Gu Jin and Feng Jue really wanted to fight like they used to fight on the rooftop, but in order not to embarrass Gu Yang, they both chose to fight in a game.

  Anyway, he can still abuse the opponent in the game, and it will be fine if he is killed, and it will not make Gu Yang feel bad.

  The battle between the two was on the verge of breaking out, and basically their figures were like afterimages that could not be seen clearly.

Feng Jue's forehead was sweating. He wanted to marry his sister sooner. Naturally, it was impossible to slowly spend two or three hours in the game with Gu Jin, but it was not that simple to win Gu Jin quickly. He could only Accurately calculate each move to deal with.

  Feng Jue felt that he had never played so hard in the world league.

  In order to make it easier for everyone to watch, Gu Pei also found a projector to project the scene of the two game confrontation. Even if it was zoomed in, the characters of the two in the game still flashed afterimages so fast.

  There are many Xiaobai in the game, so the rest of the Blue Whale team also started to explain.

   An hour later, Feng Jue narrowly defeated Gu Jin by killing one thousand enemies and harming himself by nine hundred and ninety-nine.

  Feng Jue almost gritted his teeth and smiled: "Gu Jin, you really don't leave any room."

   He almost lost!

  Gu Jin snorted coldly, "You win."

   Originally, she wanted to put some water on this dog for Yangyang's sake, but who made this dog provoke her and deserved to be beaten so much, so she had to kill him a few more times in the game?

  Gu Yang has quietly put on his shoes, walked up to Feng Jue, put his hands on his neck and hugged him, "Ah Jue, you are awesome!"

  Feng Jue's eyes and brows were full of joy, his long-cherished wish finally came true at this moment.

   "Sister, I won, and I finally married you."

  He picked up Gu Yang, and then walked quickly towards the door.

  The rebellious best men on the side also got back on track, helping to distribute red envelopes and happy candy in the back.

  The style of the banquet hall and the wedding hall in the old house of the Feng family are all designed according to Yang’s preferences, with a strong retro style, full of opulence, bright red candles, and full of guests.

  Amidst everyone's congratulations, Gu Yang and Feng Jue bowed to each other and became a married couple.

  Feng Jue's family has no elders, so sitting in the high hall are Xiao Zhengkun, Tong Wan, Gu Zhaoming and Ruan Xueling. Gu Zhaoming and Ruan Xueling are also Feng Jue's adoptive parents.

  Gu Yang and Feng Jue have been lovers for many years, and they already know the basics. The elders have said everything that should be said in the past. Now they are happy, and all they say are congratulatory words.

  After the ceremony is completed, send it to the bridal chamber.

  Gu Jin and the others sent Gu Yang to rest, while the Xiao Yize brothers and the members of the Blue Whale team took the wine and started potting.

  Feng Jue knew that this would happen, so, fortunately, he managed to buy a special anti-alcoholic medicine from Gu Jin early in the morning.

   After passing the test by pretending to be drunk, he asked the butler of the Feng family to help entertain the guests, and then went back to find Gu Yang.

  In early spring, the sun sets and the setting sun pierces Zhuhu.

  Outside the window, the begonias are delicate and beautiful, the swallows are flying in the light rain, and there is a spring breeze indoors.


  Gu Yang felt pain everywhere when he woke up.

  Recalling what happened last night, I still feel red and hot.

  For the first time, she felt that Feng Jue was indeed a bitch.

   Obviously it was her who cried, but it turned out that it was he who acted like a baby and begged for perseverance. He looked more pitiful than her, as if she had bullied him.

  The spring breeze blows away the beauty of the room.

  Gu Yang was wrapped in the quilt, Feng Jue hugged her tightly, the warm breath hit her ear, gently softly with desire, "Sister..."