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Copy 1
The story of a male protagonist who keeps slapping his face
“I don’t like men.”
“I’m not going to post anyone else.”
“I like women with big breasts.”
“I hate people with paralyzed faces.”
“Even if he was the only one left in the world, I wouldn’t like him.”
But someone saw you kissing her secretly in the classroom while she was sleeping
Copywriting 2
Lu Yao, the first male in the universe, has worked so hard to ‘bend’ himself, and confessed to his favorite ‘male’
– The result was tragically rejected!
Li Mingzhu: I’m sorry, I can’t accept it
Lu Yao: ? ? ?
Li Mingzhu: Because I’m a woman, I don’t like gay
Lu Yao: ! ! !
Li Mingzhu: I wish you happiness
Lu Yao: …Fuck
The heroine has a cold personality and disguises herself as a man
The male protagonist is arrogant and domineering, milky and cool
Forbearance and accumulation, domineering president heroine x young master temper, second sick milk, cool little cute male protagonist
Female lead men’s clothing, male lead’s biggest entanglement in the early stage: I’m gay, I’m not gay, I’m gay, I’m not gay…

The male protagonist has a little milk dog in his new year, and his boyfriend’s strength and cute spit milk coexist
A story about seeing each other unhappy, tossing each other, falling in love and killing each other from campus to wedding dress~
One sentence copy: The little prince has traveled through countless planets, the gentle fox taught her to love and grow, but she is hopelessly in love with the willful and arrogant rose

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Short Title:T
Alternate Title:假小子
Author:Three thousand snowstorms
Weekly Rank:#8270
Monthly Rank:#8772
All Time Rank:#9836
Tags:Crossdressing, Female Protagonist,
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