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Top 10 Anime Famous Scenes: Start with Might Guy

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Chu Ge has obtained a super comic video editing system. As long as the video is edited and released, it will force the characters in the anime world to watch it.

Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Saint Seiya, Digimon, Spirited Baby, Dragon Ball, Magic Card Sakura all have.

The higher the surprise value of the viewers, the richer the rewards.

[Inventory of the ten famous scenes of Zhutian animation]

TOP10: Bamen Dunjia Formation Yekai vs Legendary Ninja Uchiha Madara

TOP9: Sacrificed Angel Beast, Divine Evolution

TOP8: Vegeta VS Majin Buu, Prince’s Pride Battle

TOP7: Battle of the top, this era is called Whitebeard

TOP: 6…

The wonderful moments of Zhutian’s animation are all in the edited video

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:TAFSSMG
Alternate Title:十大动漫名场面:开局夜凯
Author:Lonely Dragon Soul
Weekly Rank:#796
Monthly Rank:#251
All Time Rank:#1309
Tags:Lack of Common Sense, Male Protagonist, Naruto, Netorare, One Piece, System,
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  1. This is a disappointment, no plot, only recap, and the top 10 people isnt even rewarded. What's worst MC got ntr'd. MC went to his GF's home after being a God for 3 days and finds her having husband and a child, cuz apparently everyone thought he died cuz he been missing for 3 years, even tho there was no mention of him being missing.

  2. MC's last interaction with Suning(fmc) was when MC solved her family trouble 271 chapter I think and out of nowhere Fmc alrdy have a husband and a child at the last chapter? Wtf dude!

  3. I really feel that it's like I'm watching an anime video again and for the protagonist it's really mostly silent editing the video and commenting, and well I think I'd rather just watch the anime than read it for every fight especially Dragonball

  4. Finally one when the Mc isn't just mentioned at the beginning and forgotten later. I really liked the interaction and the fact that the Mc added that that the video rank doesn't mean stronger that way there is not conflict of which one was truly better

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