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Chapter 3456 Female President (69)


No matter how many times Fu Fan came to find him, he was not worried.


"No, it's impossible, you must be angry with me, right?" Tang Guo's serious introduction looked very realistic, which scared Fu Fan a little.


Fu Fan took a step forward, but was stopped by Li Hefei. Li Hefei was very tall and burly, and it was easy to block Fu Fan.


"Let's go." Tang Guo took Wen Huai to the side of the car, and the two got into the car, leaving only a crisp and clear back to Fu Fan. Fu Fan wanted to chase after him. He can't help it.


"Get away!" Fu Fan was a little angry, calmly talking to Li Hefei.


The momentum on his body really made Li Hefei startled. He actually felt that Fu Fan was a bit wrong.


Of course, it was only a moment, he turned away and left Fu Fan at all. Mr. Tang's attitude is very obvious, he has no idea at all about Fu Fan. At that time, he did not suppress Fu Fan. It was already benevolent. This Fu Fan is good. Now he wants to eat it.


Do you think that President Tang's family just threw it when he wanted to throw it, and picked it back when he wanted to throw it back?


Li Hefei's inattentiveness made Fu Fan's face hot and felt humiliated. But what made him even more concerned was Tang Guo's attitude.


He turned relentlessly and left, without the slightest affection and nostalgia for him in the eyes, which made him feel uncomfortable.


With a cold face, Fu Fan got into the car and drove away.


He will not give up. Since he can come back again, he will use all means to let them start again.


This time, he would never let her leave him.


[Host, Fu Fan is wrong. 】


"I see it."


[Host, what do you think of him? 】


"Xiao Tongzi, don't you knowingly why? From all the performances just now, most of them are rebirths, which has the greatest chance. His eyes have eagerness, they are bound to get, nostalgia, and there is a trace of guilt. Not rebirth, then What is it? "


[The host is big, you observe it very carefully, I thought you were too busy petting the little cook, and you forgot to observe these. 】


"Where can it be? After all, I have vengeance with Fu Fan, and naturally I will pay more attention to his situation."


System: OK, he knows that the host is very vengeful and has not forgotten. It may be that Fu Fan did not do anything before, and she is thinking about countermeasures.


[So it is difficult to change the nature of Jiangshan, even if it is reborn, Fu Fan should have a lot of virtues. Depending on his appearance, he may not be reconciled. 】


"I'm not afraid of him being unwilling, I'm afraid he's willing." Tang Guo smiled with a smile on his lips. "What can he do, despite trying it out, I'll lose if I succeed."


System: This woman, it's hard to do.


It was the cute little cook who was next to him that could impress her.


After Fu Fan went back, as if nothing had happened, under the circumstances of Chen Heng's doubt, Fu Fan asked Chen Heng's contact information for a director.


"Ask Director Xu if he is planning to make a new drama." Fu Fan said casually, just sitting there lazily, obviously still the same person, Chen Heng always felt that something was different, just wondering.


He and Lan Yaling looked at each other, and finally shook his head. Chen Hengcai said, "Xu Dao has always been wayward. Who knows when he remembers and will make a show. The last time, it was two years ago. Xiao Fan, actually don't So anxious, you take a two-day break, and then you finish recording the adventure show, everything slowly. "


"Although there are directors like Xu Dao in the industry, this Xu Dao is the least-looking background. It is not a bad thing to call and ask, Brother Chen, what do you say?"


Chen Heng had nothing to refute, thinking it was right, anyway, he did not mean to stop it.


To Chen Heng's surprise, Fu Fan seemed to have a good conversation with Xu Dao on the opposite side. He also heard that Xu Dao seemed to be really ready to make a play, and he was so excited.


"Brother Chen, I want to talk to Yaling."


"Okay, then you talk, I won't bother you." Chen Heng left with interest, but it was a little itchy in her heart, and she wanted to ask Fu Fan and Director Xu how they talked.


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(End of this chapter)

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