As soon as these words came out, the meeting room instantly became quiet, everyone looked at Secretary Zhang, and even a few directors stood up in disbelief.

Secretary Zhang smiled and said, "The first item on the agenda of the meeting was to invite Mr. Fu Xiao, our current largest shareholder of Xingchen, to give a speech." He paused and looked at the two of them with a hint of mockery: "Unfortunately, there are always people. interrupt me."

"Impossible!" Mr. Fu retorted without thinking: "Absolutely impossible—" His shares were 36%. Before he got sick, he couldn't worry about Fu Yunxi's son, so he gave him 10%. But even so, he was 26 percent, ten percent more than Old Man Wu. Halfway through the conversation, he suddenly realized something and looked at Fu Yunxi suddenly.

Fu Yunxi dodged his eyes, took a step back in a panic, and bumped into the chair next to him. That expression had already explained everything. Seeing everyone looking at him, he said to Fu Xiao, "You are setting up the game! You have been plotting bad things from the very beginning."

After he finished speaking, he looked at Mr. Fu as if he saw a life-saving straw: "Dad, you can see that he has a plan, so you can't blame me."

Fu Xiao said lightly: "Don't rely on me for everything, you owe money to come to me, I didn't force you."

Grandpa Fu shivered and pushed Fu Yunxi's hand away: "You—you—"

As if thinking of something, Fu Yunxi hurriedly winked at Fu Wei, but urgently said, "Dad, I still have Fu Xiao's handle." He hurriedly looked at Kong Linghe.

Kong Linghe winked at Fu Wei.

Fu Wei took out a document and handed it to Kong Linghe.

Kong Linghe took out a document from it: "We originally wanted to give President Fu a face, but who knew that President Fu would be so aggressive, so don't blame us, what is the relationship between President Fu and Heishan Investment?"

Old Man Wu said with a confused expression, "What Heishan investment?"

Mr. Fu was stunned for a moment, then looked at Fu Xiao with incredulity in his eyes.

What is the relationship between Heishan Investment and Fu Xiao?

Someone next to me explained: "It's the famous investment company."

Fu Yunxi seemed to have caught Fu Xiao's handle, thinking that he could look back at Fu Xiao and be proud: "Do you dare to say it? You have a guilty conscience."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Fu Xiao looked around the crowd and said, "This is the end of today's meeting, all directors please go back, and the board of directors will reopen at a later date."

Fu Yunxi blocked the door and said anxiously, "No one is allowed to leave."

Fu Xiao looked at Fu Yunxi meaningfully: "Do you really want this?"

Fu Yunxi was even more proud in his heart: "Someone is guilty."

Kong Linghe gang robbed: "Why does President Fu do this? It's good for everyone to stay and be a witness."

The others were confused, and Old Man Wu couldn't help but say, "What are you talking about, why don't I understand?"

Mr. Fu said to the two of them, "What are you playing with?"

Fu Yunxi felt that it was thanks to him that he secretly kept a hand, and that he could turn defeat into victory by making preparations early. He proudly said to Mr. Fu, "You can't imagine that Mr. Fu in front of us is also the owner of Heishan Investment."


"How can it be?"

Mr. Fu was shocked and looked at Fu Xiao with a complicated expression.

It was as if for the first time he really saw this grandson clearly.

How could he not know about Heishan Investment? He has more than once lamented that the decision makers of Heishan Investment have the means and vision, and their future achievements are absolutely beyond everyone's imagination.

It's just that he didn't expect that person to be Fu Xiao.

Fu Xiao's expression remained unchanged and did not deny: "Owning Heishan Investments and operating Stars are not in conflict."

Seeing Fu Xiao's admission, Fu Yunxi breathed a sigh of relief, holding the winning ticket: "It's not a conflict, but is it strange that Fu Xiao has been hiding mysteriously for so many years?" Fu Yunxi looked at Fu Xiao and continued: "Fu Xiao , why don't you dare to tell everyone how you embezzled Xingchen's public funds to establish Heishan?"

"Misappropriation of public funds? How?"


Everyone looked at Fu Xiao.

Fu Xiaochu was not surprised: "Where's the evidence?"

Fu Yunxi said to Fu Wei: "Of course I have evidence for everyone to see." He didn't know about this at first, if it wasn't for Skynet's carelessness, but he happened to meet the insider and found the evidence, he also won't believe.

Fu Wei took out the evidence and said bitterly: "Brother, once you entered Xingchen, the Bohua project that you took over has made a profit of more than 12% points in previous years, but the year you went there was not only no profit, but also a loss of 6% points. , the project financial director resigned soon after, and at the same time, eldest brother, a fund appeared in your account for no reason, eldest brother, you are the Heishan Investment established with this fund, right?

If he hadn't seen the evidence, he wouldn't believe that the eldest brother was actually raising a person.

Kong Linghe sighed: "Mr. Fu, do you know this is a crime?"

Fu Yunxi shouted: "The registered capital of Heishan is one billion yuan. How could you, Fu Xiao, have one billion yuan? Apart from taking money from the company, what else can you do? The chief financial officer who was fired back then was outside, everyone. You can listen to what he has to say at any time. What else do you have to explain, Fu Xiao?"

Old man Wu said cautiously: "I don't believe it, let that person in."

Fu Wei nodded and invited the man in.

The man had come, and there were whispers from the conference table.

"Hey, isn't that Lao Zhao? I remember that he was the financial director of many projects in the company at that time, but it was very beautiful."

"Isn't he an immigrant? I heard he got a lot of money."

"So what they say is true?"

Lao Zhao said hello to a few people he knew without changing his face, then nodded to Fu Xiao and said, "Mr. Fu."

Fu Yunxi sneered: "You have a good relationship."

Lao Zhao's expression was flat: "It's not a good idea, it's just a few occasions to meet."

Fu Yunxi said to Fu Xiao, "What else do you have to explain?"

Fu Xiao looked at Lao Zhao, and said to the crowd with the corners of his mouth bent: "There was indeed an incorrect account of the project back then."

A word fell, and the whole place was full.

Fu Yunxi curled the corners of his mouth, and his face was filled with joy that could not be hidden: "You admit it, what qualifications do you have to sit in this position. For the sake of the father and son fight, as long as you give up the shares, we can not Call the police."

Fu Xiao looked at Mr. Fu.

Mr. Fu turned his head.

He looked at Fu Xiao again.

Fu Xiao moved his lips: "Brother, don't make mistakes again and again."

Fu Xiao shook his head, looked at Lao Zhao and said, "Tell me the truth."

Lao Zhao nodded respectfully, glanced at Fu Yunxi who was complacent, shook his head and said, "Yes, I helped people make false accounts back then, but it was not Mr. Fu's Bohua project, but Mr. Fu Yunxi's Shenghua project!"

Fu Yunxi's heart skipped a beat, his heart groaned and his face sank: "You are talking nonsense!" He looked at Lao Zhao and Fu Xiao again, and suddenly understood: "You, you are doing it on purpose, you are with me. It's clearly not what you said in front of you."

Old Zhao said bitterly: "Yes! Mr. Fu, you asked me to frame Mr. Fu, but I really can't do such a thing against my conscience, not to mention that we really did something wrong back then."

He looked at Fu Yunxi and said, "Mr. Fu, we can't make mistakes again and again. I haven't been able to sleep peacefully at night for so many years. Every day I dream of the police coming to arrest me. It's time for Mr. Fu to reveal the truth."

Fu Xiao looked at Secretary Zhang.

Secretary Zhang sneered at the corner of his mouth, pushed up his gold-rimmed glasses and said, "What a coincidence, we also have evidence of Mr. Fu embezzling public funds."

After he finished speaking, he took out a document and handed it to his colleague.

The old man Wu took it and looked at it with ten lines. After a long while, he said to Fu Yunxi, "Yunxi, you—... ah!"

A sigh word has been concluded.

Fu Yunxi panicked and said to Mr. Fu, "Dad, you believe me, you must believe me, I didn't do it, the whole star is yours, you must have a way, right?"

As soon as he said this, all the directors who were prevented from leaving by Fu Yunxi looked at Mr. Fu.

Unconsciously, Fu Yun said to Mr. Fu, "Dad, you must help me—"

A slap in the face sounded.

Fu Yunxi was stunned and looked at Mr. Fu.

The old man Fu who slapped Fu Yunxi suddenly seemed to be much older, he closed his eyes, only opened them after a while, his eyes were full of grief, and he said to everyone: "You evil son, I will let you lose my face. , the stars are everyone's stars, are you worthy of the uncles and brothers present here for doing such a thing?"

Fu Yunxi was stunned for a moment, looked at Kong Linghe and said angrily: "It was you, the one who told Heishan about the matter, and the one who found Lao Zhao. Are you and Fu Xiao a group? You did it on purpose, right? ."

Kong Linghe shook off Fu Yunxi's hand without hesitation and said, "What are you talking about, don't talk nonsense, I don't know any old Zhao at all."

Fu Yunxi sneered and looked around at everyone. Everyone avoided his gaze and wanted to distance themselves from him. Fu Yunxi didn't understand where he was now, this was all Fu Xiao's trap: "You deliberately said it in front of so many people, right? !"

Fu Xiao said coldly, "Didn't you tell them not to leave? Besides, you shouldn't blame me—"

Fu Xiao looked at Fu Wei and then at Kong Linghe, and raised the corners of his mouth: "Why don't you ask Fu Wei and Kong Linghe?"

Fu Yunxi was stunned for a moment, then turned to look at Fu Wei suddenly.

Fu Wei avoided his sight.

Secretary Zhang pushed on the gold-rimmed glasses and couldn't help curling his lips: "Mr. Fu, according to our investigation, Mr. Kong Linghe is the father of your second wife, and the photos at the banquet between you and Miss Bai were taken by Mr. Kong. Fu Wei's, and the 10% shares of Xingchen you sold, except in the hands of President Fu, the rest are in the hands of President Kong. In the end, the real estate developer who made you invest in real estate with no money left is also Mr. Kong's friend."

Fu Yunxi looked at Fu Wei in disbelief, and then at Kong Linghe.

Secretary Zhang smiled at Mr. Kong: "President Kong is having a good time in China, but the directors of his Lingtong Group are not very happy. We got news here, and there is also a board of directors over there, and we need to be dismissed. As for your position, Mr. Kong is now buying the fastest flight ticket and rushing back, saying that it may not be too late."

The cooperation between Lingtong Group and Xingchen has made the directors very dissatisfied with the benefits of Lingtong. Besides, Kong Linghe has stayed abroad for a long time, and several directors are ready to move.

Of course, Secretary Zhang wouldn't tell Kong Linghe that there was such a commotion over there, and Mr. Fu did not contribute to the flames. It is said that those directors are not some fuel-efficient lamps, and some of them have very dirty hands. I wonder if Mr. Kong can do it. Go back safely.

Kong Linghe's expression became ugly, and at this time his secretary ran over with a pale face and whispered in his ear.

Kong Linghe swayed after hearing this, and then said to Fu Wei, "Awei, grandpa will be away for a while."

Mr. Fu blocked him and said, "You want to go after so many calculations? Why is your heart so vicious!"

Kong Linghe sneered and pushed Old Master Fu away and said, "Who is vicious and who is disgusting? I still want to avenge my daughter, and you?" He was not afraid of Old Master Fu.

"I think the most vicious person here is you. What do you want other than rights? You can ignore your son's marriage, or your daughter-in-law's life or death. As long as you get in your way, you won't let it go, even your own. Your own grandchildren can use it, and all the culprits today are yourself, so don’t pretend to be a good father, in fact, you are most concerned about yourself and your money.”

"You—" Mr. Fu was so angry that he almost fainted, his body trembled, he fell on the chair, and he couldn't stand up for a long time.

The original board is now in disarray. Sitting in his seat, Fu Xiao looked around at the people around him. Looking at the farce in front of him, he felt that it was boring. He looked down at his watch, and he was about to catch up with Xiao Ning's cake.

With a determination in his heart, Fu Xiao stood up, pulled his bow tie, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: "Everyone, take this opportunity, I have another news to announce—"

"From today onwards, I, Fu Xiao, will no longer serve as the president of Xingchen. And all the shares of Xingchen to which I belong will also be used to establish a charitable fund."

As soon as the voice came out, the whole place was silent.

Fu Xiao was very satisfied with the effect and continued: "I have never used my annual leave for so many years. I think I should not have to come to the company from tomorrow. Today is my last day in Xingchen."

Everyone reacted, and they all looked at Fu Xiao.

Mr. Fu's eyes widened, and he looked at Fu Xiao like a madman: "Are you crazy?"

And Fu Xiao didn't care.

On the contrary, Secretary Zhang was taken aback for a moment, then looked at Fu Xiao and shook his head with a relieved smile.

Can President Fu finally let go?

"As you heard." Fu Xiao slowly got up from his seat, he looked at his watch, so he pushed away Fu Wei and Fu Yunxi, two blood relatives who were standing in front of him, "That is to say, Let whoever you want to be the president of Xingchen, from now on Xingchen has nothing to do with me."

"However, Fu Yunxi, you'd better pray that your father can help you solve this trouble. After all, all the directors now know what you did." Fu Xiao glanced at Fu Yunxi lightly, "It may not have been Someone called the police."

"You all know! You already knew about this, right!" Fu Yunxi murmured in a low voice, his face pale, he stretched out his finger and pointed at Fu Xiao: "You did it on purpose, and let us say it here on purpose, after so many years , you hate me."

"No, you're not worth it." Fu Xiao brushed his hand away, and brushed off the places he touched in disgust, as if he were a dirty thing, "Think about this life, who are you worthy of? Song Mingwei? Fu Wei? Your father? All you care about is yourself." He did know that even the things that Fu Yunxi didn't clean were handled by him, so he had so much evidence.

Fu Yunxi was so angry that he couldn't stand still, he held up his chair and said, "Nizi, how could I have a son like you. No matter how much our Fu family has raised you, why do you want to destroy the Fu family?"

"No, it's never me who ruined the Fu family. I didn't do anything, that person is you!" Fu Xiao shook his head sarcastically, "If there is a choice, I don't want to be born in the Fu family, I think you have I probably don't want to give birth to me. This is the best, I will give you everything I got from the Fu family. The market value of the stars has doubled over the years, and I have already paid off what I owe the Fu family. From today In the beginning, I, Fu Xiao, and your Fu family no longer have any relationship at all."

"You, you—" Fu Yunxi wanted to say something else.

However, Fu Wei interrupted Fu Yunxi. Fu Wei looked up at the elder brother who had been under the light since he was a child. At this moment, he realized that this elder brother turned out to be a rebel, and he had never really understood him.

Fu Wei asked indistinctly, "Why!" Doesn't Fu Xiao want the Fu family? He is obviously about to succeed, why should he give up at this time.

He doesn't understand, he doesn't understand.

"Why?" Fu Xiao lowered his head and chewed these two words over and over again, the past flashed through his mind quickly, those unwillingness, those hatreds, all vanished, and finally became a smiling face, "Because my life is very precious, I want to keep it. on someone who deserves it."

Fu Xiao no longer paid attention to the two who were standing there in shock. He walked to Secretary Zhang's side, and his eyes finally brought some tenderness. He said to Secretary Zhang, "Thank you for so many years."

Secretary Zhang chuckled: "Where do we need to say thank you." At random, he took off his badge, pushed on his gold-rimmed glasses, and announced to the crowd, "I am working for you, not for the stars. You I'll go wherever I go. Starting today, I'll also leave Xingchen. If the penalty is liquidated, I think President Fu will still pay for me, right?"

Fu Xiao curved the corners of his mouth: "Okay!"

Fu Xiao spread his hands and looked at the time on the watch again.

Secretary Zhang said clearly: "Go, I have everything here."

Fu Xiao nodded gratefully, always calm, never showing his anxiety, and walked quickly to the door.

He stretched out his hand and pushed the door open, and he seemed to feel something. He looked back and looked at everyone in the venue. His mood was extremely relaxed, and the shackles that had been in his heart for many years finally disappeared.

He didn't even use his wrist, and the door was pulled open from the other end.

Fu Xiao raised his head and saw Su Zening on the other side of the door tilted his head and smiled at him.

The smile is bright and beautiful.

Fu Xiao naturally hugged Su Zening: "Why are you here?"

Su Zening glared at him: "Fortunately, Momo told me that the board of directors will be held today!" Hearing this news, afraid of Fu Xiao's accident, he rushed over immediately.

He asked nervously, "what's the matter? I see that there is a fierce quarrel inside. The Fu family didn't bully you, right?"

Fu Xiao's eyes were gentle, but he said, "I am no longer the president of Xingchen."

"Ah." Su Zening exclaimed.

Fu Xiao looked at Su Zening a little nervously.

Su Zening pinched Fu Xiao's face and sighed sadly: "You have to eat less, otherwise I won't be able to support you." He introduced some private work, but he couldn't bear to endure Fu Xiao's hardships. He would also take Fu Xiao to eat delicious food. If he deducted the canned cat food and dried small fish from the cat, hehe, he would be able to I have to spend more money to support Fu Xiao!

Su Zening secretly rubbed his heart and made up his mind. From today, there will be no canned cat food and dried small fish for cats.

Fu Xiao couldn't help but gently kissed Su Zening's forehead and said, "I will eat very little, don't dislike me."

Su Zening pushed Fu Xiao away in disgust and said, "What are you doing, it's in the public eye."

Fu Xiao smiled and hugged Su Zening downstairs and walked to the gate of Xingchen.

Suddenly, Su Zening stopped for a while, and his eyes flashed in surprise.

Fu Xiao asked strangely, "What's wrong?"

Su Zening smiled: "Nothing."

Just now, his task progress bar has finally reached 100%. Will it make any difference if it is 100%?

Not far behind them.

"Cousin, Uncle Cousin, thank you for accompanying me and Xiaoning to Xingchen to go through the formalities." Yi Xiu said with a smile, looking at the two familiar figures in front of him,

Holding Yi Yi's wrist, Suburon absently replied, "It's okay." His eyes kept looking at the child in front of him, whose back was too much like his Xiao Ning.

Su Zening seemed to feel something, his breathing stagnated, and he turned around holding Fu Xiao.

Finally, the eyes meet.

All imperfections become perfect at this moment.

The author has something to say: Mao Mao: Fu Xiao, let's be a person.

Flower ending~

Plus it's a long episode

Talking about the sweet life of Little Sugar Cake and Fu Xiao Chicken Flying Dog Jumping (crossed out)


Received the document "How to break a cub who is pregnant with a teammate"

After the death of Xia Zhe, the strongest assassin in the main **** space, he found that he had traveled to the ABO world.

Fortunately, his close friend Vincent, who was on the line for his life, also came and became the prince of the empire.

And he became an Omega without pheromones.

The full-level boss Xia Zhe looked at the weak alphas around him and was very satisfied.

As for Omegas are naturally fragile or something.

Xia Zhe sneered, expressionlessly breaking the laser gun in his hand.

This confidence until his doctor was told he was pregnant—

The doctor is kind: we can help you find the father of the child and force that irresponsible man to marry you.

Xia Zhe didn't care about shaking his head vaguely: No need.

The doctor was heartbroken: Omega, who couldn't marry Mark alpha, had to rely on inhibitors for the rest of his life. Boy, do you know how stupid this is?

Xia Zhe nodded in agreement: How stupid! Why is it so complicated to solve something that can be solved by killing the Markers.

Vincent, who accompanied Xia Zhe, froze: ! !


Xia Zhe finally remembered how he pressed the prince against the wall that night.

The very embarrassed scumbag Xia Zhe pretended to say: I will be responsible for you.

Vincent: Well, let's go to register now.

Xia Zhe: ! ! !

Wayne First College.

A group of alphas from outside the school felt sorry for the first beauty Xia Zhe's comments: "She looks beautiful, but unfortunately there is no pheromone. I don't know how the prince fell in love with him."

Passing by, the school alpha covered their mouths in horror.

If you say that, that person will die if you hear it!

The ferocity of the fighting power is overwhelmed by X pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger. The fighting power is even more powerful