Chapter 1597 is sure that there is a villain hiding behind the scenes doing things!

In the luxurious room, when the total length of the black repairing party appeared on the screen, there were only a few lucid girls in the room, and they fainted in a moment.

"Plender, you should be in the lab at this time, and start preparing for the work." The old man on the screen said with incompetence: "You want to enjoy, and after waiting for things, I will continue to meet your requirements."

Master Pride sneered and looked at the old man who would die at any time... How could he not know that the old man’s life had already exceeded the limit?

It’s a poor fellow, and I have to bear the fear of death all the time.

"You seem to have forgotten your identity." Master Pride shook his head. "Maybe, you want me to think about it last time, quietly coming to you and using a knife against your throat." Let you think of some things - of course, this time you can use a knife, what do you want to use? I can satisfy you."

The total length of the seminar, the eyes suddenly burst into a strange blue light.

Master Pride did not care: "I know that your mental strength is stronger than the average person, but your body can't support it, isn't it? You want to be able to survive."

"No, just because I want to be able to survive." The chief of the Black Retreat suddenly whispered: "So I am going to change something."

“For example?” Master Pride asked with a sly look.

"The relationship between the master and the slave." The chief of the black singer's eyes is now Blu-ray. "I am afraid of death, so I rarely use my power... But now I am going to die, how can I not use my power? De, majesty!"

Master Plade took a momentary moment and then shook his head... This old man was afraid that he had lost his mind before he died.

But suddenly he looked unusually surprised.

His body, at this time, was directly on the ground... Master Pride from the moment of error, to anger, "What have you done to me!"

"When I found you, I have secretly planted a spiritual seed for you!"

The total length of the black retreat at this time is gradually faded in the eyes. "The satisfaction of you has always been just to paralyze you... This seed has long been rooted in your spirit without knowing it..., as long as I have a thought, I can explode your spiritual world and turn you into an idiot!"

"Do you dare?!!" Master Pride gnawed his teeth: "I want to destroy my spirit... you have to pay for it!"

"I didn't dare in the past! But now I dare... I am dying. You said that I don't dare?" The chief smiled madly at this moment: "You dare to be hard with a person who is going to die, come on! Go with the same Let's go!"

Master Pride is silent.

"What should I do, just do what... Pride, don't challenge my remaining patience before I die."

The communication is off.

Master Pride raised his head, and his eyes flashed a cold mang... Suddenly, his mouth showed a thin smile, whispered: "Innocent... the spirit of this area is different. If you are a guy who has not explored the world of powerful civilizations, will you probably be your way?"

At this point, a slight shock came.

I have to log in.

"Just play with you in this group of indigenous people." Pride's eyes flashed a glimpse of the play, and then walked out of the luxurious room.


At the same time, in the control room, Captain Justin's seat suddenly sinks, then through a long metal passage, and finally slipped into a serious room.

There are seven serious old people and middle-aged people in the room, including the captain of the fighting nuns, Katrina.

Captain Justin looked around and sighed: "The chief commander gave me the power to direct this action. You don't have it."

Everyone is silent.

Captain Justin waved his hand and the conference table rose to the screen. It was a map of the town, with a bright light spot.

"This action, the primary goal is Father Stella, then the arrest of Ramias, and the reversal of the recycling of the Holy Relics."

Captain Justin quickly said: "The light spot on the map is the signal released by the [Fear Reverse Cross] armor carried by Grant Sister and others who traveled last time. Ramias will not know how to release these signals. ...she may be trying to lure us where the signal is."

"On a few pieces [Fear against the cross], she can't fight against the retreat."

"She also has [弑神甲甲], which is more troublesome. I have already mentioned that it is not possible to hand over [Yu Shen armor] to Ramias for the reason of the highest adaptability, so... Carter Lin Naqing, this thing, shouldn’t you be responsible for it?”

Katrina, in front of her seat, was silent and her face was full of anger.

"Before dawn!" Captain Justin suddenly knocked on the table. "It is necessary to complete all the tasks of this time. This is the direction of the chief... So everyone, there is no need to be in this meeting."

"Oh..." the man snorted. "The last time I sent Grant Sister, I was unintentional. I should have easily arrested and let Ramias escape. Even the Nautilus sank, it is hard to continue. Add the action of catching Ramias to Katrina."

Katrina is still silent.

Captain Justin frowned. "Callon, so?"

That person... Karon Qing said indifferently: "I will be responsible for the arrest of Ramias."

Captain Justin heard the words of Katrina, revealing the meaning of the inquiry.

"I have no opinion." Katrina Qing finally said at the moment: "The command of this action is you, you decide."

"That's all right." Captain Justin nodded. "Then arrest the Ramias and give it to Karon." Next is Father Stella. The destruction of the Nautilus by Stella It seems that I am afraid that at least three combat groups need to be dispatched to capture him. So this time the "fighting nuns" group, the weirdo corps, and the assassin will be dispatched together, and the warship will provide you with the necessary firepower support."

"Not enough." Unexpectedly, Katrina Qing suddenly said: "I want to deal with Stella, three battle groups are not enough, I applied to use the remaining two highest crystal armor [disaster] and [Dawn]. ”

"Yes." Captain Justin said indifferently: "I originally planned to use [disaster] and [Twilight]... The overall length means that I will try my best and leave no room for it, even if it is to smooth the town. Do not hesitate."

They have shaken, and Katrina can’t help but reveal a stunned look... It’s not the same as giving the British Knights a direct battle.

The Cavaliers did not pay attention to the matter between the Black Retreat and the Holy Church, but this would amount to pushing the Knights to the camp of the Holy Church.

"Everyone." The captain said at this time: "Stella can be the best source of Saint Sepower, with the source of Saint Power, our 100-year plan will be completed, then... we will be fearless of all forces And strength."

"...the horrible corps and the head of the assassin, discuss the details of the action with me."

Katrina sighed, she already understood the determination of the chief, and vaguely felt that the total length may not be able to wait for it... at all, it is a good example of the desperation of the chief.

"Then I will take a step first." Kalongqing also got up and left the seat, looking at the grim face of Katrina, a few people smiled and said: "I'm sorry, I did not expect that I originally picked the easier task. , then... I’ve worked hard, I’m going to prepare champagne, waiting for you to finish the mission and come back to celebrate.”

Catalina Qing looked at Karonqing coldly, just a look, and then ignored it.

Kalongqing, who was about to leave the conference room door, suddenly stopped. "Right, arresting Ramias, just to recapture the resurrection of the Holy Relics and her [God's armor]? If so, if she died If you resist, killing doesn't matter... anyway, just take things back, right? Justin?"

Katrina was as if she had not heard it, and she was not affected at all.

Captain Justin looked at Katrina, and thought: "I want to live as much as possible. After all, she is a person who will be a contemporane. Even if she wants to die, she must go through trial. Of course, if the situation changes, allow you to do it yourself. Judging."

"How can I be willing to kill her?" Karonqing smiled and said: "After all, Ramias is the master of Pride's name... I will of course be a gentleman."

After that, the Karonqing strode out of the conference room.

At the same time, this huge submarine also completed the registration on the seabed.

Such a huge submarine can't really get close to the shore... It's just a lot of landing speedboats, but it's shot from the submarine, and then draws a wave of waves that rush to the shore.



Late at night, the Vasco paladin suddenly had an ominous feeling... He opened his eyes directly and pushed the door out of the room.

The night sky outside the church, somehow, gave Vasco a particularly faint feeling. At the same time, a little glimmer of light in the night sky caught his attention.

"this is……"

At the fastest speed to discern what these shimmers represent, Vasco's face could not help but reveal a shocking color.

At the same time, Vasco also saw Stella.

At this time, Stella, wearing a fat and loose pajamas, stood in the courtyard, and Atango was in the arms of the priest, who seemed to want to struggle, but was forced to grab it by Father Stella... ... Togo, tonight, seems to be particularly violent.

"Stra! What happened?!" Vasco came to the front of Father Stella. "These resident of the town?"

"More than that." Father Stella shook his head. "I counted it, and the students at those colleges probably have it."

"what happened?"

“Does this need to ask?” Father Stella turned back and looked at Vasco, who was a former son of his own family. “Look at this situation, I know that there is definitely a devil who lurks here. It’s a black wind to do things!”

"Damn!" Vasco suddenly bit his teeth and watched the densely gathered soul in one direction, and immediately rushed out of the church door at the next moment.

There are many believers in this town... As paladins, they have the obligation and duty to guard every believer in the Lord. He cannot watch these souls being taken away in vain.

However, when he stepped out of the church door, a strong sense of dizziness, so hanging over, let Vasco fall to the ground... His body has just recovered, the superb and honest force is like a **** The same, mad to vent!

Vasco was shocked and quickly returned to the church to stop the loss in time.

"What happened in the outside..." Vasco's face was slightly pale at the moment: "I just went out and felt that the soul seemed to be sucked away directly!"

"That's because your faith is not strong enough." Father Stella walked up to Vasco at this time and said, "Come, I have a full set of amulets here, one hundred sets, to make sure you are fine!"

Said, the priest directly pulled away his pajamas... I saw the sides of the pajamas, and at this time it was covered with a variety of strange amulets.

All kinds of belief systems have...

Vasco brows and can't help but jump a bit, almost didn't press himself, jumped up and killed this heresy!

He no longer cares about Stella, jumped directly onto the roof of the church, and tried to contact several Paladin waiters who stayed in the town apartment... Although the phone was connected, no one answered.

Vasco looked away and found that in the town, a large blockbuster of souls poured out, and death was shrouded... but the church was not affected here.

The town has a small population, but counts as a student of the college, and says that there are also a population of 100,000. In the face of the fate of the town at this time, Vasco can't help but be anxious.

"that place……"

At this point, the soul seems to be involved in a whirlpool, hovering in the night sky... hovering, and finally rolled to the ground - it seems to be a square in the center of the town.

"Stra, is your stuff really useful?" Vasco bowed his head at this moment.

“Crap!” Father Stella said coldly at this time: “It’s all I paint, it’s definitely useful!”

"Give me a set!" Vasco gritted his teeth and even jumped down without waiting for Father Stella to react. He reached out and grabbed something from Father Stella's pajamas and resolutely turned to the church door. Go out.

"Really... useful?"

Vasco looked at the things he had grabbed in a dumbfounded way - this is a self-portrait that Stella himself painted with his soul.

"Bastard, Vasco!! Don't think that you used to mix me and your sister, I don't have to give money for my things!" The priest in the courtyard was angry at this time. "I won't call you tonight, I I can't help countless lives that have died on your sister!"

Vasco was angry and turned away - he really didn't have time and Stella was crazy here!



"The signal from [Fear against the cross] is here, but..."

On a deserted grassland in the suburbs, several men with a cold face dug out a black box from the mud.

"It seems that Ramias is actively buried in this place." This time the director Karonqing sneered, "It’s really smart."

"Adult, how can Ramias be so stupid, will stay here, wait for us to appear?"

"She used the secrets of the seminar and the reversal of the holy relics as the key points." Karonqing said with a sneer: "I hope that the Master will be punished inside the sect, and then hand it over to her."

Listening to this matter from the mouth of Kalongqing, all the subordinates are stunned. " she crazy?"

"Maybe she thought that after she had taken Stella, she had the power to fight against the congregation." Karonqing shook his head: "Stupid woman... Let's go, it seems, if Ramias is still in the town. If you are, you will definitely stay with Stella..."

At this time, a subordinate came back, "Adult, found a manor in front... I saw Ramias in it!"



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