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Transmigrated as the Ex-Wife of a Heroic Man

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[Fiction from the 1980s] Su Wen read a popular novel about son-in-law in the 1980s. The hero is a tough guy with a sense of security, but at the same time he is a bit dark-bellied and sullen.

It was the style she liked, so with a wave of her hand, she rewarded one million reading coins—and then she became the hero’s scumbag ex-wife.

In the book, the original body, as the head of the family who recruits a family at home, does not want to stand up for the family, but is a love brain. Don’t want to have huge golden thighs, but was instigated by the little white flower heroine, and fell in love with the scumbag from the next village.

After Su Wen came through, she hugged the male lead’s golden thigh tightly, and worked hard to make money and become rich. As a result, the younger sisters were too competitive, crying and shouting to recruit a son-in-law at home like the older sister, and they gave birth to a baby with the surname Su.

So, Su Wen started the rhythm of choosing her son-in-law every day, all of them are handsome and talented. One body is better than the other, and the family background is better than the other. It’s so hard to choose!

Someone who was left out aggressively blocked her behind the door: “Am I handsome? Is my figure good? Is my family strong?”

Su Wen: “…But they are my sister-in-law.”

“My whole body is yours. I will give you the passbook, and I will give you my life.”

The next day, Su Wen woke up and looked at more than twenty passbooks, lost in thought…

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:TAEWHM
Alternate Title:穿成赘婿文男主的前妻
Author:A look at the country
Weekly Rank:#87
Monthly Rank:#38
All Time Rank:#394
Tags:Black Belly, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Poor to Rich, Possessive Characters, Sibling's Care, Transmigration,
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29 Comments on “Transmigrated as the Ex-Wife of a Heroic Man
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  1. Well……. I skipped so much coz the plot so cringe and if you a fan of romance this book will test your patient coz its ite hellaaaaa slowwwww and the fl despite transmigration from modern world her actions and brain’s not. I love reading 60’s / 70’s book but this one its a no for me.

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  3. Does anyone know the title? I remember a little bit about the details. I believe the male lead is a ceo. His parents passed away so his grandpa took care of him growing up. His grandpa chose someone for him to marry but he secretly married the fl. I believe the ml and fl were each others first love but the grandpa doesn’t approve of the fl. After the ml and fl got marry, the fl becomes pregnant and they use the ultrasound picture to lure the grandpa to accepting the fl.

  4. I think the book call “Second Chance” if I am not mistaken. She’s pregnant but later miscarriage coz of their double life as secret organisations or something. The book is good.

  5. Dropped at 43, nothing special to separate this one from the other transmigrated-to-60s-70s-80s stories. Face slapping isn't that satisfying and the cannon fodders are just boring dumb. MC is bland and ML hasn't made his appearance yet. Not interesting enough to continue.

  6. Hi anyone know about the other novel this one ""Full-grade green tea wears to the 1980s and re-behaves"" please 🥺

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