It is the level of language that is enough to kill a large number of players.

Unless the player triggers a certain task, after completing it, he will gain abilities similar to NPCs. No matter what other NPCs say, it sounds the same language to him.

A loophole under God's punishment.

No, or it is the last opportunity given by the gods to allow the world to choose their own future again.

Chi Yiyin's eyes flickered, and she looked up at Li Sijun.

"What are you thinking?"

During Chi Yiyin's long time of contemplation, Li Sijun kept watching him without blinking, but when the other party looked over, he spoke preemptively.

It seems that Chi Yiyin has been paying attention to him.

Chi Yiyin: "..."

He felt that he and Li Sijun couldn't get along.

However, in view of the convenience of coercing the emperor to make the princes, Chi Yiyin pursed her lips, and decided to endure this dungeon to get used to having Li Sijun beside her.

To deal with the system, there is no better tool than Li Sijun, um.

"I was just thinking about Jingcha and the others."

Chi Yiyin said speciously: "I hope that Jingcha and Red Bird will be together. If that rabbit gets separated... it may become a braised rabbit."

After all, Red Bird still has brains, and in such an environment where the language is difficult, Red Bird is more useful than Jingcha.

Chi Yiyin doesn't like stupid people, but he is still willing to be more patient with the rabbit he tamed with his own hands, and selectively only sees the good points of the other party.

Li Sijun smiled lightly upon hearing this.

Chi Yiyin's eyes darkened slightly.

Li Sijun didn't ask any questions, which meant that he knew the language and knew the difficulties that Jingcha and the others would encounter.

He tried quietly, but in fact he wasn't really worried about Jingcha and the others at first.

But now it's different.

If Li Sijun knows, it means that the system is also very clear, which means that Red Bird Jingcha and the others will really be in danger...

"It's the first time to travel with Professor Chi, but Professor Chi doesn't seem to like the destination this time?"

Chi Wanwan happily dug out a large piece of butter, tilted her head and asked Chi Yiyin with a smile, "Are you going to find Professor Chi's companions?"

Chi Yiyin collected himself and looked at Chi Wanwan.

Speaking of which, when he left the last dungeon, he gave the book to Chi Wanwan, but he didn't take them away forcibly, but put the power of choice in their hands, so that they can go where they really want to go. The place.

Chi Yiyin thought that they would leave after the copy was destroyed, maybe they would return to reality, maybe...

But what I didn't expect was that Chi Wanwan reappeared in this dungeon with him.

Lin Yunyu died before the dungeon started, and she was too tired and needed a long sleep and rest.

Chi Yiyin's book is her best place to sleep.

Only Chi Wanwan was the beginning of the dungeon and the end of the tragic event in reality. At that moment, she did not die.

So, she became a Book Keeper.

Like every time in the past, guarding Lin Yunyu's peace.

However, Chi Wanwan, who reappeared in front of Chi Yiyin's eyes, has changed from introverted to lively and bold, as if...she is not alone.

Instead, Lin Yunyu and Chi Wanwan became one person, their personalities merged with each other, their souls intertwined, and they never separated.

"I didn't expect Chi to follow me, so there was no Chi in the list of companions at first, sorry, I just ignored you."

Chi Yiyin asked suspiciously: "Why did you decide to follow me? There are many other choices, aren't there?"

"There will be many dangers around me, and I may see a more tragic and dark reality. I will go into the deepest place, and there, I am not sure whether you and Yunyu can still accept it. Or, those things will come back again. Your painful memories. That's what I don't want to see."

He suggested in a soft voice: "If you want to leave the game field completely, I can also help. Wanwan, you and Yunyu are truly free."

System: ... poaching my employees in front of me to persuade them to quit, are you polite?

But with Li Sijun around, no matter how much the system protests, it can only hold back, feeling like it's about to blow up.

Chi Wanwan tilted her head and offered another mouthful of cream.

She put the book in her arms, cherishing it very much. As for her now, she no longer sees the collapse and pain she once had in Luchuan University, she seems to be just a carefree girl.

"Freedom? Professor Chi, rather than hurting others freely, I prefer to see everyone bound by rules and regulations, only walking in the allowed grid, and don't cross the boundary at will and enter other people's grid."

Chi Wanwan smiled: "I don't yearn for freedom, I only yearn for clouds and rain. A place with her is the world I like."

"We've been trapped in Luchuan University for too long, it's time to get out and move around."

Chi Wanwan shrugged her shoulders. She glanced at a certain point not far away, then put down the small and beautiful carved silver fork in her hand, picked up the small parasol and propped it up again, and then jumped off the stool lightly.

"The journey with Professor Chi must be very interesting, right? And the math you didn't have time to teach me before."

Speaking of mathematics, Chi Wanwan's eyes lit up, and she looked at Chi Yiyin eagerly: "Will Professor Chi reject my question? After the death of the former mathematics professor, I have no teacher."

Chi Yiyin was amused.

However, for someone as smart and brave as Chi Wanwan—especially someone who likes mathematics, Chi Yiyin is always willing to spend more patience and time.

"of course not."

Chi Yiyin nodded happily: "Although I am a novelist, I don't dabble in mathematics as a matter of course. At least I can answer all the mathematics problems of classmate Chi within a hundred years."

Chi Wanwan: "Wow!"


With all due respect, you are from the Department of Mathematics, right? And you dare to say to a genius like Chi Wanwan that she won't be able to catch up with you in a hundred years. Why do you say that mathematics is not doing business properly? Are you upside down? ?

There was obviously a stool next to her, but Chi Wanwan still stood up, bent slightly to talk to Chi Yiyin, as if she was ready to leave at any time.

Chi Yiyin noticed this, and saw Chi Wanwan casually looking somewhere.

He frowned and looked in that direction, and saw a dark and narrow gap on the edge of the market.

It was a secluded alley, the dark and quiet appearance was like a crack that appeared suddenly, it was incompatible with the bustling market, it was daunting, and it reminded many dangerous and terrible things.

Such as robbery and murder.

Just as Chi Yiyin was thinking like this, he saw a different light passing by the entrance of the alley, and he immediately caught the moving traces, and looked over with sharp eyes.

It seemed to be a fleeting figure.

Without leaving Chi Yiyin time to think, a scream suddenly sounded from the edge of the market.

"Dead, dead! Someone murdered—!"

The sharp scream was like an air defense siren, and everyone in the market immediately heard it and became tense.

Many people screamed and retreated, and some people grabbed the things around them and rushed over.

The sudden acceleration of the flow of people made the already dense market even more crowded. You pushed each other with different destinations and ideas, and as a result, many people were jammed together.

NPCs trying to go to rescue cannot cross over, and NPCs trying to escape cannot retreat.

The market, which was lively just now, suddenly became chaotic, with fruits and vegetables thrown away or squeezed out all over the floor, in a mess.

However, Chi Yiyin immediately remembered the news that he accidentally read from the newspaper in Li Sijun's hand when he woke up.

serial killer?

And the figure that flashed in the alley just now.

It seems that it is not an illusion.

Thinking of this, Chi Yiyin stood up resolutely, but instead of turning around and rushing towards the alley, she rushed towards Li Sijun.

As Li Sijun's expression changed from a leisurely smile to astonishment, Chi Yiyin jumped on him without hesitation, and threw him down on the back of the bench under the huge impact.

Li Sijun had the strength to resist, but he didn't. Instead, he obediently followed Chi Yiyin's actions and was pressed under him.

The posture of the two people looks like a couple who are desperate to protect the safety of their lovers in the chaos.

Chi Wanwan slowly opened his mouth, "Wow!"

She said excitedly: "Look, Yunyu, Professor Chi and the principal have a really good relationship."

In the next second, her expression changed again. Even though it was the same face, it looked like another person because of the slight difference in expression.

"Well, I see. It's probably something that can only be understood in the realm of gods."

Chi Yiyin's hair swept across Li Sijun's face, and finally fell on Li Sijun's lips. And his slender palm rested on Li Sijun's chest, under the palm was a beating heart.

The fleeting touch on the lips, like the reaction when touching, is a feeling that God has never felt before.

The distance between the two is so close that Li Sijun can even smell the orange blossom and woody smell on his body, and the sound of his heartbeat is so close, as if he could grasp it with his hand.

Li Sijun was rarely stunned.

Many things are under his control, and he can see the boredom of the ending at a glance. But Chi Yiyin... he is all possibilities, giving him new surprises and expectations.

Perhaps for him, it is not impossible to save the world for a few more days.

Li Sijun seemed to be bewitched by the pair of blue eyes in front of him, and slowly raised his bony palm, trying to land his fingers next to Chi Yiyin's eyes.

But Chi Yiyin didn't even look at Li Sijun, but instead focused on the newspapers placed on the inside of the bench.

He supported Li Sijun and stretched out his hand, held the newspaper in his hand, then straightened up without any hesitation, turned around and left decisively after standing firm, and rushed towards the alley.

Chi Yiyin didn't even forget to call Shang Chi Wanwan.

After all, he is not good at force, and judging from Chi Wanwan's action of getting up before everyone else, she already knew what was going to happen, and was willing to help him, and went to check with him.

Chi Wanwan lifted the hem of her skirt and ran like a flying butterfly.

The only person Chi Yiyin had forgotten...was Li Sijun.

Li Sijun, who had never been thrown down before, was stunned on the bench, and hadn't recovered from the close approach of Chi Yiyin just now.

The system looked at it worriedly, and murmured and called up the replay just now.

Could it be that he bumped his head and became stupid... No! That cannot be said of Him.

After a long time, Li Sijun slowly raised his slender fingers and brushed his lips.

That moment of blending breaths was a rare moment when Yinyin approached him unsuspectingly.

He lowered his eyes and glanced at his side. Although the newspaper had disappeared, Chi Yiyin's figure seemed to still exist beside him, never far away.

Li Sijun's lips curved into a smile.

Even if the truth is placed in front of everyone's eyes, what should not be seen will still be invisible. Many people just shout about the truth and their own rights, but think that they have no responsibility to be responsible for the cruel truth, and they don't care about how the world declines.

Ke Chi Yiyin...

It's just a casual reminder, and the details that should be ignored can't escape Yinyin's eyes.

See, this is his disciple.

Cute...with unmatched intelligence.

The gods have never been stingy in providing their own power to the world, but the world has neglected it, and still blames the gods after they miss it, as if it is always others who are wrong, and they are perfect.

Chi Yiyin's actions became the most powerful refutation.

How can this make him not partial?

Li Sijun chuckled and raised his eyes, looking at Chi Yiyin's running back.

The riding clothes are very suitable for Chi Yiyin, which makes him look more and more broad-shouldered, waist-slender and long-legged. With a pair of boots on his feet, he stepped through the mud pit and turned over the horse without hesitation, giving him a sense of strength.

Nothing can stop him.

The system that was still worried saw this look: ... Well, it's useless to worry.

But when the system was about to go offline to go elsewhere, Li Sijun suddenly heard: 【Well done. 】


It looked dazed, feeling terrified.

What is more terrifying than being scolded by your boss?

—You don’t even know what you did, and you are praised by your boss. It's like cutting off the head.

[Yinyin uses me to threaten you, then you continue to cooperate with Yinyin. 】

Li Sijun understated it, but the system was frightened mad, and immediately knelt down.

【You, I, no, he, what about you...】

[Yinyin will not give up useful tools easily, and he will firmly grasp the things that are beneficial to him rationally. 】

Li Sijun tilted his head and said with a smile: [For example, I am a hostage. 】

[Do you understand? 】

System: ... I dare not understand!