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Chi Yiyin is regarded as a top horror novelist, and everyone who has read his books said it was like being followed by fear itself.
What they didn’t know was that it was Chi Yiyin’s personal experience.

While exploring a haunted house at night to find inspiration, Chi Yiyin was dragged into another world.
It’s a crazy and dangerous world, full of ghosts and fallen god. Even if human beings awakened their blood, they could still only survive in insignificant ways, and if they made one wrong step, they will usher in tragic death.

However, when the other players were scared to death and could barely survive, Chi Yiyin took out his small notebook: “This is truly terrifying, it can be used as inspiration.”

The ghost froze: ? Please respect me, thank you.

The next moment, the ghost was sealed into Chi Yiyin’s notebook and became his tool ghost. The ghost was dumbfounded.

All ghosts that were successfully written into words by Chi Yiyin will be sealed in his book for his use.

In the game world, rumor about a human began to circulate——
Chi Yiyin is here! Scared me to death, run!

The fallen god sits on top of the game world, full of loathing.

However, He saw the dazzling starlight, traversing the world against all odds, and came to Him.

He loves me.
The fallen god thought to himself.

Then this world that should have been destroyed has meaning to continue existing – for him, the sun rises.

“Don’t write about those crooks, I can be your strength. Fill your book with my name, and you will become a new god, and I, your most faithful believer.”

The fallen god kissed deeply: “I will give you a god, full of devotion and belief.”

People who were eagerly waiting for Chi Yiyin’s new book discovered, the top horror novelist actually wrote a love story??

Chi Yiyin announced with a smile: “Yes, I’m in love.”

“With a god.”

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:THN
Alternate Title:顶级灵异小说家[无限]
Weekly Rank:#1320
Monthly Rank:#1189
All Time Rank:#6139
Tags:Evil Gods, Genius Protagonist, Ghosts, God-human Relationship, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Survival Game, Unlimited Flow,
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