Nie Changmo took out a gold card and casually handed it to the clerk: "Just buy these first." He looked at Su Zening and asked, "Ningning, do you have anything to buy for the little sugar cake? Let's buy it together. Right."

Su Zening looked at the pet supplies like a hill and shook his head enviously.

He doesn't want to buy it for himself.

If you want to buy it, Fu Xiao bought it for him!

His money is to support his family.

He has already sent the photo to Fu Xiao. Fu Xiao is so smart, he will definitely understand, right!

One of the walls of the pet supply store is a glass wall, and people outside the mall can see it clearly. The mixed-race boy with black hair and blue eyes is rarely seen, and the other black-haired boy in the same line has a face only the size of a palm, and his lips are pursed. He doesn't look very easy to speak, but his skin is fair, he looks very good, and he dresses very fashionably, with a metal chain and a small pocket on his waist.

Two teenagers with their own characteristics are standing together with a cute black cat, which can not help attracting the attention of many people, but the two people inside are not aware of it, and they are seriously discussing the kind of funny cat sticks. Attract cats.

On the street outside the cabinet, a ferocious black cat walked majestically on the street. The black cat was covered in sturdy tendons. At first glance, it was not easy to mess with. His eyes were a little lost, and he inadvertently saw the inside of the glass wall. Being hugged by the black cat, his eyes lit up, and he patted the glass wall with his paws anxiously.

However, the sound insulation effect of the glass wall is so good that the people inside do not feel it.

It looked around anxiously for a while, and saw the door of the shopping mall hall not far away, its sharp golden pupils lit up, and Shu raised its tail and walked over.

At the same time, Zhizhi suddenly raised his head and looked outside thoughtfully, but there was nothing outside the glass wall.

Nie Changmo touched Zhizhi's chin and said distressedly, "Zhizhi, let's make do with it first, it's not a few days anyway." Zhizhi and most of his luggage have already been sent abroad, and he doesn't know what Zhizhi can do. Can't use it.

Zhizhi looked at those things listlessly, and then fell down again.

Nie Changmo touched Zhizhi worriedly: "Zhizhi, are you sick?"

When Su Zening heard this, thinking of Zhizhi's reaction, he stretched out his hand and scratched the top of its head, and said to Nie Changmo, "Does Zhizhi have any friends?"

"Friend? No." Nie Changmo was stunned for a moment, then racked his brains and thought about it: "By the way, do you remember the cat I held wrong before? That cat always grabbed the can of Zhizhi later on. I don't know why I played with Zhizhi later, and sometimes licked each other's hair, so they should be known as Zhizhi's friends."

The misidentified black cat?

Su Zening remembered the black cat who stole the canned cat and despised them, and looked at Zhizhi again.

Know how to make friends with it!

Nie Changmo took out one from the shopping mall's promotional leaflet and said in surprise, "Ningning, there is a musical instrument store here, let's take a look."

Su Zening nodded.

However, this musical instrument was on the opposite corner of the mall. After the two walked out of the pet supply store, the black cat slipped in, sniffed around, and left disappointed.

This excellent shopping mall in the city center is newly opened, with a large area, and it seems that a grand event is going to be held today. A platform was set up on the first floor, and Su Zening and Nie Changmo walked past the crowd, bypassing the crowd.

The crowd was crowded around, and the air was a little dull.

Zhizhi suddenly cried out in a low voice, with some anxiety.

Su Zening turned his head to look at Nie Changmo. Sure enough, Nie Changmo's face was pale, he was short of breath, put his hands on his chest, and stood still.

Zhizhi anxiously jumped down from Nie Changmo's arms and meowed around Nie Changmo.

Su Zening quickly helped Nie Changmo to the side and asked, "What's wrong?"

Nie Changmo took out a few bottles of medicine from the small bag he was carrying, fell down a large amount with trembling, raised his head and swallowed it, and then tried his best to breathe steadily. , with his hands firmly on the edge of the chair, like a sapling that may be blown off at any time by the strong wind on the edge of a cliff.

Su Zening was about to call Nie Yuanyuan.

Nie Changmo suddenly said to Su Zening, "No." There was a faint pleading in his eyes.

Su Zening paused, sighed, and put the phone away.

He knew that Momo didn't want other people to worry, he was like this before, but he couldn't understand.

Nie Changmo clenched his palms tightly and pressed the area near his heart. After a long while, the medicine seemed to work. His face slowly regained its blood, and he raised a pale smile at Su Zening and said, "Ningning, I'm fine. I'm sorry, I made you worry, I'll go with you now."

Zhizhi squatted at his feet obediently, guarding him worriedly.

Su Zening didn't dare to believe: "You still have to go over like this!"

The bangs on both sides of Nie Changmo were soaked with sweat, but he still insisted: "We finally came out once, I, I don't want to just go back to disappoint you."

Because of his illness, he always supported others, but this time, he really didn't want to drag others down.

Nie Changmo's tone was stubborn.

Su Zening sighed in his heart, he sat beside Nie Changmo, wiped the black hair on both sides of Nie Changmo's forehead with a tissue, and said gently, "We are friends, as long as I'm with you, I'll be very happy, it's up to us. It doesn't matter what, there are still opportunities in the future, you have to work hard to get better, and we can go to more places in the future."

Su Zening understands this feeling, and so does he——

When I was born, it seemed that I was trying to drag others down. Because of him, my parents gave up everything, stayed away from all their relatives and friends, and moved their family to a strange city alone, just because the medical research in that city was at the forefront of the world.

They haven't slept fully for more than ten years, because every night, parents have to take turns to see him four or five times. Later, his condition deteriorated. They even quit their jobs and accompany him at home.

These are heavy burdens for him, and sometimes they even weigh him out of breath.

Momo is probably the same, afraid of dragging down the people around him.

Nie Changmo was lonely: "Thank you, I'm always in trouble. Sometimes I feel that life is really boring."

Su Zening was shocked: "Don't say that—"

"I'm teasing you." Nie Changmo smiled and winked playfully at Su Zening: "I told you that my life is very good, I have never been short of money since I was a child, my brother is smart and capable, I I'm so lucky to have such a big brother, you and you are still an excellent CEO, others say he has a bright future." Nie Changmo's voice was full of pride.

Su Zening was stunned, was it really just Momo's joke? But Momo really admired his brother, what he was about to say.

Nie Changmo swept his eyes to one side, his expression changed, pointed to the middle stage and said, "Look over there! Oh my God, there is a cat there."

Su Zening looked along Nie Changmo. On the background screen of the middle stage of the shopping mall platform, a black cat was surrounded by several staff members.

Su Zening was taken aback, isn't this the black cat that Nie Changmo mistakenly recognized? How could it be here?

"Zhizhi! Don't run!" Zhizhi, who was under Nie Changmo's feet, suddenly stood up and ran over there before the two could react.

There are many people around there, and it is not a joke if they are stepped on.

Su Zening and Nie Changmo immediately chased after them.

The surrounding of the stage was already surrounded by crowds watching the excitement. The staff were afraid that the situation would get out of control, so they had already surrounded the stage. The two of them couldn't squeeze in for a while. Running back and forth, it was actually drilled into the middle of the stage by it.

The black cat made its head so big that the staff looked at it and found that another cat had come from somewhere, and they were about to cry.

What kind of evil did they do? The new boss finally took office and had to inspect it once. How could there be so much trouble?

The staff collapsed and wanted to drive out the black cat that suddenly ran out.

Su Zening, who was blocked from the stage, hurriedly called: "Zhizhi, come back soon."

Zhizhi glanced over here, and meowed anxiously at the black cat entrenched in a high place: "Come down quickly, it's dangerous to be so high."

The black cat in the high place saw Zhizhi stand up excitedly, wanted to go down, but remembered something, took a step back, deliberately turned his head and snorted: "You are not going to leave with the stinky human being and never play with me again. Are you done? You don't care if I'm in danger!"

The staff began to use wooden sticks to drive Zhizhi out.

"Zhizhi, be careful!" Nie Changmo shouted loudly.

Zhizhi hurriedly avoided.

Zhizhi, who has been spoiled since childhood, has seen such a battle, screaming and running to the background screen of the stage, but it obviously overestimated itself. It didn't dare to go up again, and could only hold the middle and scream with a cry.

Su Zening didn't care about anything else, he stopped their staff, blocked them with his back, and then pulled Nie Changmo in.

The black cat rushed down like lightning, quickly grabbed Zhizhi's neck by the back of his mouth, and brought it back to the top of the screen, and then carefully circled it with his body and said, "What are you running up to? You will only drag your legs."

Zhizhi, who was still in shock, was wronged and sad, and stood up in a fit of anger: "If you think I'm holding you back, I'll go down."

Su Zening, who mediates with the staff below:...

A few staff members saw that the two were not young, and when they saw that they were out to make trouble, they said angrily, "Go down quickly, don't delay us to drive the cat away."

Su Zening explained to them patiently: "Give me five minutes, and I will take the two cats away." He had a way to persuade the two cats to come down.

That black cat is not easy to deal with, and it doesn't have a good impression on humans. It would be bad if it scratches and hurts people. Su Zening was a little worried that it might hurt both sides, or even see blood.

However, the staff rolled their eyes angrily: "It's just you? Do you know that the outstanding CEO will come in a few minutes? Do you take responsibility for delaying the business? Don't be fooled by the children."

Completely ignore them.

No wonder they were in such a hurry, Su Zening understood.

But an excellent president?

Su Zening, who could not be persuaded, looked at Nie Changmo.

Momo should have a way.

Nie Changmo also frowned, will my brother come here? Why didn't my brother tell him?

Although it was a little strange, Nie Changmo still said to the staff: "Don't worry, my name is Nie Changmo, I'm the younger brother of Nie Yuanyuan, the excellent president, if you don't believe me, you can contact my brother's secretary, since my brother still has If it arrives in five minutes, they should have arrived early. Is it Uncle Wu or Uncle Fang this time? Just talk to them, they all know me."

If it was my brother, things would be much easier. Nie Changmo breathed a sigh of relief.

Who knew that the staff was stunned for a moment, then laughed loudly: "You mean President Nie? I said that you have to do your homework when you lie. Don't you know that President Nie has resigned from the position of Excellent President a few days ago? Now? The excellent president is no longer President Nie, and he was almost deceived by you."

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