Ruan Chu took out a stack of photo albums from nowhere, all of which were similar photos of hands.

  Feng Jue's eyelids twitched slightly, and he smiled gently: "Cousin Ruan Chu..."

  Ruan Chu handed him the photo, smiling brightly and generously, "Find Yangyang's hand from these hundred photos."

  Feng Jue: "..."

  Gu Yang was also shocked.

   Even if she is asked to look for it, she may not be able to find it, okay!

   "I'll time it! Find it within three minutes!" Ruan Meng stepped forward and immediately started the three-minute countdown.

  Gu Yang felt sorry for Feng Jue: "Will this be too strict..."

  Gu Jin folded her arms and said leisurely: "Is it strict? I searched and found it all."

  Gu Yang wanted to say, "Sister, you are a genius doctor." But when she met Gu Jin's eyes, she swallowed weakly, and then gave Feng Jue a helpless look, "Ah Jue, come on."

  Feng Jue took a deep breath, smiled and said, "It's okay, sister, I can find it even if I look through it."

   It doesn't make sense. Gu Jin could find it, but he couldn't.

  Ruan Meng reminded the time, "There are still two minutes and forty seconds."

  Feng Jue directly spread out the photos on the table, scanned them one by one, and quickly picked out the one numbered "9".

  Gu Yang stretched out his hands, looked at the photos for comparison, and then looked at his own hands, implying that Feng Jue looked at her hands by the way, but after a while her restless hand was held by Gu Jin.

  Meeting Gu Jin's gaze, Gu Yang blinked and smiled obediently.

  Everyone turned to Ruan Chu to ask for confirmation, "Is it this one?"

  Ruan Chu smiled without saying a word, "Feng Jue, are you sure it's this one?"

  Feng Jue picked out three more photos from a pile of photos, then looked at Ruan Chu with a smile and said, "There are four photos on the front and back of the left and right hands, cousin, please check."

  Ruan Chu raised his eyebrows and applauded, "That's right."

  She originally planned to let Feng Jue find out as long as he could find one, but she didn't expect him to find them all.

  Sitting on the bed, Gu Yang smiled and applauded Feng Jue, "Ah Jue is awesome."

  Everyone present applauded.

  Feng Jue smiled back at Gu Yang, then glanced at Gu Jin provocatively, "My understanding of my sister is no worse than anyone else's."

  Gu Jin sneered and stood up.

  Dog thing, really courting death.

  Feng Jue knew that Gu Jin would try to make things difficult for him, so he continued to look for **** as always.

  Gu Jin took off his coat, threw it to Xiao Yize who was at the side, and said coldly to Feng Jue, "A fight?"

  Feng Jue smiled: "Okay."

  The two confronted each other, as if the king did not see the king, and there was a chilling atmosphere.

  Gu Yang's eyes widened, and he grabbed the corners of Gu Jin and Feng Jue's clothes with both hands, with a gentle voice: "Sister, Ah Jue, it's not so good to fight on a happy day... Everyone thinks it is right?"

  Gu Yang looked around at the crowd, and was shocked to find that, except for her, everyone else present looked excited and eager to try, and almost shouted "Fight, fight".

  Gu Yang: "..."

  Shen Qin patted Gu Yang's shoulder lightly: "Yangyang, it's okay, they have a sense of proportion."

  Anyway, the two have always fought each other since they were young.

   "That's right, they both have experience." Shen Ran said with a smile.

  Cao Cuo hugged Big Orange Cat and Gu Ying and stepped aside, "Come on, make room for you two."

  Xiao Yize looked at Feng Jue with a smile, his eyes almost said "If you hurt your sister-in-law, you will be finished".

  Gu Pei and Qin Shuling directly found a small bench to sit beside and watch the play.

  Under the eyes of everyone, Feng Jue and Gu Jin looked at each other sharply, as if sparks could be sparked, and then they both took out their mobile phones at the same time, opened the Legend of the Gods game, "One-on-one."

  Gu Yang was stunned for a moment, and then he was a little dumbfounded.