Gu Yang and Feng Jue held two weddings, one in Jincheng and the other in Beijing, both Chinese and Western styles. The scene in Beijing was to meet the relatives at Xiao's house, and the scene in Jincheng was to meet the relatives at Gu's house, and the two father-in-laws were leveled.

  Gu Yang almost wore out her wedding dress these days, but Feng Jue was still in high spirits, and asked her if she wanted to go to an island to hold an open-air wedding, or go to a water town in the south of the Yangtze River to hold a Song-style wedding of men and women.

  She had no doubt at all, if she hadn't repeatedly told Feng Jue that she was tired, Feng Jue would even have wanted to have a wedding show with her on a global tour.

  After the wedding was completely over, Gu Yang and Feng Jue went on a cruise around the world for their honeymoon.

  Feng Jue secretly booked a cruise, and wanted to live a two-person world with Gu Yang.

   But unexpectedly, they ran into Xiao Yize and Gu Jin at the cruise restaurant that day.

  Gu Yang was very pleasantly surprised, "Sister, brother, what a coincidence, you guys also booked the Princess cruise?"

  Xiao Yize nodded, "It just so happens that we are going on our honeymoon too, let's go together if we meet."

  Feng Jue smiled skinny.

coincide? Why doesn't he believe it.

  Gu Jin took Gu Yang's arm to play together, and gave Feng Jue a provocative look by the way.

  She did it on purpose.

   Feng Jue, that bastard, ruined her and Xiao Yize's honeymoon trip, and wants to bring her younger sister to stay and fly together? Let's make his spring and autumn dream.

  Although Gu Jin and Xiao Yize joined in the honeymoon trip, Feng Jue and Gu Yang can still live a two-person world together in many cases. After all, Xiao Yize also wanted to live a two-person world with Gu Jin, so the two formed a plastic alliance tacitly, often separated after the cruise ship docked, and reunited after returning to the cruise ship.

  They walked through the mountains and rivers, watched the sunset, the moon, the stars, the glaciers and the aurora, and waited for the sea, day and night, year after year, for a long time.


  In October of the same year, Gu Pei and Qin Shuling got married.

  The wedding was very lively.

  During the dinner, Yan Xi was taking a group photo with some fans in the circle to sign autographs, when suddenly a slender and well-proportioned hand came into view.

  The hand holding this picture of her is the same as those little fans just now.

   "Do you want to sign?" Yan Xi looked up and saw Fu Mingxiu, slightly dazed.

  In the past year, Tong Rao and Patriarch Luo have had fierce competition due to old grievances, which has almost reached a fever pitch.

  In the end, there was a civil strife in the Luo family. The head of the Luo family was defeated and was taken over by Luo Yu, the young master of the Luo family.

  Luo Fangfei and Luo Peilan, the daughter of Patriarch Luo, were also sent abroad.

  The original partner, Mrs. Luo, is in power. Luo Yu's younger sister, Luo Fu, also worshiped Shen Qin as her teacher, and she was better than her illegitimate daughter Luo Peilan in perfumery.

  In the past few months when the Luo family experienced great changes, Fu Mingxiu also took over the property of the Jincheng Fu family and became the new head of the Fu family.

  Yan Xi hasn't seen Fu Mingxiu for more than half a year since Gu Yang's wedding last time.

  After she achieved her youthful dream in the entertainment industry, her interest in the entertainment industry also faded, she gradually reduced her schedule of announcements, and gradually assumed the responsibilities of the family, helping Tong Rao more to take over the family business.

  She remembered that when Luo Yu succeeded as the head of the family, she heard Tong Rao mention that the rise of the first wife of the Luo family was due to the help of Fu Mingxiu and Jincheng Fu's family.

Originally, Fu Mingxiu was Luo Xiangying's son and the cousin of the Luo family. Whether Luo Peilan gained power in the end or Luo Yu and Luo Fu brothers and sisters took power in the Luo family, it had nothing to do with him. He didn't have to participate in these family battles Among them.

  Yan Xi remembered that when Tong Rao talked about Fu Mingxiu before, she raised her eyebrows and looked at her and said, "Submission?"

  Fu Mingxiu looked at the girl in front of him who was much more stable, but still somewhat jumpy, with a gentle smile on his face. He reversed the photo, and it was written in black and white—

   "Yan Xi, I like you."

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