Skye - or world awareness, which ignores one fact.

When it is close to Chi Yiyin, it can also be said that Chi Yiyin is close to it.

Now the distance between them is only a short distance away, and the world consciousness can't wait to take Chi Yiyin away, but because of its eagerness, it neglects to expose Skye's heart to Chi Yiyin.

And Chi Yiyin...

He is the one who once sent a dagger into the heart of a god.

The world consciousness slowed down by half a beat, and it was strange because of Chi Yiyin's sudden words after a long silence, but there was a cold light in the corner of his vision.

Before it could be reflected, Chi Yiyin's figure was already reflected in Skye's lifeless eyes.

He raised his palm high, then lowered it heavily, piercing Skye's chest.

And what was clasped in his palm was clearly the footless bird brooch pinned to his chest all the time.

The world consciousness was shocked, and hurriedly got up and wanted to retreat.

But Chi Yiyin had already stretched out his hand to block behind him, and strangled his waist tightly, bursting out with amazing strength in anger.

And the dagger that popped out from under the footless bird's brooch also sank into Skye's chest.

Blood splattered everywhere.

Beads of blood splattered on Chi Yiyin's handsome face, making those firm eyes even more blue.

And the dagger continued downward, stabbing the heart mercilessly.

The world consciousness wants to withdraw from Skye's body, and Jin Chan escapes from her shell.

Although it is a pity that this body that can carry it was destroyed so easily, the world consciousness can only take a deep look at Chi Yiyin, preparing to make a comeback next time.

But just when it was about to leave, it was horrified to find that it felt pain!

The dagger in Chi Yiyin's hand was still going downwards, piercing deeper, the piercing pain spread in the world consciousness, and even the dagger was like a nail hammered into a wooden board, nailing it firmly to Skye. On the body, it can't escape.

But how is that possible!

It is just an aggregate of human subconsciousness, there is no entity in the void, not even a soul, it is just a concept, a cognition.

—Without the existence of entities, how to attack or even harm!

But no matter how shocked the world consciousness is, right in front of its eyes, Chi Yiyin has indeed done it.

And not ready to let it go.


Enduring the severe pain, the world consciousness tried to reach out to Chi Yiyin.

"You know, what are you doing! Chi Yiyin! Don't think that you are special because you are selected. I want to erase your consciousness, but it's just..."

"What about you has nothing to do with me."

Chi Yiyin raised her eyes, and calmly looked at the world consciousness in front of her with those dark and sharp eyes, as if she was looking at a dead person: "But you shouldn't block my way, approach me, and hurt my companion."

"If you touched the bottom line, you should be punished."

The footless bird brooch sank deep into Skye's chest, and the black and red blood flowed, which soon turned Skye into a **** man, and also stained Chi Yiyin's body.

His hands were **** and so slippery that he could barely hold the brooch.

Chi Yiyin suddenly lowered her brows and shouted angrily: "Give back this body—this body that doesn't belong to you at all!"


Along with the roar, there was the sound of splashing blood.

He pulled out the dagger abruptly, raised his palm high, and at that moment, blood flowed for several meters.

And the world consciousness also felt a strong suction force, which was crucified in Skye's body, was brought into the vortex by the suction force, then rushed to the sky quickly, and was pulled out of this body.

It feels itself flying high, very high.

almost reached the height of the sky.

The world consciousness looked down, and saw Skye, who had lost his control, fell limply, and was caught by Chi Yiyin and brought into his arms.

And Chi Yiyin seemed to be able to determine where it was, and looked up at it coldly, with cold eyes, and calmly and slowly mouthed to it, saying something.

—I will rewrite the world, and the rules are created by me. Destruction begins with you.

After seeing Chi Yiyin's mouth shape clearly, the world consciousness only felt chills and unstoppable fear.

…for the first time in the long time since its inception.

For the first time in eight thousand years, there is a human being that can make the subconscious aggregate of all human beings feel sincere fear.

It should be its own wish to be able to leave Skye's body, and it should be happy now that it has been achieved. But the world consciousness found that it seemed that it really angered Chi Yiyin and opened the eyes of the sleeping monster.

Like a vast expanse of sky.

Tolerance, but it also suppresses everything, and cannot escape.

The pain makes the world's consciousness confused. It looks at Chi Yiyin, but it is as dazzling as looking directly at the sun. The gentleman in a suit and the **** in a robe are intertwined. Different images overlap, and it is difficult to tell them apart for a while. Where is real and where is illusion.

It slowly discovered that it all came from Chi Yiyin's blow, as if the footless bird's dagger had penetrated deeply into its deepest core, destroying everything.

It was like a large machine that was supposed to operate precisely, but the most basic power source was destroyed, so all the gears and parts began to go crazy, out of control, and caused errors.

...the world is spinning out of control.

From the hands of world consciousness.

It looked at Chi Yiyin in horror, but the power brought by the dagger made it impossible to even get close again.

The world consciousness drifts away, filled with doubts and fears, and turns into an evening star in the sky.

Chi Yiyin's brows and eyes were cold, watching the distorted and fluctuating space and sky gradually return to normal, knowing that the world consciousness had left.

The coldness between his brows and eyes eased slightly, and he looked down at his arms again.

Skye's eyes were closed tightly, and he hung softly on his arms without any strength, as if he just fell asleep after losing his strength.

There was a big hole in his chest, and he could even see the blood vessels and muscles under the skin. The heart was beating slowly, getting slower and slower, and gradually stopped.

The blood also slowly stopped flowing.

Chi Yiyin hugged Skye, who had been dyed red and turned into a blood man, and fell silent for a while, standing where he was, with a blank look of sadness in his eyes.

In his other hand he was still clutching the footless bird brooch, so hard that the blade cut his own palm, and the blood trickled down the palm, dripping into a pool of blood.

But he hung his head, his hair was scattered, and the shadow blocked all his expressions, making it impossible to see his exact thoughts.


Skye died at his hands.

Chi Yiyin made a choice.

It is to let Skye be a puppet under the control of the world consciousness, as unconscious as a vegetable, leaving only an empty body without Skye's soul and consciousness, living in a daze.

Or... drive away the world consciousness, and let Skye, as himself, die happily when he dies.

Maintain his last dignity as a human being, take full control of his own body, and go to destruction.

If Skye's body is given to the world consciousness, Chi Yiyin knows that the world consciousness will cherish this hard-won suitable body, maintain the body like a machine, and use it for itself.

Skye will "live" in this way for a long time.

Maybe somewhere in his body, there will still be a little bit of his own consciousness and soul.

That probably can barely be called alive.

But Chi Yiyin didn't want to see such a scene.

Those who yearn for the sky the most will never be able to touch the sun and never have freedom.

Therefore, Chi Yiyin chose to take back Skye.

It also cut off all the possibility of Skye's resurrection.

World consciousness is not an underestimation of the enemy. If it is an ordinary sword or even a gun, as long as it is a weapon recognized by human beings, the artillery built by human beings will not be able to harm it.

Because it is the subconsciousness of human beings, just like people cannot strangle themselves.

But the footless bird brooch in Chi Yiyin's hand was an exception.

The first owner of the footless bird brooch was not Chi Yiyin, but Chi Yan.

On the small dagger hidden under the footless bird pattern, there are several sufficiently special lives.

Chi Yan used the footless bird brooch to kill herself by inserting a dagger into her heart in front of Li Sijun in a confrontation with the gods.

She escaped the manipulation of the world consciousness by death, and cut all the strings on the puppet.

In the real deserted old house, Chi Yan sent the footless bird brooch into Chi Yiyin's chest, causing him to be dragged into the game field when he was dying.

And Chi Yiyin gave Li Sijun a fatal blow with the footless bird brooch.

The dagger was already stained with divine blood.

It has become holy.

—Death promised by the gods.

From that moment on, a footless bird brooch stained with the blood of two candidates for the gods, or even the gods, is enough to bring death to any existence in the world.

As long as it is under the gods, even the gods themselves... can be killed.

The world consciousness was seriously injured by such a dagger, and Skye, in order to hurt the world consciousness and let it go away, Chi Yiyin had to use it to penetrate Skye's chest.

It also completely cut off all possible ways of life for Skye.

Nothing is perfect... Even the gods who created the world are not perfect, let alone the creations of the gods?

All choices have inevitable consequences.

And he, chose to let Skye die as a human being, rather than an empty shell.

Chi Yiyin's slender eyelashes trembled, and they were as wet as a goshawk whose feathers were wet by heavy rain.

He watched Skye, whose arms were getting colder and lost the last ray of life, and remained silent for a long time.

Li Sijun came over and gently held his hand holding the dagger.

The wound was irritated, Chi Yiyin moved her fingers instinctively, trying to avoid it.

But after he realized that it was Li Sijun beside him, he still gave up escaping and let Li Sijun slowly hold his hand and interlock his fingers.

Li Sijun's palm was also cut by the sharp dagger, but he didn't care, he still held Chi Yiyin's hand tightly, unwilling to let go no matter what.

God's blood seeped out, and gradually penetrated and blended with Chi Yiyin's blood, becoming an inseparable one.

Li Sijun looked down at Chi Yiyin and sighed softly: "Yinyin, it's time to let him go."

"Everyone has their own destiny, and there is a path they must take. Death is his destination. It is already a favor of fate that you keep him from falling into the abyss, so there is no need to feel sad for him."

"The soul that chases the sky ends up dying deep underground... That is cruel to him."

Chi Yiyin's lips were trembling.

His throat was sore and blocked, and he was unable to speak for a while, but he could only let go of his hand slowly after a long silence.

Skye closed his eyes tightly and fell to the ground, but turned into countless light spots, which collapsed like fireflies.

Little stars, beautiful as a dream.

But... is the price of life.

Skye's soul had already merged with "death" and disappeared from his body when he failed the test of the sea of ​​clouds train and fell into the abyss voluntarily.

What is here now is just an empty shell without life.

Like a dry plant that has lost its moisture, it shatters when touched.

Nothing can be kept.

Chi Yiyin closed her eyes, her voice was low, suppressing trembling and sadness.

"The child who chased the sky stayed in the sky. He will always exist among the clouds and coexist with the sky."

saint, sky...

festering goodness.

When Chi Yiyin opened his eyes again and looked at Li Sijun again, he had become firm again, as if the blade had been sharpened and had already been unsheathed.

"I don't like this world, since a long time ago. But I know very well that I was born and raised here, and cannot be separated from the world. The spider thread that is always connected, connects me and the world closely."

"Whether it's Yuze, Yueli, or Skye..."

"So, I am determined to change the world, starting from the power of pardoning the gods and taking control of the world."

"Li Sijun, help me—I want to become a new world, a new god."

Chi Yiyin's words are so firm, when his syllables are scattered in the air, it seems that even the sky and the earth are trembling and collapsing, and invisible forces are cheering and fearing.

But Li Sijun slowly opened his eyes wide and held his breath for a moment.

Ecstasy was like exploding fireworks, covering all his thoughts, all backgrounds and sounds were quickly receding and fading, and the only thing left in his vision was Chi Yiyin.

His face and voice, his pleas and commands...

Li Sijun's heart was shaking.

He slowly, slowly clenched Chi Yiyin's palm, the blood made them inseparable.

When Li Sijun turned around, he reached out to Chi Yiyin, gently held his cheek, and gently wiped away the blood splashed on his face.

He smiled so softly, as if the sea of ​​clouds dyed golden, red, pink and purple by the sunset glow before the sun set, enveloping Chi Yiyin with its infinite brilliance and softness.

"If this is what you expect..."

"Yinyin, unless you want to stay away, there is nothing that can make me reject you—even if it means killing gods and destroying the world."

Li Sijun lowered his head, and gently lifted Chi Yiyin's cheek with the hand that was stroking Chi Yiyin's cheek. There was no distance between them, and they could even feel each other's breathing clearly.

Those soft and beautiful lips were right in front of his eyes, tempting him to lower his head, and gently kissed the lips of the only believer he recognized.

The breath is long and short, and a little bit of pink spreads to the end of the eyes and the pinnae of the ears.

"I promise you, Chi Yiyin."

"I will help you, cut down the old gods, regain the throne, control and change the world you hate."

"Your words will become the only decree of God, your authority is recognized by all the people, your rules are the new covenant in the world, the king bows to you, and all things in the mountains and rivers recognize your respect."

"I will worship you as my only god."

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