Will he come to the snow mountain, so he will not suffer such a painful and miserable death?

He loathed his own existence, and wished he could die, but because of his hatred, he could only suppress the loathing and get along with himself.

It wasn't until the hatred was rewarded that he finally killed himself with peace of mind and pleasure.

In Gu Xichao's view, apart from the murderers and accomplices, there was one last enemy for the tragic death of the Gu family.

— It was Gu Xichao himself.

And it is precisely this point that is the core of Gu Xichao's life and death soul.

The moment Chi Yiyin wrote this sentence in the notebook, all the new words added to the work log, together with all the records written by the recorder, flickered with a faint light, and then disappeared.

Just leave a blank page, as if nothing ever happened.

The sharp claws of the humanoid monster were already close at hand, and the blowing wind from the side of Chi Yiyin's cheeks blew a knife-like pain, only a few centimeters away, and he would fall into the encirclement of the monster and be bitten and devoured by the monster.

Chi Yiyin raised her eyelashes, her blue eyes looked at Gu Xichao across the snow and wind in the mountains, calm and calm.

Gu Xichao, who had the winning ticket in his hands, couldn't help being astonished, and then slowly became serious, realizing that something unexpected might happen.

Why is Chi Yiyin... so calm?

But soon, Gu Xichao got the answer.

The moment the monster was about to grab Chi Yiyin, the entire snow mountain and the air stopped still, as if the pause button had been pressed, and the monsters froze in place.

In the next second, all the humanoid monsters shattered into pieces, scattered all over the ground into **** pieces of flesh, and dyed the pure white snow bright red.

Chi Yiyin stood still again.

Holding the wordless book in his hand, he walked calmly through the **** floor.

Groups of flesh and blood exploded beside him, but not even a drop of blood splashed on him. Instead, it was like fireworks going off for his victory, brilliant and bright red.

Sitting in a wheelchair, Gu Xichao felt that he had lost control of the entire snow mountain in an instant. Something that he ignored was quickly swallowing up the whole incident, starting from the small town in the distance and spreading all the way to the snow mountain. It was once pure and clean. All the white snow has melted, leaving only the corpses on the ground without ice and snow cover.

All the townspeople who died under the invitation letter in the past few years appeared on the plains and mountain peaks with their eyes wide open. Wherever they could see, there were blood and water, deep and light red, like an accusation against the devil.

Gu Xichao watched all this happen but couldn't stop it, his eyes darkened instantly, and looked at Chi Yiyin with eyes full of danger and anger.

But Chi Yiyin didn't leave him any chance to talk this time.

The moment Gu Xichao looked over, Chi Yiyin immediately waved his hand, and the high-raised arm fell heavily, hitting Gu Xichao's chest hard, and there was a "crack" sound, and the pain of broken ribs piercing into the lungs made Gu Xichao uncontrollably distorted With handsome eyebrows and eyes, he choked back a pained snort in his throat.

But a trace of blood slowly flowed down the corner of Gu Xichao's lips.

stained his clothes red.

As soon as Chi Yiyin destroyed all the possibility of Gu Xichao's resistance, he stopped moving, stood in front of the wheelchair and looked down at him.

"I gave you a chance, Gu Xichao. But it seems that you didn't care when I was patient with you."

"So when my patience runs out, it's time, in another way, to let you hear my voice."

There was a smile on Chi Yiyin's lips, and he asked him softly: "The winner seems to be me?"

But the pain caused by the punctured lung suppressed Gu Xichao, and he wanted to say something, but his mouth was full of blood. He watched Chi Yiyin standing in front of him helplessly. At such a close distance, it seemed that Chi Yiyin was too careless and put his life in his hands.

The fact is, Gu Xichao lost all the ability to resist, and even under the pain, even talking is extravagant.

After many years of death, he actually once again felt the same pain as when he was alive.

Gu Xichao asked with bright eyes - what did you do to me?

He could feel that he was vaguely held by Chi Yiyin, like a marionette, who could do whatever he was asked to do, and felt a deep sense of powerlessness.

Nothing can be done, nothing can be protected, even if he cries, no one can hear his voice... At that moment, Gu Xichao returned to the snowy night in a trance, pain and despair were like insects and ants, gnawing at him Numb corpses.

Chi Yiyin seemed unable to see Gu Xichao's pain, so he laughed instead.

"Normally, I'm a reasonable person, but there are a lot of people who don't appreciate the moment and don't want to listen to me."

"So, I have to use another method to let them listen to me."

Chi Yiyin stretched out her hand, gently wiped the blood on Gu Xichao's lips with her slender fingers, and said softly, "Look, after all, I'm still a reasonable person."

"It's just that I don't like a lot of truths. I want to change them, and replace your truths with mine."

"Gu Xichao, you said that the future of the world is in the hands of the dead. If everyone in the world is guilty, then everyone will die... just like what you did to yourself? When you think you are guilty, kill yourself. "

Chi Yiyin's voice was deep but soft, as if he was watching the play of naughty children: "Be cruel to others, but even more cruel to yourself. Gu Xichao, since that night that year, have you ever liked yourself for even a moment?"

There was a burning pain in his chest, and all the scenes in front of Gu Xichao's eyes were gradually changing color, as if he was about to experience death again.

Gu Xichao didn't know what was going on, but he knew that it was Chi Yiyin and...

He looked down and landed on the work log in Chi Yiyin's hand.

Chi Yiyin also immediately noticed Gu Xichao's gaze, he smiled slightly, and then spread the work log on his lap, so that he could clearly see the contents of the book.

Empty with nothing.

Gu Xichao was stunned for a moment, the original vigilance froze on his face, obviously he didn't expect that he was afraid, it turned out to be just a blank page.

"No, this used to record all the causes of tragedy for you and your family."

Chi Yiyin asked: "Do you still remember the person who sent you out of the town? This is the item he once owned."

Gu Xi rolled his Adam's apple up and down, obviously remembering that person back then.

If it weren't for the traffic recorder, he would be just a handful of dead bones thrown in the snow field now. It is precisely because someone saved him back then that he finally left half of the town behind, allowing those who have never done evil things to live a peaceful and leisurely life.

Hate and gratitude tugged at his soul repeatedly, and finally made him make the decision to split.

He surrounded the entire snowfield, used invitation letters to lure those murderers and accomplices away from the crowd, isolated the demons from the crowd, and stayed here, dying year after year.

Every time the plot is triggered, the murderous outlaws will die once, endlessly.

Gu Xichao looked at their deaths and struggles, in order to get a moment of comfort, as if the family members who died tragically back then were finally able to close their eyes, and the eyes of brothers and sisters who died in peace, finally stopped staring at him and questioning him...

Those people are demons, but there is no **** to punish them.

That being the case, let him turn into a demon and fall to hell, so that those desperadoes who hunt for life will never have the chance to kill others again.

And the tragedy of his family will never happen again.

Gu Xichao's head, which had been raised all the time, finally dropped heavily in front of Chi Yiyin.

Like a sinful soul kneeling before the gods and telling of its sins.

But Gu Xichao never begged for forgiveness.

"Kill me."

Blood flowed from Gu Xi's lips, and every hoarse word consumed his whole life.

"The winner is you."

Chi Yiyin's blue eyes were gradually stained with a smile.

Under the snow-capped mountains, there are unknown sins hidden, and under the cleanest and purest ice and snow, there are buried corpses who refuse to rest in peace.

The demons created by human beings with their own evil deeds finally devoured human beings themselves.

When the devil crawls back from the **** of hatred and rage, all sinful souls will hear his roar, and rise from the sack of the grave, remembering their sins anew.

God has never forgiven the sins of the world, and prayers entrusted to God are nothing but self-comforting lies.

And when God wakes up from his deep sleep, it will be the time of reckoning.

There was silence in the snow-capped mountains.

The broken corpses of Ye Laodie and the others gradually turned into **** water, flowing along the cliff, and all the corpses preserved like ice sculptures on the entire plain and mountain peak collapsed into **** water and pieces of flesh, flowing over the ground at the moment when Gu Xichao bowed his head and pleaded guilty. The plains moisten the earth.

At this moment, the snow mountain that has not melted all year round finally began to melt and loosen, and the false purity faded away.

Chi Yiyin's slender palms were placed on the top of Gu Xichao's hair, and the calm and compassionate look in his downcast eyes was like a god.

Li Sijun watched Chi Yiyin quietly, but a smile appeared on his lips.

When Chi Yiyin was fighting against Gu Xichao, Li Sijun finally saw what that power was.


That is, the ability to rewrite the world and create the world is enough to destroy everything and rebuild a new country on the ruins.

Whether it is Ma Yuze's twisted tragedy, or Gu Xichao's core soul touched, Chi Yiyin's ability is writing and creation.

This is... the power that only gods could control.

Now it appears in the hands of a human—no, there is a footless bird brooch, and Chi Yiyin is her child.

Li Sijun's heart was full of sighs, but unexpectedly, he was not disgusted, but full of anticipation.

Blasphemers should have died of divine punishment, peepers would lose their light, and the Tower of Babel will eventually return to the earth. Don't think about the sky.

But now, Li Sijun just wants to know what the world created by Chi Yiyin will look like.

"Chi Yiyin, Chi God... Those people probably don't know that their fanaticism is like faith, and some people have walked into the darkness and approached the origin of the world."

Li Sijun murmured, he looked at Chi Yiyin, his golden brown eyes were shining like fine wine brewed from honey.

Chi Yiyin heard Li Sijun's voice, and when he looked sideways, his blue eyes looked like the sky far away.

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