Chapter 1596 Honey falling on the ground

The pedestrian did not make any screams, so they fell down one by one, then stopped breathing and ushered in death.

The heart was shocked, but Mai Lada, who was not eclipsed, looked at the past one by one. After walking ten meters in front and watching the three bodies, he could not help but wonder: "Is it a curse?"

He couldn't see the deadly wounds from these townspeople. He could only infer that a certain [non-human] had been mentally attacked - but in fact, even if the spirit was hit, the human body should still Keep a short period of activity right.

But these people lost all their vitality in a flash.

At this time, Teacher Purin looked up at the sky and was silent.

"What are you looking at?" Mai Lada trembled in her heart, feeling that she was at the moment, and I was afraid of what was missed because of the banned power.

"You can see it now." Teacher Purin reached out and succumbed to Mai Lada's forehead.

See... see?

He looked at the eyes and looked at it. He saw only a little glimmer under the night. At this time, it was slowly drifting into the air... The gleam was like a firefly, but it was a beautiful scene, but at the same time it made people fear. .

Because of these fluorescences, it is a human soul after death... It may become a spiritual body, it may become a ghost, and it may even be a ghost, a evil spirit - mainly depends on the environmental conditions at that time.

But obviously, these souls have not become anything, just the most original state.

When he finally took a sigh of cold, he suddenly reacted to what Mr. Purin said, what the meaning of the town’s time was over!

Anyone...or, what power, at this time, all the life in this town is being harvested!


For a moment, the answer emerged in the heart of Mai Lada, [Pluto] appeared, only [Pluto] can bring death!

"I found it! I finally found it!" The ecstasy instantly wiped out the sorrow of McLada during this time. He laughed and looked at it in the direction of the gathering of the dead souls. [Pluto], will definitely be at the end of the soul gathering.

"You better not leave me too far." But at this time, the teacher's words are like the same cold water, so that Mai Lada seems to have taken a very low cold, "Leave me too far, you It will become like them."

Mai Lada, who had just stepped in, suddenly stiffened his body, and the sole of his foot was lifted, and he stopped. He instinctively shuddered and looked back ugly and asked: "What do you mean? ”

"You will die." Teacher's answer, unusually simple and... rude.

"Are you going? You will definitely go right? The place where these souls went." Mai Lada looked at Prin eagerly at this moment, "I seem to hear the call of [Pluto], it is calling I!"

Teacher Purin said: "No, you are just too excited, so there is an auditory hallucination. It does not call anyone... wake up, don't dream."

"I don't believe it!" Mai Lada looked like a fire.

"Then you go five steps." Teacher Purin thought: "The five steps are no longer safe. I have already reminded you that your life is your own."

Mai Lada walked four and a half times in a row. In the last half of the step, there was a cold sweat, and it seemed that he could not go anyway... He even felt despair.

Cowardly, fearful, and negative emotions broke out. Recalling the experiences of these times, the pride of the past was broken, and the only remaining self-esteem was trampled upon by the whole life. "I am just a garbage!!"

As soon as he gritted his teeth, the last half step finally stepped on... Closed his eyes, even if he really ushered in death at this time, he was already fearless - he felt his soul seemed to be sublimated, only feeling Easy.

But he did not die as Professor Purin said... He still stood, and everything in front of him did not change.

"I am not dead! I am not dead..." Mai Lada lost her eyes for a while, followed by ecstasy. "Ha ha ha ha! I am not dead! I saw no, [Pluto] did not harvest my life! It must have sensed the blood of the gods in my body! I will be its people! God... will not slaughter their people!"

"No, it's just that I am behind you." Teacher Purin's voice came from behind behind La Rada.

Mai Lada rushed, looking at the five-step road ahead, and suddenly lost the courage to go again.

But Pulin’s teacher went forward, and Mai Lada slammed a spurt and quickly followed the footsteps, eagerly saying: “Where are you going?”

"Let's see what happened." Teacher Purin said indifferently: "In addition, I also want to see what Pluto looks like... If there really is Pluto, maybe it can answer some of my questions."

Mai Lada did not speak, as long as the teacher of Prince is willing to go, it seems to be good... Although he lost his power as a [non-human], he is extremely determined, and [Pluto] is there!

At this time, more and more townspeople fell in the town... The scope was not limited to the center of the town, but it has spread to the surrounding areas.

The souls that slowly drifted into the night sky, attracted to what, and gathered in the same position, gradually increased.

Like a large wetland, then came to the midsummer night.



deep sea.

There are countless routes here, whether above sea level or below sea level - it even has a mysterious area that is far more secret than land.

The huge shadows are marching under the sea... Under the dark sea, the body of this behemoth is constantly flashing a few different shimmers.

Among the giants.

"Report, found the wreckage of the Nautilus, whether to explore!"

Justin, the captain of another huge submarine in the Black Regiment, was one of the main brains of the new school. When the subordinates reported, Justin was thinking about the intention of the president of the retreat.

He was a bit stunned...because this time almost used 80% of the strength of the Black Retreat Headquarters - that is to say, in this submarine sailing in the deep sea, it is almost the full strength of the Black Retreat.

What is left is only some of the field staff, as well as ordinary members who have not been able to reach the core... staying, just to get the headquarters to operate at a minimum.

What will the General Director give such an order?

Not only that, but even Master Pride brought directly... and even the things planned for a hundred years, they were directly moved into the submarine.

It is also said that this submarine is not a product of civilization on land, otherwise there is no way to prepare everything in such a short period of time.

At this time, the report of the subordinate interrupted the thinking of Captain Justin... If this time he sailed, he would be able to give instructions immediately, but the chief of the black retreat is here.

Captain Justin had to go directly to the chief communications and ask about the Nautilus, but the answer was...

- No need to waste time for a silent nautilus, log in as soon as possible!

The decisive tone, as if the Nautilus was just a negligible broken wooden boat - this Nautilus is the most powerful submarine ever used in the Black Retreat, and even now, many of its functions are still very powerful!

But the command of the chief may not be violated... This is a belief derived from Justin's heart.

Don't look at the black cults and make a new faction, the old ones, and don't look at how fierce the two parties' secret battles are, but as long as they are orders from the chief, they cannot be violated.

The high-level core of the black sect, each body, has the spiritual hint of the chief executive--these core executives are like a sly under the influence of the great spiritual power of the black sergeant.

The old school of the new school is fighting because of the problem of Master Pride. It is only the relationship that the chief has been silent. At this time, the chief commander ordered that the black sect would use most of the power in the shortest time. It is a nest.

Unlike the Church of the Holy Spirit, it is intricately entangled, and the black meditation is a one-person meditation... the talented master of the talents.

“Find the right landing point as soon as possible!”

Captain Justin issued the order directly at the moment - at the same time, a guy who made him a headache, just happened to be in front of Captain Justin.

On the screen, what appeared was the unusually ugly face of Master Pride... Not only that, but some scenes in the room also appeared in the presence of Captain Justin.

Although it was only a few corners of the picture, but looking at the girl's half-keel body, the Captain Justin still had the urge to twitch.

"The toy is not enough, send some more."

Master Plaid just said such a sentence, he directly closed the communication... Control room, a group of subordinates to the captain.

Captain Justin slowly sighed at this moment, and he fell awkwardly. He looked at the angry eyes of his subordinates and finally sighed and waved: "This time... send a few more past Well, for the future jihad and the rise, some sacrifices are necessary."

In the control room, there was a very depressed silence.

Why do you constantly meet Pride's requirements?

Directly controlling him, isn’t it better to torture him?

How can Captain Justin not know the thoughts of these young people - but what these young people don't know is that this master of Plade can't kill or even control.

He can refine his body into something else, thus breaking away from all the blockade... The so-called enchantment will be directly transformed into a free ion in the air.

As for the human hot weapon, in the eyes of Master Pride, it is just a pile of scrap iron.

More importantly, if you can't kill him, he will kill you. It's not so much that the Black Society can get the power to cooperate with him by satisfying the requirements of Master Pride. It is better to say that it is to get the Pride. The shot, and all kinds of please.

The relationship between the two sides has been out of balance since the beginning.


Turn off the communication, in a luxurious room - even if it was moved to the bottom of the sea, Pride still insisted on a comfortable environment - this room was originally the chief of the black retreat, but at this time Already he is coming.

"A group of slaves." Master Pride suddenly sneered. "You have already missed the opportunity to control me."

The time to control him, only at the very beginning - when he fell in this small world, the world of this small world has been suppressed and the power is almost completely lost, even when ordinary people can kill him.

Now after a period of cultivation, he has analyzed some of the world will of the sub-world, and wrote some rules from his original sub-world. After the ability to [structural alchemy] can be used, the black retreat will no longer be placed. In his eyes.

The reason why I have been staying for a long time is because I need some slaves in this sub-world. I also feel very interested in the things that the black retreats live in, and I am very resistant to the fun.

The devil of alchemy, the man who ruled the world with despair... This is the life of Pride before he left the original world.

He could have continued to play the life of the whole world, but after the power had reached the end of the peak, he was desperately trying to turn the world will into his own plaything, but in the end he was the tool to destroy the civilization for the will of the world.

But Pride is indeed a sad and mad person. When the civilization was destroyed, he did not hesitate to launch the vast majority of the alchemists of the empire, and with hundreds of millions of lives, he was transformed into a sub-world. The passage...even the body of the sage, which is capable of storing the structure and smelting rules, into the void.

As soon as he is ruined, his success is the life of an entire empire.

"The power has not recovered yet." Master Pride was thinking about something while enjoying a sincere and fearful service.

He struggled with the enemy in the cracks, and finally because of a horrible wave of disturbances, he fell into a sub-world of incredible chaos and an unusually diverse sub-world... Pride believes that he can survive, his enemy The same can be done.

Otherwise, he has already blew the other side in the void.

Therefore, he is not allowed to be his enemy. At this time, he is hiding in the corner of the world. He is developing in the dark and accumulating strength.

"You hurt me!"

Suddenly, Master Pride snorted and punched directly. The ** had not had time to speak, and the neck had been directly broken by Pride.

He likes the feeling of killing a girl... Especially this beautiful woman, the woman of the goddess in the eyes of countless people, the feeling of killing it, makes him more addicted.

The girl's neck was broken and she was thrown away by Pride... His eyes swept away, and another girl hiding in the corner shook and trembled.

But at this time, the screen in the luxurious room suddenly opened, appearing in front of the master of Pride, is a face full of wrinkles, unusually old.

"Pride, you haven't."

The old man is... the chief of the black retreat.


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