After the two of them went back, it turned out that Nie Yuanyuan and Nie Changmo had already returned. The two brothers have settled their past suspicions.

Su Zening breathed a sigh of relief.

In the evening, Mr. Fu originally asked them to have dinner at the Fu family. But Fu Xiao, who received the call, refused without hesitation.

Not only that, they haven't returned to Fu's house these days.

Su Zening was a little strange: "Why don't we go back for dinner?"

Fu Xiao squinted his eyes and said, "Pay attention to the words, but I won't go back. As for you—" Fu Xiao looked him up and down and pretended to be puzzled: "You're a cat, did someone call you for dinner?"

The small sugar cakes are all here, and you still want to go back?

The white dumpling, who had just turned back into a small sugar cake, turned to look at Fu Xiao in disbelief.

Is Fu Xiao who said such words still human?

God, he really

Without hesitation, he turned his back and faced Fu Xiao with his butt.

Fu Xiao ignored him and turned off the lights to sleep.

At night, a gust of wind blew through the window, and the wind was blowing. This is the first time Little Candy Cake came here, and Little Candy Cake, who had already recognized the bed, moved his ears, and hurriedly retracted his little head into the quilt.

The sound of the gust of wind blowing outside the window was like someone was knocking on the window, but this is the third floor, where would someone knock on the window?

A burst of coolness spread over the tip of the tail, and the little sugar cake with countless horror stories in his mind shivered, and immediately dragged the tip of the exposed tail into the quilt to hide it.

Then the small sugar cake huddled in the quilt looked at the warm body beside him hesitantly, gritted his teeth, and moved to the side quietly.

As long as he moves slowly enough! Fu Xiao won't find out!

Wrapped in the familiar warmth, a burst of sleepiness struck.

Half-sleep and half-awake, Little Sugar Cake couldn't help but think, the progress bar that hasn't been moved for a long time has moved forward a little bit. It's already 99 percent. Little Sugar Cake has a hunch that everything will end soon. .

By the time……

Little Sugar Cake yawned and fell asleep completely.

In the dark night, Fu Xiao looked at the little sugar cake lying back in his arms and smiled contentedly.

The next day, early in the morning, Secretary Zhang came to pick up Fu Xiao to the company. Su Zening wanted to follow him, but Fu Xiao wrote lightly, "Xiao Ning, don't go to the company these few days."

I'm afraid the company will not be peaceful these days, these Xiaoning don't need to know this.

Su Zening was taken aback and asked, "Why?"

Fu Xiao smiled: "Xiao Mo is going abroad soon, and he probably won't be back for a long time. Please stay with him these few days."

Su Zening took a serious look at Fu Xiao, then nodded and said, "Okay."

If this is what Fu Xiao wants, then fine.

Secretary Zhang had already opened the car door, but Fu Xiao did not go in. He glanced at Xiao Ning, as if he had made up his mind, and said solemnly: "Xiao Ning, it will be over soon, we can do whatever we want then. ."

Su Zening's eyes lit up, and he didn't even think about it: "Is it okay to eat canned cat food and dried small fish, a signed photo of Rong Hang and a limited edition body pillow?"

Fu Xiao's smile froze, and he said decisively, "No!"

Su Zening sighed in disappointment.

What, it's just a blank check.

Several days passed.

Su Zening accompanies Momo to play every day.

But today Su Zening obviously felt something was wrong.

Early in the morning, Fu Xiao put on a black suit and sat in the living room. Secretary Zhang had already arrived, and both of them were dressed very formally.

After breakfast, Fu Xiao and Secretary Zhang are going to the company.

Su Zening stopped Fu Xiao: "You wait."

Fu Xiao stopped and turned to look at Su Zening.

Su Zening turned over Fu Xiao's collar, looked at Secretary Zhang and then at Fu Xiao: "When will you be back?"

Fu Xiao, who rarely enjoys this kind of treatment, is very useful. He bent his mouth and said, "What's wrong?"

Su Zening looked at the kitchen full of confidence: "I learned how to make cakes yesterday. The cakes are hot and delicious. I want to ask when you will come back. I will make the cakes in time so you can eat them until they are just out of the oven. Yes."

Fu Xiao:  …

He looked at Xiao Ning with unconcealed suspicion.

Xiaoning's cake?

Can you eat?

Su Zening noticed Fu Xiao's hesitation, and said mixed with shame and anger: "Forget it if you don't want to eat it!"

Fu Xiao explained palely: "No, no, impossible."

Denying three consecutive, extremely guilty.

Su Zening didn't smile: "It's too late."

"It won't be too late." Fu Xiao quickly grabbed Su Zening, kissed him on the forehead, and said in his ear, "You start now, I'll be back soon, wait for me."

Secretary Zhang next to him coughed lightly.

Seeing that Fu Xiao didn't want to let go, Su Zening quickly pushed Fu Xiao with his elbow.

Fu Xiao only let go, took a deep look at Su Zening and said, "Wait for me."

Su Zening felt something, and nodded solemnly: "I will wait for you."

Fu Xiao smiled, and the sunlight in the early winter morning outside the window shone on his face, and the lines on his face were extraordinarily deep.

He adjusted the hem of his suit and turned gracefully.

The moment he turned around, he looked into the distance, the smile on his face disappeared, and a cold light flashed in his eyes. Like a beast about to hunt, it makes people shudder.

Board of Directors of Star Group.

There are not many directors of Xingchen, only six or seven, and most of the directors have already arrived. This board of directors is not only the year-end report of the president to the directors, but also decides at the meeting who will be the next president of Xingchen.

Of course, there is no doubt that Fu Xiao will continue to serve.

But this time they will have one more director, Kong Linghe of Lingtong Company. This is Kong Linghe's first official appearance after entering the board of directors. Many people are very curious about this rich overseas businessman. It was about the return of the new shareholder and Mr. Fu to China.

At nine thirty-five, five minutes had passed since the start.

However, the board of directors had not yet started, and everyone looked at each other, looking at the vacant seats beside Fu Xiao.

Chairman Fu, the largest shareholder of Xingchen, has not come yet, and Kong Linghe, the new director, has not come either.

What happened to these two, why haven't they arrived yet?

It is related to the news that Mr. Fu recently returned to China but did not come with Fu Xiao, and that Kong Linghe and Fu Wei have a very good relationship.

Some smart people are already wondering if Mr. Fu is beating Mr. Fu.

But it is also, for so many years, Mr. Fu is just Mr. Fu. The one that sounds good is the president, and the one that sounds bad is a part-time worker. Mr. Fu did not give Mr. Fu any shares.

Xingchen is still Father Fu in name.

If Mr. Fu was really taken seriously, he would have given all the shares to Mr. Fu.

However, Fu Xiao, who was in the eyes of the storm, seemed a little absent-minded.

With a bang, the door was pushed open.

Master Fu, Fu Yunxi, Fu Wei and Kong Linghe walked in.

Fu Yunxi supported Mr. Fu, like a filial son, but seeing Mr. Fu's smiling face, it was obvious that he liked it very much.

Secretary Zhang said to everyone: "The shareholders' meeting starts now, and I am very happy to be here with you today—" He was just speaking when his voice was interrupted—

"Wait, I have something to say." Fu Yunxi interrupted Secretary Zhang aloud. He walked to the middle of the conference room and sighed at everyone, "It's my family business, but Fu Xiao never listens to me. Everyone here is the hero who fought the world with my father, and they are all uncles and uncles, and I am not afraid to let you know about the scandal."

Old man Wu rolled his eyes and said, "If you have something to say, don't waste my time."

Fu Yunxi's face stiffened, and then he turned to Fu Xiao with a heartache: "Fu Xiao, look at what this is?" After he finished speaking, he threw a stack of photos in front of Fu Xiao.

Fu Xiao raised his eyebrows and picked up the photo. The photo was the last time he and Xiaoning were in the resort. Unexpectedly, a few of them turned out to be pretty good.

His indifferent attitude undoubtedly added fuel to the fire for Fu Yunxi. Fu Yunxi said angrily, "Don't you have anything to explain?"

Fu Yunxi took the photo and handed it to Mr. Fu and said, "Dad, look at what good things Fu Xiao has done."

Unexpectedly, Mr. Fu looked at the photo with a sullen face, and pushed the stack of photos on the table with his backhand.

Fu Yunxi was complacent.

What A Wei and Mr. Kong said were right. He was the only child of Mr. Fu, and the father of Fu Xiao was far more suitable for inheriting the stars than Mr. Fu. Mr. Fu had given him an idle job for so many years. .

Seeing that now he has the intention of skipping over him and directly handing the stars to Fu Xiao.

Doesn't this make him go out and be laughed at?

He had been generous in not fighting before, but if he did not fight, he would be ridden on top of his head by Fu Xiao. Fu Xiao was a very bad person. The only time he got to Xingchen was driven out by him, and Fu Xiao looked too ugly to eat.

After a hundred years of Mr. Fu, where will Xingchen still have a foothold for himself and Fu Wei?

He has to fight even for Fu Wei,

What's more, Fu Xiao also lived up to the trust of Mr. Fu, which was extremely disappointing. If he were to be the president of Xingchen, he would definitely do much better than Fu Xiao.

Now that Fu Xiao did such a disgusting thing, his father must be in a hurry, and he would definitely not support Fu Xiao in the position of president.

Thinking of the evidence in his hand, Fu Yunxi only felt that the victory was in his hands.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Fu said coldly to Fu Yunxi: "This is a family matter. I'll talk about everything when I get home. Don't make trouble here and be ashamed."

Fu Yunxi said anxiously: "This is not a family matter, Dad, are you still protecting Fu Xiao? Have you ever thought about my feelings as a son? According to reason, I am the heir of the stars, why should you skip me? To Fu Xiao!"

He turned his head towards Fu Xiao and mocked: "Are you disgusting, how can you be with a man, and what other people will think of the stars, I will never allow this to happen."

Others in the conference room looked embarrassed when they looked at those photos.

However, Fu Xiao glanced at Fu Yunxi: "Please clarify, who I am with doesn't need your permission, and the one in the photo is my partner Su Zening. You are not too young, you look like an elder, don't keep your mouth shut. Disgusting, not disgusting, people think we are all like this when we go out."

As soon as these words came out, everyone looked at Fu Xiao, their eyes were shocked, and Fu Xiao just admitted it!

This can be very different from playing a game.

It is understandable to find a young and beautiful boy to play with. After all, it is understandable that he is young and romantic.

But seriously...

In Fu Xiao's position, everyone pays attention to every move. If the news is released today, I am afraid that tomorrow's headlines in all financial newspapers will be "President Xingchen comes out of the closet, Fu family's father and son are at odds, and the stock market may lead to turmoil."

This is no joke, in Fu Xiao's position, every word and deed will have an impact on the stock market.

At this time, Kong Linghe smiled and said: "President Fu, the boy in the photo is Su Zening, right? I heard that he has also participated in the new film directed by Angus. Is such young qualifications enough? I understand Fu's feeling for a red face. , and the rest are fine, but this film directed by Angus is related to the layout of our stars in the next few years, so I gave it to him so casually.

Mr. Fu's face was even more ugly. He glanced at his ineffective son. How could this kind of thing be resolved on the board of directors? I really couldn't tell the importance. Mr. Fu first said to Mr. Kong: "Mr. Kong said yes, but Axiao It's not that the child who can't tell the difference between serious and serious, there must be some misunderstanding, and he has nothing to do with that Su Zening."

After he finished speaking, he said meaningfully to Fu Xiao: "Xiao, you can't be angry and say something angry to us, I don't know you child, you and that girl Jiaming have a very good relationship, so you can't get angry all of a sudden. It's changed. In your current position, you should think more about it and don't be impatient."

The last sentence is very clear.

How could Fu Yunxi not know that the general meeting of shareholders is not suitable for such a topic, but his father did not know what kind of ecstasy soup was poured into by Fu Xiao, and he even directly supported Fu Xiao as the decision maker of Xingchen. If there were no accidents this year, it would still be Fu Xiao.

Fu Xiao gave him all the opportunities to be in the limelight. He was always under Fu Xiao, how could he let other shareholders and his father see his abilities, and how would he have the opportunity to take over the shareholders in the future.

He just wanted to use this opportunity to pull Fu Xiao down.

Who would have thought that the old man would prefer Fu Xiao so much, that such a big thing would be lightly let go.

Fu Yunxi said urgently, "Dad—"

Master Fu said angrily, "Shut up."

Unexpectedly, Fu Xiao raised his eyebrows and said, "I don't have the guts to act, I think clearly."

Fu Yunxi's face is full of joy, is Fu Xiao crazy?

Mr. Fu's face was ashen: "Fu Xiao!"

What else did Fu Yunxi want to say?

Fu Xiao interrupted without hesitation: "Mr. Fu, this is the board of directors meeting. I don't think it's appropriate for my personal affairs to be discussed here. Secretary Zhang, let's continue."

Secretary Zhang nodded: "The first item on the agenda of our meeting today—"

"Wait." Kong Linghe stood up to help: "Mr. Fu, what you said is wrong. What's your personal business in this position? Right, A Wei?"

Fu Xiao looked at Fu Wei who was standing behind Kong Linghe. His expression was calm, but Fu Wei was out of breath.

Fu Wei nodded with a pale face and said, "Yes."

Fu Yunxi hurriedly said, "Fu Xiao, as your father, am I not qualified to ask about this?"

"Dad?" Fu Xiao mocked: "I don't have this. You, Fu Yunxi, don't mistake your son."

Fu Yunxi didn't expect that Fu Xiao would not give him face in person, and said angrily, "Nizi!"

Mr. Fu held Fu Yunxi's eyes and moved slightly, instead of being tough, he lowered his voice, lowered his head and sighed like a heartbroken old man: "Axiao, it's a grandfather begging you, okay? Don't be self-willed, you have to think about this family. Think about it. Did Awei and Jiaming hurt your heart? I will scold them well, as long as I am still in this house, they will not want to enter the house. Don't be angry, Axiao, and explain it well."

Fu Yunxi hurriedly said to Mr. Fu, "Dad, don't be angry."

Mr. Fu waved his hand and pushed Fu Yunxi away: "Yunxi, how could I be mad at Axiao. When the Song family did something like that, we were really sorry for Axiao for the rest of our lives."

Fu Yunxi hurriedly said: "Song Mingwei is also Fu Xiao's mother, who could have imagined that she would do such a thing in the first place. We can all see how you treat Fu Xiao after so many years, and you can be considered as fulfilling your responsibility. already."

Mr. Fu said to Fu Xiao again, "Your father has always cared about you for so many years. You secretly visited you when you were young. What happened back then had nothing to do with him. If you want to blame me, you can blame me."

Father and son sing one by one.

When Fu Xiao heard these remarks, not only did he not have any turbulence in his heart, he even wanted to laugh a little. These remarks are both hard and soft, and Mr. Fu is indeed Mr. Fu, and his skills are comparable to ordinary people.

This is to remind him that he was raised by the Fu family, and it is the Song family who is sorry for him.

Fu Xiao closed his eyes, then opened it and suddenly said to the two of them: "You really can't think of it?"

He was also tired. Since they insisted on tearing this layer of fig leaf away, they should just tear it all away. It just so happened that he also wanted an answer.

Fu Xiao looked at Fu Yunxi and asked, "Since you were already with Fu Wei's mother, why were you still entangled with Song Mingwei? I asked the old man, you were the one who pursued Song Mingwei first, wasn't it?"

Fu Yunxi's face was ashen, and his face sank.

Mr. Fu sighed: "The misunderstanding between your father and son is too big. I liked Mingwei's character at the beginning, and wanted her to be my daughter-in-law, so I asked Yunxi to pursue her. It's all my fault. ."

Among the directors, the old people of the year are all sighed.

No one could have imagined that the Fu family and the Song family would be in trouble all over the city.

However, Fu Xiao turned his head to look at Mr. Fu: "Do you like Song Mingwei's character, or do you like Song Mingwei as the only daughter of the Song family?"

Fu Yunxi said angrily, "Do you still have a conscience? How can you say that? Make it clear—"

Fu Xiao glanced over coldly, Fu Yunxi felt a chill in his heart, and the second half of the sentence disappeared from his mouth.

Fu Xiao walked up to Mr. Fu and said: "Okay, the friendship between the two families is your own wish. If you want to blame Song Mingwei for being stupid, why don't you agree with Song Mingwei's divorce? And why did the entire Fu family not have it when Song Mingwei gave birth to me? Alone? Why did the doctor who operated on Song Mingwei and made her lose her fertility after a few years went abroad? Do you want me to make it clear?"

Old Man Wu turned his head to look at Mr. Fu with a shocked expression, as if seeing Mr. Fu for the first time. Although Song Mingwei went too far, they grew up watching him.

Mr. Fu took a deep breath, looked at you and Fu Xiao's lips, and said, "You already knew about this... Forget it... But, Fu Xiao, you must know that the marriage was your wish and my wish, I didn't force the Song family. Just—"

He knows Fu Xiao, and Fu Xiao knows these things, he must have

He glanced at Fu Yunxi and sighed.

He counts everything well, except for his own son.

"Yes, of course, this is something both you and the Song family are happy to do. So afterward, Mr. Song suffered the loss and just asked me to stay in the Song family. At that time, you couldn't touch the Song family, and the Song family couldn't touch you either. But Mr. Song is a lunatic. In order to keep him from going crazy and risking his life to find you, you always have to leave something for him, don't you? Anyway, it's done, and I'm destined to be the only child with the blood of the Song family." Fu Xiao shook his head. , He looked at Mr. Fu, "Fu Yunxi doesn't know, but you do. With the personality of Old Man Song, how could he not let you know about this, and what did you do when you found out? You just asked Fu Yunxi to marry him. That woman gave birth to Fu Wei."

And he was abandoned like an abandoned son. He even ran out and was sent back to the Song family by Mr. Fu. He had always been precocious, and that night when he wanted to understand everything, he was so cold that he sat in the corner with himself and couldn't sleep all night.

Mr. Fu closed his eyes, then opened them: "This is all in the past."

Fu Xiao nodded and said, "It's true."

Fu Yunxi understood from the shock at the beginning, he looked at Fu Xiao: "I didn't expect that you hate the Fu family so much, why do you still inherit the stars?"

"Why?" Fu Xiao looked at the position in the middle, and said lightly, "Because I want to know what exactly is ruining everything for me."

Fu Yunxi thought that Fu Xiao had been obedient to Mr. Fu since he was a child, and that he was able to hide the resentment in his heart so deeply, he shuddered and said: "Dad, you are the chairman of the board, you have the most shares, and Fu Xiao is not suitable to stay in Xingchen anymore. , he is too scary, he will pull the stars and die together."

Mr. Fu looked at Fu Xiao with a complicated look and made up his mind.

It was true that Fu Xiao was no longer suitable, and he realized that he had never understood Fu Xiao.

Mr. Fu took a deep breath and said to Secretary Zhang, the host of the meeting: "Secretary Zhang, as the first shareholder of Xingchen, I propose to terminate Fu Xiao as the president of Xingchen—"

Secretary Zhang did not move.

Mr. Fu frowned.

Secretary Zhang pushed his golden glasses and looked at everyone apologetically: "Ah, I'm so sorry, Mr. Fu, I think there's one thing I forgot to tell everyone before the meeting."

He took out a document and showed it to everyone, raising the corners of his lips: "That is, now the first shareholder is not you, Mr. Fu."

The author has something to say: congratulations to Fu Xiao for finally having enough money to raise cats! !