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A star shot through the sky, it also shot through the tranquility of the world.

Supernatural powers descended upon Earth. Who watches in the dark? Who mutters in my ear?

When my growl shatters the sky, when my power tramples the abyss, when I govern all that is living and dead… they shall call me– God.

- Description from Qidian


Short Title:
Alternate Title:明日之劫
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Tags:Academy, Alternate World, Apocalypse, Arrogant Characters, Battle Competition, Beast Companions, Character Growth, Cheats, Comedic Undertone, Dao Comprehension, Daoism, Demons, Enemies Become Allies, Evil Gods, Fast Cultivation, Friends Become Enemies, Gods, Lazy Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Monsters, Multiple Timelines, Mutated Creatures, Personality Changes, Pets, Possession, Sword Wielder, System, System Administrator, Time Paradox, Time Travel, Underestimated Protagonist, Unique Cultivation Technique,
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2 Comments on “Calamity of Tomorrow
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  1. It is an interesting piece of work. The idea behind this work is different from the usual traversal MC . The story take gives a lot of emotions. There is plenty of character development. From the gentle to the most extreme. Some places can be supplmented. The story is turned to dark coldblood theme and with 1 or 2 chapters it returns to the path. This a very interesting method of character development. The MC sometimes makes foolish mistakes and there are enemies who are contradictory to his methods, the author has cleverly removed them by the stories progress. The point where the author stops the story is also good. It is left to the reades imagination. That is the point till where an author should write. There was no young master face slap which i am tired of. No extreme nationalism. But most of the names are the same culture. The author could have added more variety of names to make it more universal. The growth of the characters strength is gradual accumulation. Yes he uses means to instantly master powers, but he had done work for that before. It is not one click OP and trash all the enemies. I think it is very interestig to read and recommend it. Hope to see the authors next book.

  2. Synopsis : 别!别扶我起来!真的,我真的要躺着才学习效率高!这叫学习习惯!我没有睡觉!” 懒乃是人类之天性,但如果人人都能化懒为宝,便可佑我人族,万世奋进。 书友群

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