Trainer: I build my home on the back of Xuanwu Author: Various controls

Mu Liang traveled to a doomsday parallel world, this world has become a wasteland, the cultivation, rain are sour, the sky is scattered with dust.

Mu Liang was rescued by a mutant rabbit ear i mother, and he was bound to the trainer system at the same time.

Tame a tortoise and evolve infinitely to the sacred beast Xuanwu. Its back is more than thousands of miles wide, there are mountains and flowing water, and there is dark soil... just to build a home on the back.

Tame a small sapling and evolve into a world tree, shielding the gale and acid rain, purifying the air, and reappearing blue sky and white clouds.

Tame a military ant, who dares to mess with me? Marching ants resembling sandstorms, wherever they swept, there was a pile of dead bones.

Tame a bunny ears mother, and then get entangled? ? ?

One year later, give a small rabbit ears.

Chapter 1

   "I didn't expect that I would actually travel to the apocalyptic wasteland world. Is this God giving another chance?"

   Muliang still can't figure out that such a bizarre thing as crossing actually made him meet.

   has been recuperating for five days, and Muliang's military literacy is enough for him to collect some basic information.

   This world is much larger than the earth, but it has been abandoned and ruined, and civilization has decayed to almost extinction.

   The land cannot grow food, and the land is desolate for thousands of miles.

   There is little rain, and when there is rain, it is also acid rain.

   There is often dust in the sky, and occasionally the sun can shine on the earth.

   "According to the current rate of recovery, just rest for a day or two."

   Muliang moved his arm, the soreness has disappeared.

   After five days of recuperation, he can gradually use his strength.

   Mu Liangpa opened the crack of the wooden shed door and looked at the situation outside.

   At dusk, a desolate land without any green.

   "The apocalyptic wasteland world, which is considered a deduction on the other side of the earth, but now I have encountered it."

  Muliang is on the earth, as an orphan, the university tuition is not enough, so he joined the army halfway through.

   Five-year special forces, relapsed from old injuries, but retired from the army.

   He intends to use what he learned in the army to become a short video creator.

   is to shoot some videos of survival in the wilderness.

  Who would have thought that Muliang was unlucky enough to encounter the ground crack caused by the earthquake.

   He thought he would just die like this.

   In the blink of an eye, Mu Liang woke up to find that he was lying in a wasteland-like apocalyptic wasteland, his whole body sore and unable to move.

   Fortunately, the sky is boundless. A girl disguised as a boy rescued him and secretly dragged Mu Liang back to the camp and hid him.

   Muliang sighed helplessly: "However, maybe it is really about to start survival in the wilderness."

   As a stowaway, if someone in the camp finds him, he has to start leaving immediately.

  According to Mino's meaning, the stowaways were caught, the serious ones would be beaten to death, and the general would work to death.

   No matter which kind, it was not the result that Mu Liang wanted.

  Minuo is the woman who disguised herself as a man and passed by and saved Mu Liang, and she hid him in her own home.


   There was a very slight cracking sound of a small wooden stick.

   Muliang immediately recovered from his thoughts, and vigilantly pulled open the gap in the wooden shed to look out.

   A thin figure with a dirty face was walking towards the wooden shed with a shrunken head.

   Muliang's tight body relaxed, this sneaky figure was Mino.


   The leaky wooden shed door was carefully pushed open.

   In the next second, the wooden shed door was closed instantly.

   "Ah...what are you doing by hiding by the door without saying a word?"

  As soon as Minuo closed the door, he turned his head to see Mu Liang in front of him, and his heart beat with fright.

   "How is the harvest?"

   Muliang took a step back and sat down leaning on the doorway.

   "Muliang, you are really amazing. The trap you taught me to do is very useful."

  Mino is very excited when he talks about this.

   She Barabara said: "The small lizards I caught today are many times more than the ones I caught before."

   "How many are there?" Mu Liang asked with a chuckle.

   After five days of getting along, he didn't expose Mino's identity as a man pretending to be a man.

   "Hee hee... it will definitely scare you."

   Mino smiled playfully, pulled out the cloth bag that was slung, and pulled out a small brown lizard the size of two fingers.

   Then, she took out seven flat little lizards and placed them neatly in front of Mu Liang.

   "How many stone traps did you do today?" Mu Liang glanced at the wound on the girl's finger.

   "There is not enough time, I just made 22 traps today."

   Minor was a bit unwilling, pouting his little mouth: "Tomorrow, I will definitely be able to do more than 30 traps."

   "Don't arrange too much, be careful to be discovered by others." Mu Liang reminded calmly.

   "Yes." Mino suddenly realized.

   Then she bit her lower lip and said anxiously: "But if there are no more traps, taxes will be paid in three days, what about your share of taxes?"

   "How bad am I?" Mu Liang frowned slightly.

   In five days, he also learned about the rules of the camp. If you want to live in the camp, you have to pay taxes, as long as it is for food.

   "With the little lizards captured now, it's still about thirty little lizards."

   Mino lowered his head in a loss.

   Five days of getting along, vigilance from the beginning. Go to Muliang and use the survival equipment to trade with the girl for a confidential transaction of residence.

   Until last night, Mu Liang taught the girl how to set up a stone pressure trap, which made Minuo feel a little dependent on him.

   also let the girl enjoy the warmth that has not been taken care of for a long time.

   Muliang asked indifferently: "Your share of taxes is all up?"

   It is not difficult for him to pay taxes. As long as he is well maintained, he is not going to catch small lizards.

   Minor was not very interested, and whispered: "I have handed over thirty-five little lizards before, but five is enough."

   "Don't worry, I will leave if my tax is not enough." Mu Liang calmed down.

   "Huh? Are you leaving?"

   Minuo suddenly raised his head and looked at Mu Liang in amazement, but didn't know how to keep him.

   "Yes, I'm almost recovered." Mu Liang clenched his fists.

   "Isn't there three more days? I will definitely be able to collect your share of taxes." Mino said in a panic.

   Without waiting for Mu Liang to reply, she hurriedly opened the gravel pile from the corner of the wooden shed and took out a wooden box from it.

   "I still have some small lizard meat jerky here, you can definitely pay your tax if you gather it together."

  Mino opened the wooden box and took out eight dried little lizards from it.

   "Take it away, this is your food reserve." Mu Liang's eyes narrowed slightly, and his heart was a little moved.

   He reminded in a deep voice: "Don't forget, I am an adult, and I pay a different tax from you."

   "I..." Mino trembled, and trembling unwillingly: "There must be other ways."

  How could the girl forget that adult taxes are different, she just wanted to keep Mu Liang, and then secretly set up more stone traps and collected fifty little lizards.

   "You forgot, what did you say on the first day we met?"

   Mu Liang slightly raised his head and looked at the girl calmly.

   On the first day Minuo rescued him, thinking that Mu Liang was dead, he was rummaging through his body.

   Unexpectedly, Mu Liang suddenly made a sound, and Minuo was frightened.

   Then, the girl was still too tender, and she was stunned by Mu Liang's words.

   exchanged the girl’s help with his portable saber and water wall.

   It was also the same day, Mino said: This is just a deal, you leave immediately.

   "I..." Mino flushed, trying to say something in a panic, but didn't know how to explain it.

   She turned around without saying a word, and pulled out a camouflage backpack from under the wooden bed.

   The girl panicked carrying her backpack and gently placed it in front of Mu Liang.

   "I didn't move anything at all, it was all inside."

   Mino pursed his mouth, his eyes timidly pleaded: "I will return it to you, will you stay here?"

   "Why do I have to stay?"

   Muliang didn't go to look at the backpack, and asked doubtfully: "We have only known each other for five days, are you afraid that I am a bad guy?"

   He reminded the girl that he didn't want to get her things back, but just wanted to know why the girl suddenly changed.

   "I, I... I don't know." Mino lowered his head and grabbed the hem of his clothes with his small hands.

   Anyway, she felt very uncomfortable when she heard that Mu Liang was leaving.

   This is the same feeling that my sister had to leave four years ago in order to pay her taxes.

   The ignorant girl, for the slightest feeling that had appeared before, wanted to grasp it firmly.

   Minor was too young to have a choice before, but now he doesn't want to experience the loneliness and helplessness of her sister after she left.

   "Wait, I have one more thing, it should be enough to pay taxes."

   Mino bit his lower lip, his mind flashed.

   The girl thought of important things, turned around in the wooden shed, and finally hurriedly crawled under the wooden bed.

   "I found it, still alive."

   After a long time, the girl uttered joyous cheers.

   "What is it?" Mu Liang asked with a probe.

  Minuo climbed out of the wooden bed, holding a slapped tortoise with both hands, and came to Mu Liang.

   "The tortoise?" Mu Liang said in surprise, and the probe took the tortoise that looked a bit like a tortoise.

   At this time, there was a voice in his mind:

   "Ding! Tameable creature detected, bound to the trainer system..."

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chapter 2

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