**Alliance of Different Warriors**

  Time: March 25, 2003

  Event: UO fires for the first time (auto)

  Location: Huaguo, the outskirts of Jincheng

  Characters: Xiao Yang (Gu Yang), Tong Wan

  UO form: Klein bottle

  Effect: At the moment of the crash, the baby Xiao Yang was transferred to the newborn room of Jincheng Hospital, the resulting space-time distortion transferred the baby Gu Jin to another place, Xiao Yang's consciousness became Gu Yang from another dimension, and the seven-year-old Bai Yueshuang's consciousness occupied Xiao Yang's body


  Time: June 19, 2017

  Event: UO second trigger (passive), first light cone experiment

  Location: Huaguo Liangcheng, Yunqi Orphanage

  Character: Wuyang (Gu Yang consciousness, Bai Yueshuang body), Utopia leader Ryan Noble, Utopia three elder physicists

  UO Form: Möbius Loop

  Influence: Missing without incident, the Blue Whale team disintegrated, Gu Yang's consciousness returned to the right track, Bai Yueshuang's body fell into a deep sleep


  Time: July 6, 2020

  Event: UO triggers for the third time (auto)

  Location: Huaguo Jincheng, Gu Family

  Character: Gu Yang

  UO Morphology: Penrose Ladder

Influence: Gu Yang returned to Xiao Yang's body, Bai Yueshuang left Xiao Yang's body, and returned to the body of Yunqi Orphanage. Due to the disorder of time and space, the seventeen-year-old Bai Yueshuang had past life memories (that is, the one Gu Yang had seen in another dimension) The plot of the fake daughter in the plot of the novel), Gu Yang and Bai Yueshuang are back on track


  Time: January 28, 2023

  Event: UO's fourth trigger (passive), second light cone experiment

  Location: Country M, Utopia Underground Laboratory in Katie Manor

  Characters: Gu Yang, Utopia leader Ryan Noble and eleven elders

  UO Form: Möbius Loop

Influence: Gu Yang, Ryan Noble, Ning Shen, singer, physicist, chemist, Xiaoxiao go back to the past, Gu Yang returns to the Yunqi Orphanage in 2010, temporarily loses memory, and repeats historical development; Lai With their memories, En and the others returned to the time point they wanted to go back to, watching the development of history, but they were unable to change history because they were only ghost-like consciousness; after the Mobius ring broke, Gu Yang ended the cycle, and everyone returned On track, UO missing

  **Alliance of Different Warriors**

  File recording time: April 1, 2023

  File recorder: Xiao Yize


  Ryan Noble.

  He never thought that the years when he let the singer hypnotize himself and pretended to be Ji Minghui were the most relaxed and happy days in his life.

  At that time, he really thought he was Ji Minghui. Living in a peaceful place, father and son are in harmony, there is no war, no accidents that come at any time, you can study the subjects you are interested in, and make a few like-minded friends. Three cups and two cups of light wine, Coke for the rest of your life.

  But the appearance of the singer unluckily broke his self-hypnosis and destroyed his dream.

   It turned out that he was just a mouse that spied on other people's happiness in the gutter and tried to replace it.

  Woke up from the dream, he is still a subjugated man, wandering in the world, homeless.

  Guanshan is difficult to cross, and those who lose their way are sad; when they meet by chance, they are all guests from other lands.

  In fact, he was once wavering, wanting to kill the singer who knew the truth and the real Ji Minghui, and self-hypnotized to be Ji Minghui for a lifetime, forgetting the past events of the war-torn country, living in this peaceful and stable transition, and enjoying the lives of others.

  However, every time he dreams back in the middle of the night, the sound of bombing, crying and **** flames in his homeland always wakes him up from his nightmare. Almost all his relatives and friends died in that war.

  Finally, he strengthened his belief, tore off the disguise and disguised himself, and started the second light cone experiment.

  He wants to go back to the past, save those old people who were forced out of time by the flames of war, and save his battered homeland.

  However, he didn't expect that after he went back, he could only float between the heaven and the earth like a ghost, witnessing the tragedy happen again.

  The dream of the homeland returns, Jue Lai weeps.

The past has become empty, but also a dream.