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Transformed Into a Female Schoolmaster

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“Anima” is the image of a woman in every man’s heart, and it is the feminine element in a man’s heart. “Anima” has all the good characteristics that men think of women. Every man’s “anima” is different. A man will love the characteristics of the “anima” in his heart, and when he meets a woman like his own “anima”, he will experience a very strong attraction.

After transforming into a girl, she will naturally develop her into the “anima” in his mind.

This is the story of a female schoolmaster who has traveled to a parallel world. It tells how she “study hard and make progress every day”, and in the process of growing up, she has produced countless healing novels, songs, animations, movies…

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Short Title:TIFS
Alternate Title:变身女学霸
Author:Drunk Lying Laughing Yi Ren
Weekly Rank:#3812
Monthly Rank:#4328
All Time Rank:#5143
Tags:Fan-fiction, Fat to Fit, Male to Female, Narcissistic Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Ugly to Beautiful,
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19 Comments on “Transformed Into a Female Schoolmaster
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  1. Alquilen me puede recomendar novelas cómo está que no tengan Yuri o un sitio web donde hayan de este tipo específicamente

  2. Mc become Girl go to Parallel World.But He become Student. Her wish is to become no 1 schooler. And She find her male version of parallel world. And they fell In love.marry and sex. So she Fu*k himself.

  3. This novel is completely good until chapter 611, for that chapter MC will start abusing her power and I just don't like that

  4. 3/5 points is appropriate for this novel.. because it got pretty confusing at the end.. im already happy that i could read it without frustration for the most part.

  5. the male-to-female books that i read before were always in the yuri categorie, but this book seems to attempt a defferent approach; with a pretty narcissistic mc which gives the author a good reason to attempt a romantic story for a "man in a female body" to fall in love with a man. So i hope, because i only read to ch. 80 till now.

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