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Top Green Tea Has Become a Heartthrob In Escape Games

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Top green tea Su Xiaoxi just wants to be a good girl with a simple mind.
But she entered the dangerous escape game and could only continue to operate.
Green tea guidelines:
1. Use more vests to protect yourself.
2. Call your brother a few more times to protect yourself.
3. Find a few spare tires and protect yourself.
4. Protect yourself by shed a few more tears.
Facing NPC: Brother, happy birthday. No one remembers your birthday before. It must be sad, right? (Hoo Han Wen Nuan. jpg)
Facing the ghost: Brother, your head turned off, does it hurt? Can I blow for you? (It hurts to tears. jpg)
Face the player: Brother, you just punched someone! It’s too great! Could you let me touch your six pack abs?
In this way, she unknowingly became a heartthrob in the escape game, killing both men and women.
All the NPCs love her, all the ghosts protect her, and the little brothers do their best for her.
She got mixed up and quickly escaped from the game.
However, she did not expect that the cooler tyrant’s chief little brother, the gentle neighbor’s little brother, the clingy milk dog, the violent and fierce little brother, and the spare tire number 123456…
Are all tm the same person? ? ?
[Male Lead Version-When the upright, cold and abstinent male lead was played crazy]
After being used countless times by her, he felt soft when she called her brother, and his heart broke when she cried.
Finally, she stripped off all her vests and caught her.
So, hush—how should you punish her? Can’t escape anymore!

#It turns out that we all have a thousand vests! #
#本想是修罗场Results directly in the small black house#
#I thought I was acting green tea. I didn’t expect you to be better than me.#
#Top green tea is finally playing off today#

Content label: Sweet text Shuang text
Search keyword: Protagonist: Supporting role: Other:
One-sentence brief: Can you escape the palm of his hand if you escape the game?
Purpose: No matter what you do, you can bear the consequences to be excellent

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Alternate Title:顶级绿茶在逃生游戏成了万人迷
Author:Sang Wei
Weekly Rank:#8029
Monthly Rank:#9013
All Time Rank:#8751
Tags:Black Belly, Cruel Characters, Cunning Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Game Elements, Handsome Male Lead, Male Yandere, Mystery Solving, Survival Game, Tragedy, Twisted Personality,
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  1. -06-10 16:26:45 if you are reading this that means your parents will die in 5 years to undo this curs you have to past this comment on 5 more manga, I'm am sorry for who ever is reading

  2. ...(⁠・⁠_⁠・⁠;⁠) Umm... OK. Hey sucks. I will tell you my true feelings after reading. Actually,. This almost makes my blood boil, turning right out of the novel. I'm sorry, I hate them more myself who still finish reading despite muttering many times, "Ah, let Su Xiaoxi feel the beating, hey. Quality green tea." Sorry. Precisely because of this I got even more irritated when I didn't stop and continued to self-abuse. Oh annoyed! But! In the end, I felt even more annoyed. Yes, the ending is a bit... are there any extra chapters? That's my question.

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