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3454 Born-19 Nov


Seeing Tang Guo did not break away, in the presence of so many assistants, it is obvious that they are announcing their relationship, and I am particularly happy.


"Sister, you pour me in person, and I won't drink ice."


System: This is still coquettish, terrible, silly boy.


Secretary Mei: Fortunately, Wen Shaoping is also busy. If she comes every day and sprinkles some dog food in front of her every day, most of her single dog will be killed.


System: I can't sustain it, I just want to get used to it. He will experience many, many things like this in every world. The stomach has slowly grown and can hold a lot of dog food.


At this moment, the assistants in the office all had the same thoughts as Mei Min. Fortunately, Wen Shao usually was busy, and he had to come every day, who could stand it.


Especially the general manager Tang of their family, who was especially pampered, couldn't stand it, it was really unbearable.


"Okay, I'll pour you ten cups, right?"


"Yes, ten cups." Wen Huai laughed in his eyes, held Tang Guo's hand, and followed her to the position of the water dispenser.


Mei Min was on the side, watching as Tang Guo received ten glasses of water from Wen Huai. He poured his brain into his stomach, and finally hit a full stomach with happiness. Mei Min was a very serious person, and couldn't help but show an inexplicable expression.


"have you eaten?"


"Not yet. I have been separated from you for so long, especially thinking that it's hard to kill the youth, so I hurried over to see you. Even if I can't eat, I just want you."


System: "..." This little love story is still set, especially.


Mei Min: Can she leave now? Why is she a little regretful and told Wen Huai what happened to Fu Fan?


"Then go back first, I'll let you prepare for you."


"Without you, I can't swallow, I just want to look at you here, I will be full when I look at it, I don't need to eat anything." From Mei Min's mouth, I know that Fu Fan came to Tang Guo and was so persistent. A sense of crisis arose in my heart, anxious to turn into a pendant, hanging directly on Tang Guo's body, twenty-four hours a day.


The baby has been found by him, and others just don't want to **** it.


"Then I will send it to you. How about you eat in my office?"


Mei Min glanced at the other silent assistants, and admitted her mistake in her heart. It was her fault that made everyone just eat lunch and eat dog food again.


System: This kid has become a jackal.


After Tang Guo and Wen Huai entered the office, Mei Min and a group of assistants were relieved and shook their heads. Although they began to deliver food to Mr. Tang in Wenhuai, they felt that things were unusual, but they have been very surprised to this day.


Fu Fan waited in the car for a long time, and Tang Guo and Wen Huai finally appeared from the office building.


When Tang Guo appeared, Fu Fan quickly got out of the car and stopped in front of Tang Guo, staring at Tang Guo's face with a burning look.


At that moment, many complex emotions flashed in his eyes. Since there is still a chance, he will never let go of anything.


The scene was briefly embarrassed, and Fu Fanxian opened his mouth: "Can you talk alone? I want to tell you something, and it won't delay you too much time. Some things, I want to talk to you well."


He wanted to say too much and couldn't finish it in ten days.


But now he just wants to say one thing, can they go back to before?


"What's the matter, let's just say that there are no outsiders here."


(End of this chapter)

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