Chapter 1 The Fake Younger Sister Dressed as a Big Man in a Vest

   "Gu Jin, why are you so vicious! You know that Yangyang has hemophilia, and even if you scratch her skin, she will bleed profusely, and you deliberately pushed her down the stairs?"

   "The real daughter of the Gu family can only be Yangyang, you don't know anything, isn't it enough for the Gu family to take you back to enjoy the blessings?"

   "If something happens to Yang Yang today, you will immediately go back to your rural orphanage!"

  Gu Yang woke up to the loud and angry voice of the woman beside him, his slender eyelashes moved slightly, and what he saw when he opened his eyes was the elegant and luxuriously decorated living room of the villa.

  At this moment, she was leaning in the arms of a young lady, and the lady was pointing at the girl at the corner of the opposite staircase with a sullen face and angrily reprimanded her.

  Gu Yang felt dizzy in his head, the back of his head and some parts of his body were aching, and he didn't understand what was going on for a while.

  Suddenly, a cold feeling came from the back of the head, accompanied by a slight tingling pain.

  She subconsciously reached out to touch it.

  The hand was grabbed, and a gentle voice came from behind: "Don't touch it."

  The voice is gentle, but there is a bit of coolness, like a spring breeze.

  The lady who supported her looked at her with concern, and her voice softened: "Yangyang, Doctor Ji is disinfecting your wound."

After Dr. Ji bandaged Gu Yang to stop the bleeding, he went through the medicine cabinet and said gently: "Mrs. Gu, Ling Qianjin has lost too much blood and needs a blood transfusion. But it is said that Ling Qianjin has golden blood, and you know that this blood type is special. There is no blood bank for this blood type."

  Normal people won’t lose too much blood if their head is smashed, but Gu Yang suffers from hemophilia, so after being injured, he will bleed continuously and lose blood very quickly.

   Madam Gu turned her head and told the nanny: "Go and bring Feng Jue here."

   Soon, the nanny brought a thin boy in a white shirt.

  He came out of the twilight, as if walking out of an ink painting scroll, unstained, noble and clean.

  He stood in front of Gu Yang with his head down, his broken hair slightly covered his eyes, his face was fair and clean, his facial features were exquisite, his soft lips were slightly pursed, he looked very beautiful and well-behaved.

  He raised his eyes and glanced at Gu Yang, those eyes were as clean and clear as still water, but they were covered with a layer of mist.

  Gu Yang used to be a psychiatrist, but without any judgment at this moment, she seemed to read the silence of stagnant water and despairing loneliness behind the mist, like a dying old man who spent his whole life on the watch in despair.

  How could a teenager in his prime give her such a feeling? Is she wrong?

   When Gu Yang wanted to investigate further, he found that the boy had already moved his eyes away. He stood there, bright red blood flowing from his end through the transfusion set into her body.

  Gu Yang noticed that the back of the boy's white hands were densely covered with needle holes, which was shocking to watch.

   At this very moment, countless images of this beautiful boy being stabbed with a needle appeared in her mind, and a memory that did not belong to her rushed into her mind.

  Gu Jin, Feng Jue, Living Blood Bank, True and False Daughter, Hemophilia...

   It took a long time for Gu Yang to digest the fact that she, who had just inherited billions of dollars, was wearing a book!

  She transmigrated into the false daughter sister of the heroine of the novel about the true and false daughter in the vest that she just read.

  It is the kind of green tea female supporting role who is elegant and noble on the surface, but in fact has no shame in occupying the magpie's nest.

   also has the same name as her...

   And the one who is still carelessly playing with her mobile phone at the corner of the stairs is her half-sister Gu Jin, the leading heroine with many beautiful roads and vests in the text.

  (end of this chapter)