

Chapter 940 Brother Xiu, are you in a relationship? Chapter 939 Miss Xiao Yang Chapter 938 Gu·Xiao Family Group Pet·Yang Chapter 937 Ah, then it can only be closed home. Chapter 936 Gu·Duanshui Master·Painting Master·Yang Chapter 935 Gongdou drama is not that intense, is it? Chapter 934 Extreme pull of two dads Chapter 933 Xiaojin, are you dating too? Chapter 932 Acknowledge relatives Chapter 931 Long time no see, my sister Chapter 930 Miss, come with us Chapter 929 hard daddy

Chapter 928 Was it him who robbed his sister of his daughter? Chapter 927 Xiao Yize was denounced by the whole family Chapter 926 Mom, sister, her name is Gu Yang Chapter 925 Will the future brother-in-law become a real brother? Chapter 924 Paternity test results are fake Chapter 923 So Gu Yang is Tong Wan's daughter? Chapter 922 Feng Jue, who is favored and proud Chapter 921 The little boy who eats soft rice has always been unreliable Chapter 920 Redo the paternity test Chapter 919 Gu Jin's suspicion Chapter 918 Find out the reason for Tong Rao's attitude change Chapter 917 Public opinion backlash

Chapter 916 Tong Rao's past Chapter 915 It won't stop Yang Yang from running towards a better future Chapter 914 Come back with me, the whole Tong family is yours Chapter 913 I'm here to pick my daughter up Chapter 912 Tong Rao came to Gu's house Chapter 911 Wait until the year is over, go get family law Chapter 910 It's not me, it's the second brother Chapter 909 Gu Pei, why don't you apologize to your second uncle? Chapter 908 I heard that your adopted daughter has offended Patriarch Tong's pair of sons. Chapter 907 Your mother Luo Fangfei is not here Chapter 906 don't call me mommy disgusting Chapter 905 Are you sure the two perfumes are not mixed up?

Chapter 904 The top three on the hacker list refused to accept orders Chapter 903 I, Tong Rao, have both sons and daughters, and I don't lack her daughter! Chapter 902 Is it lost or abandoned? Chapter 901 But I don't need a mother Chapter 900 Do you want Tongjia? not bad Chapter 899 Tong Jiayin was arrested Chapter 898 The Conspiracy of the Tong Family Brothers and Sisters Chapter 897 murder Chapter 896 go to Tong's house Chapter 895 Transfer 5 million to help you solve the mystery of your life experience Chapter 894 Gu Pei's small goal, defeating Gu Jin and Feng Jue Chapter 893 The secrets of the wealthy families in the capital broke the news

Chapter 892 Zhao Ming was originally the heir Chapter 891 Gu Zhaoming pit money Chapter 890 Dafang invited a doctor Chapter 889 Ye Qingzi is powerless Chapter 888 Unfilial Chapter 887 Mr. Gu is unconscious Chapter 886 Yangyang, you are so good at playing games Chapter 885 Gu Yang and Tong Rao are mother-daughter relationship? ! Chapter 884 Really won't kill mother? Chapter 883 Give this bottle of perfume to Tong Rao Chapter 882 Fuck, who is pulling my hair? Chapter 881 Vegetable and playful

Chapter 880 Cao wrong gift Chapter 879 Paternity Testing Chapter 878 Gu Pei called Feng Jue's brother-in-law Chapter 877 Gu Pei wants to torture Feng Jue in the game Chapter 876 Gu Jin is bad and Feng Jue is good Chapter 875 Sub-account Chapter 874 Uncle won't let you stay at home Chapter 873 I will become what she likes Chapter 872 until death Chapter 871 Dad, Mom, I'm in love with Ah Jue Chapter 870 You are my sister's only brother Chapter 869 Mom likes her very much?

Chapter 868 Worried about Gu Yang threatening the position of heir Chapter 867 This is what the owner means Chapter 866 Tong Rao Poaching Corner Chapter 865 Tong Rao Chapter 864 That's mother's driver! Chapter 863 Tong Jiayin looking for Gu Yang's hair Chapter 862 Xiao Yize invested 300 million Chapter 861 Xiao Yize came to Yangning Research Institute Chapter 860 Yan Xi live broadcast, Yang Yang appeared Chapter 859 Tiansheng Media is hacked all over the Internet Chapter 858 Could it be that you want to help Yangyang find relatives? Chapter 857 Reminisce? want to fight

Chapter 856 Gu Pei was abused Chapter 855 Brother, you say I'm a dish? Chapter 854 We are all sisters who recognize by skill Chapter 853 sister, this old man hit me Chapter 852 it's her handwriting Chapter 851 big orange it likes you Chapter 850 My sister can't be this good Chapter 849 Gu Yang playing games Chapter 848 Guess how you told me all about it? Chapter 847 In fact, I am a superman, I have superpowers! Chapter 846 she doesn't like naughty cats Chapter 845 Gu Yang eating melon

Chapter 844 Gu Yang, you are such a good person! Chapter 843 She's having a hard time, and neither should they. Chapter 842 Fu Mingxiu's stand-in lover in the original book Chapter 841 strange news Chapter 840 Tong's family has a history of genetic disease Chapter 839 UO and daughter Chapter 838 I had already given birth to her! Chapter 837 Xiaojin, this is a greeting gift from grandma Chapter 836 Gu Yang is Mr. Xiao's little tea friend Chapter 835 but my sister is gone Chapter 834 Yi Ze, I heard that A Wan woke up? Chapter 833 meet parents

Chapter 832 No worse than your predecessors Chapter 831 psychological society Chapter 830 social terror Chapter 829 campaign class Chapter 828 The strongest rival in love is actually the younger sister? Chapter 827 Isn't it equivalent to meeting the parents? Chapter 826 Teacher Xiao is now my sister's boyfriend Chapter 825 Miss Gu, can I invite you to a dance? Chapter 824 heir to the tong family Chapter 823 Sister Gu Jin, why did you talk to Young Master Tong? Chapter 822 freshman dance Chapter 821 I want to hold your hand and walk across this bridge

Chapter 820 call her brother-in-law Chapter 819 Miss Gu, I love you Chapter 818 Professor Xiao Chapter 817 Daily favor Chapter 816 three sharpshooters Chapter 815 Xiao Yize taught Gu Jin how to shoot Chapter 814 Gu Yang's contact information Chapter 813 don't cry Chapter 812 Fu Mingxiu and Yan Xi Chapter 811 I do not like you Chapter 810 Aren't you afraid of offending the Gu family? Chapter 809 Yan Xi imitates Gu Yang

Chapter 808 Sister Gu Jin shouldn't bother me and my sister, right? Chapter 807 i'm chasing her Chapter 806 Speaking of which, he's still my cousin Chapter 805 Yan Xi, you are on fire Chapter 804 People at Huada Chapter 803 It's love brother, Ah Jue is my boyfriend Chapter 802 Sister, brother? Chapter 801 I don't think there's anything wrong with my sister and Manman Chapter 800 college classmates Chapter 799 The Tong Family of the Eight Great Families Chapter 798 This sister is too handsome, right? Chapter 797 Classmate, please put on some clothes?

Chapter 796 Trainee Yan Xi Chapter 795 Twenty times single loop love song Chapter 794 I won't let my sister suffer the slightest grievance Chapter 793 Feng Jue is my boyfriend Chapter 792 Fu Mingxiu's cousin Luo Fu Chapter 791 A relationship like me and Xiaodi is called soft rice Chapter 790 My sister won't think that I eat soft rice, right? Chapter 789 capital reunion Chapter 788 A singer is not a singer, he is very confused Chapter 787 Geno Jugula Chapter 786 Jiang Mo was splashed with black powder Chapter 785 A healthy fan of brains?

Chapter 784 Gu Pei's birthday Chapter 783 There is such a good thing? Chapter 782 hurt each other Chapter 781 Old man in Tang suit and old man in Chinese tunic suit Chapter 780 My sister is my savior Chapter 779 friend or foe Chapter 778 Singer, Xiaoxiao, makeup artist Chapter 777 My sister dug a hole for Xiao Yize to dance Chapter 776 hand over my sister to the country Chapter 775 Gu Jin is angry with Gu Yang Chapter 774 The golden thread pierced Gu Yang's back Chapter 773 One of the elders of Utopia

Chapter 772 The tender thoughts suppressed in the depths Chapter 771 Jiangmo Concert Chapter 770 not for you Chapter 769 My sister promised to come to my concert Chapter 768 Gu Shuzhi apologized Chapter 767 Boyfriend going her way leaves her nowhere Chapter 766 update agreement Chapter 765 It turns out that sister Gu Yang and cousin Feng Jue were adopted Chapter 764 I accompany my sister to do scientific research Chapter 763 Friends' achievements Chapter 762 Zhu Di and Zheng Yi Chapter 761 Hot searches on college entrance examination results

Chapter 760 Ye Hanchen is your brother, not me Chapter 759 Why did brother Yi Ze condescend to come to take care of the family? Chapter 758 renew Chapter 757 Buy one get two deal! Chapter 756 Mrs. Gu was slapped Chapter 755 best birthday gift Chapter 754 Both are 750? Chapter 753 The three college candidates in my family are indeed a little out of order Chapter 752 SAT score Chapter 751 pig mate Chapter 750 Uncle who ran away from home for twenty years Chapter 749 Who dares!

Chapter 748 Why come back now? Chapter 747 Does grandpa dislike us? Chapter 746 Eldest young master, you are finally back! Chapter 745 Patriarch Gu's 80th birthday Chapter 744 After she left, she paid homage to the end of her career Chapter 743 Work hard for Huaguo to regain the world championship trophy Chapter 742 Gu Pei Mian Ji Chapter 741 Later consumption will be credited to my account Chapter 740 The mall is indeed owned by my family. Chapter 739 Delicate pink, how old are you now? Chapter 738 sister outfit Chapter 737 You should call her "Auntie"

Chapter 736 This is Gu Shuda, the young master of the Gu family Chapter 735 amiable five elders Chapter 734 Need a bullet to shut you up? Chapter 733 Sister, don't be impulsive, Ah Jue is not guilty of death! Chapter 732 Surprises for other children, her boyfriend also Chapter 731 Ah Jue, do you want a doll? Chapter 730 Is my sister planning to give me my name publicly? Chapter 729 Mama loves you! Chapter 728 Build a good relationship with future in-laws Chapter 727 back to a familiar place Chapter 726 We will be a family from now on Chapter 725 Are you a hypnotist?

Chapter 724 It's not easy for a few kids Chapter 723 To bring down the Gu family, or to seize power? Chapter 722 eccentric Chapter 721 twenty years ago Chapter 720 he will never let go Chapter 719 The eldest son of the Gu family who was expelled from Beijing? Chapter 718 He doesn't earn this money! Chapter 717 Gu Yang shot Chapter 716 Xiao Jue, are you a hacker? Chapter 715 Car systems taken over by hackers Chapter 714 Just an accident? Chapter 713 The operation was a success

Chapter 712 Mr. Ruan fainted Chapter 711 hypnotize me Chapter 710 Uncle Gu, the genius doctor has arrived Chapter 709 whereabouts of the doctor Chapter 708 high risk of disability Chapter 707 The daughter of the Gu family gave up the college entrance examination Chapter 706 All three handed in the papers ahead of time Chapter 705 bleeding Chapter 704 traffic accident Chapter 703 college entrance examination Chapter 702 Zheng Yi ranked first in the city in physical examination Chapter 701 Ruan Meng is so fragrant

Chapter 700 more or less a pain in the flesh Chapter 699 Why did Xunmeng Group get involved? Chapter 698 Invite Gu Yang to join the Beisi family? Chapter 697 Let's be better than them Chapter 696 because my sister is amazing Chapter 695 It was my dad who hypnotized Tully Chapter 694 for friends Chapter 693 Mainly I want to make friends with you Chapter 692 hypnotists have always been deceptive Chapter 691 Doesn't psychological trauma count? Chapter 690 Want to make an enemy of our Katie family? Chapter 689 Are you a singer?

Chapter 688 doll smile Chapter 687 dark loli Chapter 686 familiar aroma Chapter 685 Your granddaughter is amazing Chapter 684 Only his sister in the whole family does not dislike him Chapter 683 weak? Chapter 682 The royal family went bankrupt Chapter 681 You've been playing me? Chapter 680 arranged clearly Chapter 679 Feng Jue's gift Chapter 678 The poorest of the family Chapter 677 Brother, you also blame me, right?

Chapter 676 please help my sister Chapter 675 I'm going to find my daughter Chapter 674 Just call him mom Chapter 673 Mother Xiao wakes up Chapter 672 Calvin Chapter 671 Did the sister I gave it also like it? Chapter 670 Heartbroken Lu Xiaopang Chapter 669 If she is a god, she will grant her sister's wish Chapter 668 Blow out the candles and make a wish Chapter 667 Is Ji Linbai a collateral? Chapter 666 It's not your turn to teach my daughter Chapter 665 Thank you, Aunt Ye

Chapter 664 Ye Qingzi celebrates Gu Yang's birthday Chapter 663 Ye Qingzi came uninvited Chapter 662 My sister doesn't like the roses you sent Chapter 661 Fu Mingxiu sends roses Chapter 660 Gu Family Daughter's Birthday Banquet Chapter 659 Pirated garbage, just throw it away Chapter 658 Go to Jingluo's Weibo Chapter 657 Piracy! Chapter 656 Let's make up as before, okay? Chapter 655 I'm Gu Yang's younger sister Chapter 654 Gu Pei shut himself up Chapter 653 Gu Pei wants to PK with Gu Jin

Chapter 652 The team pet of the Blue Whale team Chapter 651 Gu Pei's grades fell Chapter 650 She will really thank you! Chapter 649 Timely stop loss is not shameful Chapter 648 Big sister and Xiao Yize meeting their parents? Chapter 647 Heartbroken Gu Pei Chapter 646 Gu Jin, thank you tonight Chapter 645 Su Ye who repairs the wound Chapter 644 Monitoring blind spots Chapter 643 Xu Niannian's difficulties Chapter 642 Who is the girlfriend? Chapter 641 Police officer, help!

Chapter 640 separate Chapter 639 good! The boss is mighty! Chapter 638 Gu Jin, why are you here? Chapter 637 regret using him Chapter 636 Dare to touch the young master's girlfriend? Chapter 635 sister can use my money to support me Chapter 634 Feng Jue's gift to Gu Yang Chapter 633 refuse to walk Chapter 632 My Miss Gu...she doesn't need to know Chapter 631 I didn't expect tea to taste so strong Chapter 630 Xiao Yize's trumpet Chapter 629 Ye Qingzi complained

Chapter 628 The eldest lady of the Ye family in Beijing Chapter 627 Don't call me aunt, call me aunt? Chapter 626 Penultimate second to penultimate make up lessons? Chapter 625 No, why do you have a picture of my sister? Chapter 624 he wants to hide Chapter 623 How can I compare with my goddess? Chapter 622 Forced to bind Chapter 621 bass family Chapter 620 renew Chapter 619 Hold back even if you have objections Chapter 618 Gu Pei wouldn't be psychologically unbalanced? Chapter 617 The Ruan family will always be your backing

Chapter 616 Why do Gu Jin and Gu Yang have shares? Chapter 615 My daughter goose has the country I laid down to inherit Chapter 614 Bastards also have the right to inherit Chapter 613 I have learned a little acupuncture Chapter 612 failed product Chapter 611 Yangning Medical Research Institute Chapter 610 Dahongpao Chapter 609 counterfeit Chapter 608 Ruan Chu Best Supporting Actress Award Chapter 607 The spring breeze blows away the red silk Chapter 606 sister can't live without me Chapter 605 Enter Huaguo Psychological Society

Chapter 604 her sister is my sister Chapter 603 other people's children Chapter 602 Has your mental health lecture changed? Chapter 601 Zheng Yi made the most progress in the whole grade Chapter 600 Hundred Days Pledge Chapter 599 progress Chapter 598 Miss Gu is a good person Chapter 597 Miss Gu, give me your hand Chapter 596 Gu Jin and Xiao Yize's rooftop appointment? Chapter 595 Miss Gu, I'm sorry Chapter 594 If you want to cooperate with Good, please please Gu Yang Chapter 593 So Miss Ruan is Miss Gu Yang's cousin?

Chapter 592 What a good sister Chapter 591 Feng Jue showing affection? Chapter 590 Your family arranged it, you go ask him Chapter 589 Go back to the past and serve Utopia in one pot? Chapter 588 Past you meet future me? Chapter 587 Bug fixes, memory wipes? Chapter 586 She suddenly wanted to hug her boy Chapter 585 My sister agreed to come and watch us win the world championship Chapter 584 She is the white moonlight who has been gentle for many years Chapter 583 dark web Chapter 582 Sister is of course the highest class Chapter 581 What is a different warrior?

Chapter 580 As long as my sister likes it, he can pretend for a lifetime Chapter 579 Obviously my sister forgot Chapter 578 Suddenly I'm not who you thought I was Chapter 577 Does my sister still not remember at all? Chapter 576 It's Xiaojue Chapter 575 Gu Jin and Feng Jue were in the same orphanage before? Chapter 574 No need, my sister has me Chapter 573 Duran's Choice Chapter 572 Is it too late to delete friends now? Chapter 571 called daddy Chapter 570 I'll forgive you when you pull out the five-star suit Chapter 569 Gu Yang apologized?

Chapter 568 When did she teach them? Chapter 567 Ruan Meng finds fault Chapter 566 sister, i'm fine Chapter 565 Ask for leave Chapter 564 cut a night photo Chapter 563 Xiao Yize who is off the mark Chapter 562 Feng Jue pits Gu Jin, Gu Jin confronts Xiao Yize Chapter 561 Bounty Hunter J Chapter 560 Gu Jin Feng Jue's rooftop appointment Chapter 559 If you fall in love, it is impossible for Xiao Jue to fall in love Chapter 558 Three trials? Chapter 557 ferris wheel top

Chapter 556 Sweet or not, my sister will know if she tries it? Chapter 555 The relationship is fake, that's her brother Chapter 554 I follow my sister's taste Chapter 553 I'm here, sister, don't be afraid Chapter 552 Sister, what you say counts Chapter 551 Because all I see is you Chapter 550 Wait for our family to reach a cooperation with Good Pharmaceutical Chapter 549 I'm her sister, I don't know you well Chapter 548 Does Cousin Gu Yang have no biological parents? Chapter 547 watch a movie together Chapter 546 Lunar New Year's eve Chapter 545 The boat of friendship capsizes

Chapter 544 Won't you go back to your home and take care of your family? Chapter 543 But someone is waiting for you to come home Chapter 542 The orphanage can't see sister Gu Yang Chapter 541 Xu's apology Chapter 540 The key lies in the real daughter of the Gu family. Chapter 539 Feng Jue and Gu Jin united front Chapter 538 Can date again, perfect! Chapter 537 Xiao Yize protects Gu Jin Chapter 536 I guess this is a briefing criticism of you Chapter 535 Talk to Xu and Qi about morality and the rule of law Chapter 534 Miss Gu touched his head just now? Chapter 533 Back then

Chapter 532 Apologize to Dr. Gu before leaving Chapter 531 If I had known you were coming, I wouldn't have come Chapter 530 Gu Yang sued Chapter 529 i believe in my daughter Chapter 528 tea party Chapter 527 Ji Linbai apologizes Chapter 526 There are many scenes, and the imagination is quite rich Chapter 525 Let me go, you guys are kidnapping Chapter 524 as long as my sister is happy Chapter 523 Isn't she the same age as the elder sister? Chapter 522 Selfishness? For example, seeing Ms. Gu Chapter 521 sister doing well

Chapter 520 Is she the eighty-year-old mother you mentioned? Chapter 519 The kid... is gone Chapter 518 Patriarchal Chapter 517 Nine sons are all your own? Chapter 516 She is such a kind hearted little fairy Chapter 515 Tang quietly pushed Gu Yang to block the evil dog Chapter 514 A bit like Feng Jue? Chapter 513 Is Xunmeng Group interested in cooperating with Gu's Group? Chapter 512 Resist cyber violence Chapter 511 you are my little sun Chapter 510 It's not mania, it's depression Chapter 509 They are all my own, no matter how childish I am, I can only pamper them

Chapter 508 My sister likes him to be nice Chapter 507 Thank you for taking care of my sister Chapter 506 It's my honor, sister~ Chapter 505 It wasn't Gu Zhaoming who came, but Feng Jue? ! Chapter 504 Has the biggest investor changed? Chapter 503 Tang quietly apologized Chapter 502 I testify, I saw Tang Qiaoqiao trip Ruan Chu with my own eyes Chapter 501 Ruan Chu was exposed to mental illness Chapter 500 Ruan Chu slapped Tang Qiaoqiao with her backhand Chapter 499 As long as I'm with you, I'm happy Chapter 498 Is the official WeChat account of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine hacked? ? ? Chapter 497 what my wife said is right

Chapter 496 The eldest sister is quite law-abiding Chapter 495 Gu Jin really knows medicine Chapter 494 Otherwise, I will sue Lawyer Qiu! Chapter 493 It's over, another crazy one Chapter 492 Sell ​​grapefruit, cure all diseases! Chapter 491 Gu Zhaoming was the first to refuse Chapter 490 Dean Ji said that only you can save me Chapter 489 Her tea tastes too strong, I'm afraid I won't be able to sleep Chapter 488 Doctor Ji is a Ruan Chu fan Chapter 487 How can I wrong my sister when I go to a variety show with my sister? Chapter 486 Aphasic children Chapter 485 Qiu Baizhou sacrificed his life to save Qiao Xuan

Chapter 484 Gu Jin climbing a tree with bare hands Chapter 483 she is better than you think Chapter 482 The boss is on a variety show! Chapter 481 Boy, it's not just the two of them Chapter 480 Ruan Chu is her father Chapter 479 Ruan Chu's prospective stepmother? Chapter 478 The eldest sister is his sister Chapter 477 rock star jiang mo Chapter 476 We brought money into the group, be arrogant Chapter 475 Behind the dark tide is raging Chapter 474 Sad Lu Rong Chapter 473 G organization

Chapter 472 Fake fan Xianling was banned Chapter 471 The flood rushed to the Dragon King Temple Chapter 470 I am the anchor Yang Yang, real name Gu Yang Chapter 469 Learn from Xiao Yize Chapter 468 Gu Yang imitating Yang Yang? Chapter 467 Gu Yang and Gu Jin Piano Ensemble Chapter 466 Ji Linbai's Crematorium Chapter 465 show won't let you down Chapter 464 full screen green icon Chapter 463 Do you want to give you a chance to show love? Chapter 462 I just have a crush on you, can't I? Chapter 461 No matter how important a game is, it is not as important as a girlfriend

Chapter 460 The two bosses exchanged books for her Chapter 459 A group of upsets Chapter 458 Master Duan Shui who is prepared will not overturn Chapter 457 Wang Lingyu kisses Qi Yan Chapter 456 Sure enough, a scumbag Chapter 455 is very sweet Chapter 454 Does that mean we are a good match? Chapter 453 Sister, shall I lead you away? Chapter 452 See Ruan Chu come out of the mental hospital Chapter 451 It is Gu Yang who really heals you Chapter 450 Miss Gu, you are different Chapter 449 i don't have a girlfriend

Chapter 448 Can she refuse such a good brother? Chapter 447 My sister won't blame me for making my own decisions, right? Chapter 446 Sister, are you together? Chapter 445 Ask for leave Chapter 444 Gu Yang is a top psychologist who secretly treats Ruan Chu Chapter 443 Girl Gu Yang, can I invite you to play a song? Chapter 442 Log in to Yang Yang's account, is that right? Chapter 441 Where did you get the face to pretend to be my sister? Chapter 440 Is she the only one who can play such a good song? Chapter 439 I accidentally hurt my hand Chapter 438 Miss Lu, are you Yang Yang? Chapter 437 Why does Erye Ji come to Jincheng when he is free?

Chapter 436 Doctor Ji can also distinguish green tea? Chapter 435 Miss Ruan Chu, can I invite you to dance? Chapter 434 red carpet shirt Chapter 433 Doesn't my sister wait for the Gu family to come and raise her? Chapter 432 My two daughters are unique Chapter 431 Immortal appearance is worth the real daughter of the Gu family Chapter 430 penrose ladder Chapter 429 reluctant to leave Chapter 428 Utopia organizes that light cone experiment Chapter 427 The Xiao family is worthy of the boss Chapter 426 Gu Jin climbed up to Young Master Lin? Chapter 425 My sister said I can do it, so I must do it

Chapter 424 This physique is too cheating Chapter 423 Feng Jue goes out Chapter 422 Familiar photo compositing style Chapter 421 Parents please, parents must be invited! Chapter 420 Gu Yang, you don't talk about martial arts Chapter 419 Campus Forum Junk Potato Server Chapter 418 hacking Chapter 417 Add Xiaoxiao WeChat Chapter 416 Everything I see is her Chapter 415 That way no one will bother him and his sister. Chapter 414 Ji Linbai will chase stars? Chapter 413 Wei Yueqiao car accident

Chapter 412 Lu Wei's thoughts Chapter 411 sick leave Chapter 410 Dye your hair together? Chapter 409 love each other Chapter 408 Lin Ran from the sky Chapter 407 Do you think online dating is safe? Chapter 406 Lu Mao's new girlfriend? Chapter 405 Lu Rong and Lu Mao Chapter 404 dislike Chapter 403 I'm not a vicious mother-in-law Chapter 402 was looking for a pianist Chapter 401 Isn't it enough that she has a big sister to teach?

Chapter 400 no child labor Chapter 399 Do you want to worship me as a teacher? Chapter 398 Gu Jin's piano is a hundred times better than Lu Wei's Chapter 397 Master Qu Mo is here Chapter 396 Can you let me kiss you? Chapter 395 sister~ Chapter 394 you block my light Chapter 393 The little blood bank is drunk Chapter 392 Gu Jin's gift Chapter 391 Lu Xiaopang's birthday Chapter 390 Feng Jue drinking Chapter 389 He is a three-good student who does not smoke or drink

Chapter 388 Dog things will sue! Chapter 387 Brother Xiu seems a little unhappy Chapter 386 Wouldn't it be nice to play games? Chapter 385 My sister won't dislike me, will she? Chapter 384 sister a lot of advice Chapter 383 Master Qu Mo Chapter 382 Crime Profiler Ushizawa Chapter 381 It's not me, it's Lin Ran Chapter 380 I am the first administrator of my sister's live broadcast room Chapter 379 Gu Peijing explodes Chapter 378 She, is she your sister? Chapter 377 don't go out at night

Chapter 376 Stay away from Xin Shuiyun Chapter 375 Senior sister Ruan Chu Chapter 374 Ruan Chu is here Chapter 373 It's getting cold, the Wang family should go bankrupt Chapter 372 Gu Zhaoming, how much that old fox dotes on the female goose Chapter 371 Peggy Chapter 370 quilt cover sack Chapter 369 Thank you sister for feeding~ Chapter 368 He just came to support the big brother and sister Chapter 367 The Wang Group is still too idle Chapter 366 have been punished Chapter 365 Summoned to the Department of State and Education

Chapter 364 love at first sight Chapter 363 heartbroken Chapter 362 Feng Jue, the king of introversion Chapter 361 Score Control Master Edition Xueba Notebook Chapter 360 Gu Zhaoming, that old fox Chapter 359 Gu Zhaoming Chapter 358 Xiaojin, are you dating Qin Shao online? Chapter 357 freeze bank card Chapter 356 divorced Wang Lingyu Chapter 355 The little milk dog has to be coaxed Chapter 354 break up Chapter 353 Gu Yang, can you stop being so green tea? !

Chapter 352 Wang Lingyu apologizes Chapter 351 Neighbor, are you free? Chapter 350 If Gu Jin can answer five questions, she will wash her hair upside down Chapter 349 Nordic top family Chapter 348 The few identities who have not been issued a hunting order Chapter 347 Who said sister likes fast? Chapter 346 Qiao Xuan must be cold Chapter 345 Drunk driving Chapter 344 take a day off today Chapter 343 Wang Yunxin lost too much blood Chapter 342 The whole family must be tidy Chapter 341 Q version blue whale emblem

Chapter 340 I turn black on myself Chapter 339 amateur league defeat Chapter 338 as long as you're happy Chapter 337 My sister ordered it for me alone Chapter 336 My sister gave me the membership card Chapter 335 Ruan Xueling regrets Chapter 334 God class perfume Chapter 333 Mrs. Fu's eyes changed Chapter 332 There are only more than 400 perfumers in the world Chapter 331 My daughter made it for me Chapter 330 My sister is indeed excellent, needless to say Chapter 329 The vice principal is here to check the class

Chapter 328 What, you also want to accept this reward? Chapter 327 The big brother and sister were hunted down? Chapter 326 sister not in love Chapter 325 He is still a clean and good father! Chapter 324 The smell feels a little familiar to him Chapter 323 Sister, I want your perfume too! Chapter 322 I like you too Chapter 321 Sister, do you like me? Chapter 320 i will never be mad at my sister Chapter 319 Sister, I like you, only you Chapter 318 Brother Feng Jue Chapter 317 What's your boss's name?

Chapter 316 Xiang Yu Perfumery Chapter 315 Perfume Chapter 314 Cousin's wish will come true Chapter 313 Magical Pianist Chapter 312 willing to do my best Chapter 311 Your relationship is still so stiff? Chapter 310 Meeting Ji Linbai and Su Ye Chapter 309 Gu Yang was blown away by the wind Chapter 308 maintain balance Chapter 307 Bamboo float Chapter 306 Wang Yunxin's warning Chapter 305 yes, but not necessary

Chapter 304 Introduce a lawyer Chapter 303 I even helped her think about the postgraduate entrance examination. Chapter 302 Obey the law and obey the law, start from me Chapter 301 Ruan Chu's older father fan Chapter 300 Why are you blushing? Chapter 299 Because my sister is here~ Chapter 298 Gu Jin wants to eat candied haws Chapter 297 Sister, is there any reward? Chapter 296 Qi Xu deliberately murdered Gu Yang? ! Chapter 295 You're welcome, sister~ Chapter 294 this is physical evidence Chapter 293 Her small blood bank has no turn to blame

Chapter 292 Feng Jue? ! ! Chapter 291 bloodshed Chapter 290 Miss Ruan Chu is my patient now Chapter 289 really fragrant Chapter 288 Fried bamboo worms Chapter 287 Leave some rations for the pandas Chapter 286 surprise Chapter 285 As long as you are not blind, you will go Chapter 284 Miss Wang entrusted him with the task Chapter 283 Gu Yang should contribute to the cause of archaeology Chapter 282 Divide up cultural relics, you are really punished Chapter 281 Ningcheng Museum

Chapter 280 Tomb robber hiding place? Chapter 279 Going down with a **** is a baby? Chapter 278 to meet my sister Chapter 277 The boss is fishing at work Chapter 276 Xiao Yize and Gu Jin watched Gu Yang's live broadcast Chapter 275 Bamboo shoots or old dog shoots Chapter 274 Yangyang is the favorite of the family Chapter 273 Repay grievances with virtue, how can you repay virtue? Chapter 272 Will Ruan Chu forgive Ruan Yan? Chapter 271 Live interactive games Chapter 270 Gu Yang, the fairy in the painting Chapter 269 Sitting alone in the secluded huang, playing the piano and screaming

Chapter 268 Ruan Chu is amazing Chapter 267 Chen Gou looks pretty Chapter 266 The Mystery of the Whale God's Retirement Chapter 265 The whale **** will come back sooner or later Chapter 264 I heard that our little princess is a scumbag? Chapter 263 Gu Yang's grades are poor, the college entrance examination is hopeless Chapter 262 Talking about Sangma with Wine, Phase 2 Chapter 261 Gu Jin's younger brothers Chapter 260 About being fed by the whole family Chapter 259 Mr. Tsundere Nguyen Chapter 258 Every piece of sweetness is related to me Chapter 257 Zhu Xiaodi, I'll give you ice cream

Chapter 256 Damn it, Gu Yang is your father's illegitimate daughter? Chapter 255 Fu Mingxiu is also well versed in the way of green tea Chapter 254 A nice looking puppy? Chapter 253 They are still pure and beautiful girls Chapter 252 Simply perfect! Chapter 251 Darkness hides nothing in light Chapter 250 The wronged Feng Jue Chapter 249 A heaven, a hell Chapter 248 I'm an unlicensed and unlicensed psychiatrist Chapter 247 What are you talking about? Chapter 246 hypnotic illusion Chapter 245 Collect the net today

Chapter 244 sanctimonious Chapter 243 Feng Jue's eraser fell off Chapter 242 1000 word review paper Chapter 241 Xueduo mania Chapter 240 Gu Jin threw Xue Duo over his shoulder Chapter 239 Vice-principal help! Chapter 238 Feng Jue broke Xue Duo's bones with a pen Chapter 237 Xue Duo came to school Chapter 236 The lawyer recommended by Xiao Jin is very good. Chapter 235 How long can Gu Yang live without a live blood bank? Chapter 234 Big Brother Plastic Brotherhood Chapter 233 daddy listen to you

Chapter 232 Let's come to the finance department for an internship after the college entrance examination! Chapter 231 Accidentally missed billions in taxes Chapter 230 Tired Han Xi Chapter 229 Miss Gu Yang will really increase my workload Chapter 228 #一个独立视频后组组热板# Chapter 227 pregnant Chapter 226 Into the eyes of the little princess of Mega Entertainment Chapter 225 That's the chairman's daughter Chapter 224 The two hackers broke the news Chapter 223 Xue's house is freezing cold Chapter 222 It's better to marry Gu Yang, or to marry Gu Jin Chapter 221 Love Delusions

Chapter 220 Lu Mao was cheated of 2.5 million in online dating Chapter 219 Xiao Jue, this child has been good since he was a child Chapter 218 Serve Zhu Di with tea Chapter 217 It's not a reason to trample on the sincerity Chapter 216 Thanks Zhu Xiaodi Chapter 215 Pretending to be struck by lightning Chapter 214 fight? Chapter 213 Sister, I am very useful~ Chapter 212 Yizhong Tiantuan Chapter 211 I like a pretty face like Feng Jue's Chapter 210 In the original book, Yao Bingxue jumped off the building Chapter 209 There's no need to stay and waste time

Chapter 208 Gu Jin stole Gu Yang's school flower status? Chapter 207 Internet violence disappears in an instant Chapter 206 sister is good to me Chapter 205 It's just a living blood bank! Chapter 204 It was delivered by my sister herself. Chapter 203 Then why can't you see that I like you? Chapter 202 Stop pretending, you're not hypnotized at all Chapter 201 Why is my sister looking for me so late? Chapter 200 Gu Pei, the best food in the family Chapter 199 Become an e-sports legend like a whale god Chapter 198 A first-class lawyer, not a wire fraud Chapter 197 Need a lawyer recommendation?

Chapter 196 betray Chapter 195 Xiao Yize is still the vice principal of No. 1 Middle School Chapter 194 Playing hacking methods in front of the first and second Chapter 193 Hacker Top Jinni Chapter 192 just because she wants to defend her Chapter 191 Gu Jin is the vice president of the Writers Association? ! Chapter 190 Gu Jin plagiarized her composition? Chapter 189 Teacher Tao Yan Chapter 188 An ordinary people's teacher Chapter 187 Teacher Xiao may be interested in Gu Jin Chapter 186 The big sister actually wrote the composition? ! Chapter 185 I don't know if you've ever heard of the suspect?

Chapter 184 Teacher, I suspect that classmate Gu Jin is cheating! Chapter 183 So the full score is Gu Yang? Chapter 182 pass the exam Chapter 181 Didn't the little blood bank bet on her on purpose? Chapter 180 It was the same type of question as the little blood bank asked her! Chapter 179 The big brother and sister's tone is a little doting Chapter 178 wait for my sister to go home Chapter 177 Gu Jin handed in the paper ahead of time Chapter 176 She is very much like the group of scientific research lunatics who let her benefit mankind Chapter 175 Are you all legally illiterate? It's a real punishment! Chapter 174 Just bet my sister got better grades than everyone in the room Chapter 173 Gu Jin is the black sheep

Chapter 172 I think my sister said it well Chapter 171 Gu Jin sitting in Xue Duo's place? ! Chapter 170 mediterranean old king Chapter 169 good old routine Chapter 168 Big brother and sister won't be so naive, right? Chapter 167 Sister Gu Yang is very conscious Chapter 166 The hero actually called her sister? ! Chapter 165 Why is Gu Yang so cute Chapter 164 The big brother and sister don't seem to reject her approach Chapter 163 Slap Mrs. Xu in the face Chapter 162 My sister has been the first in grade since she was a child. Chapter 161 The male lead's international chain Chinese restaurant

Chapter 160 Gu Jin playing games? Chapter 159 I only have one older sister, Gu Yang! Chapter 158 Gu Pei Chapter 157 Big brother and sister are stock gods Chapter 156 Phnom Penh Blood Drop, the third Quest Chapter 155 It's getting colder, it's time for the Xue family to go bankrupt Chapter 154 Gu Yang, I will marry your sister Chapter 153 looking for abuse Chapter 152 Sister, I have enough sense and restraint Chapter 151 evening and evening Chapter 150 Let my sister spend more time with me Chapter 149 not the boss shot

Chapter 148 Ji Linbai, you are really good enough, it's a disgrace to the family! Chapter 147 I'm Miss Ruan's fan Chapter 146 sister is still so cute Chapter 145 Ji Linbai called her crazy? Chapter 144 Juan Wang actually asked her to help her study? ! Chapter 143 Sister, reading in direct sunlight is not good for your eyes Chapter 142 She can be a top student first Chapter 141 Inappropriate people don't try to meddle Chapter 140 Gu Yang's only sister Chapter 139 I'm more than happy to fight for my sister Chapter 138 The fear of being dominated by pride Chapter 137 Gu Jin soft persimmon?

Chapter 136 Who crushes who is not sure Chapter 135 The little genius doctor is not easy to mess with Chapter 134 Big brother and sister have mines Chapter 133 Gu Yang's three views are about to be shattered Chapter 132 Let Gu Yang and Zhu Di teach Gu Jin a lesson first Chapter 131 I want to add Ms. Gu's WeChat Chapter 130 Ruan Xueling who lay down and won Chapter 129 Gu Jin: My sister is timid and soft-tempered Chapter 128 Gu Jin: Let me introduce, this is my sister Chapter 127 Ma Ma, this has schizophrenia! Chapter 126 Ms. Gu wait a minute Chapter 125 She doesn't care, but Gu Yang cares for her

Chapter 124 When eating melons, don't cue! Chapter 123 Gu Jin used fake invitations to pretend to be coercive? Chapter 122 Gu Yang likes little milk dogs? Chapter 121 Eat melons and watch opera cannon fodder Chapter 120 Such talents should be handed over to the state Chapter 119 I think that is my destined marriage! Chapter 118 Ah, you eat melons and eat everything! Chapter 117 What I got was a double sadomasochism scumbag script Chapter 116 Quest I can't finish with you Chapter 115 Friends out of thin air Chapter 114 Su Ye and Ji Lin bought women's clothing for nothing? Chapter 113 She seems to have eaten an amazing melon?

Chapter 112 Gu Jin wearing a pink fairy dress? ! Chapter 111 Mom, the miracle doctor is sitting next to me Chapter 110 Gu Yang who talks about tea Chapter 109 Others arrange flowers and taste tea, you go to form a group to play black games Chapter 108 all right Chapter 107 The person who can make this fragrance must be a genius! Chapter 106 Grandpa will take care of you if something goes wrong Chapter 105 Got it, dare to do it next time Chapter 104 hidden really deep Chapter 103 not you Chapter 102 Helped her arrange everything in private Chapter 101 ban scumbags

Chapter 100 Ruan Group: Miss Ruan Chu is the only daughter of the Ruan family Chapter 99 There is Gu Yang behind the scenes to fuel the flames Chapter 98 the village is on fire Chapter 97 Those who award the white will not be burdened by wearing it on the road Chapter 96 All red mushrooms, non-toxic Chapter 95 It all depends on peers Chapter 94 Ruan Chu's education Chapter 93 It's really a punishment Chapter 92 Red Umbrella Umbrella, White Pole Chapter 91 Little fairy, you promised me? Chapter 90 The correct way to open a wealthy daughter Chapter 89 Tea talk and tea talk from the small blood bank

Chapter 88 Not my own people, just tool people Chapter 87 It's not about picking up Ruan Chu's unwanted trash Chapter 86 Take off powder and step back Chapter 85 Ruan Yan is the mistress Chapter 84 Cao Junning's album has a group photo with Ruan Chu Chapter 83 don't play too much Chapter 82 Cousin, do you still like Cao Junning? Chapter 81 Father, there is something in the entertainment industry called navy Chapter 80 Ruan Chu hates Ruan Yan Chapter 79 Made a mistake Chapter 78 Unbelievable Director Chen Chapter 77 The entrance is amazing

Chapter 76 Ruan Yan is clearly a murderer Chapter 75 Gu Yang really has the ability to break people's defenses Chapter 74 Ruan Chu slapped his face to pretend to be fat? Chapter 73 Director Chen, are you kidding me? Chapter 72 cherish food Chapter 71 Gu Yang scolded her for her low level of education Chapter 70 The little fairy is too down to earth Chapter 69 Harvest rice Chapter 68 She is not green tea, she is my sister Chapter 67 Why does Quest help the little fairy? Chapter 66 The girl in the white dress is Gu Yang! Chapter 65 Go to the trending search

Chapter 64 The little fairy is only seventeen Chapter 63 Ji Yingdi wants to teach Gu Yang a lesson? Chapter 62 Beijing A99999, is this the man's car? Chapter 61 The brave Gu Yang Chapter 60 public hypnosis Chapter 59 What happened when Gu Yang rushed up? Chapter 58 Variety show late to play big names? Chapter 57 The Uncharacteristic Season Actor Chapter 56 talk about wine Chapter 55 that's my sister Chapter 54 She suspects that the brother is cranky Chapter 53 Drive Ruan Yan out of the Ruan family

Chapter 52 Can a fake be compared to Ruan Yan? Chapter 51 It's just charity Chapter 50 Gu Yang, you are really welcome! Chapter 49 Produced by a big guy, it must be a boutique Chapter 48 This child is paranoid and can't be saved. Chapter 47 Su Ye, do you want to take the order? Chapter 46 Surveillance is hacked Chapter 45 When did Gu Yang become so thick-skinned? Chapter 44 Close the door and let the dogs go! Chapter 43 How blindly confident is this about her? Chapter 42 stay away from him Chapter 41 Did Gu Jin give you the Jinyangxuan membership card?

Chapter 40 Sell ​​the Angel Series to Xue Yao Chapter 39 The light is in her fingers, she is the only god Chapter 38 Precise stepping on mines Chapter 37 Yangyang, when did your French get so good? Chapter 36 Jinyangxuan VIP member Chapter 35 do not forgive Chapter 34 Ruan Yan revealed Chapter 33 Cousin dare not return to the entertainment industry? Chapter 32 bestowed by elders Chapter 31 psychological suggestion Chapter 30 Gu Yang's Tea Ceremony Chapter 29 Depression Nguyen Chu

Chapter 28 Can the Gu family do this? Chapter 27 Let Ruan Yan publicly apologize Chapter 26 Lead and mercury exceeding the standard Chapter 25 Gu's Group Response Chapter 24 In the future, it may be the entire Gu family who will be counted. Chapter 23 The style of the boss is wrong Chapter 22 I like everything my sister gave me Chapter 21 hypnotism Chapter 20 Gu Yang's temperament is quite different from what we found out Chapter 19 I'm the little green tea in your mouth Chapter 18 Shura field Chapter 17 Your membership card has been canceled

Chapter 16 The brain of the scumbag in the novel is really not very good Chapter 15 Jinyangxuan Chapter 14 are you a devil ! Chapter 13 Dean of a psychiatric hospital Chapter 12 This is, touch porcelain? Chapter 11 anti-exploitation Chapter 10 There must be a degree in playing hard to get Chapter 9 kiss with Xue's doll Chapter 8 What happened to the trending search? Chapter 7 Heartbroken Gu Yang Chapter 6 Yangyang is really lucky Chapter 5 it's not fair to my sister

Chapter 4 so cute Chapter 3 Why doesn't Little Green Tea play cards according to the routine? Chapter 2 so insane Chapter 1 The fake daughter of a big guy in a vest

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