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Today is Also a Mudslide That Crosses the World

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As a small stone on the immortal mountain that carries the spirit for tens of thousands of years in the God Realm, Xing Yun never imagined that one day she would become an accomplice of a mudslide, and even buried the head of the famous God of War in the God Realm… …

Not only was she buried, but she accidentally knocked him down after transforming into a human being from the god of war…

Why is this legendary first god so brittle? She pondered that she was just a stone, and it wasn’t particularly heavy. Why was he so lost?

Is it touch porcelain? ! Can’t afford to play? !

A certain marriage god (commonly known as Yue Lao) who is not too serious about the fun: “He is also your benefactor, if you only care about your own interests and ingratitude and don’t go down to save him, you will be beaten to ashes and become one with this mudslide. Said, these six realms will also be messed up into a pot of thin rice paste! Let’s just wait and finish together!”

Xingyun with a confused face: “Then, if I rescue him, what if he takes revenge or beats me to ashes?”

Yue Lao firmly patted his chest: “The God of War is magnanimous, wise and martial, and he will never care about a small stone with you!”

After all the vicissitudes of life, Xing Yun, who finally rescued a certain god but was counterattacked, said with grief and indignation: “I promised not to hold grudges!”

A certain God of War with a monstrous face and a dark belly in the back is as warm as jade, and his face is gentle: “When did I say that?”

A certain Shi whispered bb: “I’d better do a mudslide…”

[Sweet pet 1v1, I hope to be one of your sources of happiness]

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Short Title:TAMTCW
Alternate Title:今天也是快穿界的泥石流呀
Author:Snow returns to Qingzhong
Weekly Rank:#1044
Monthly Rank:#980
All Time Rank:#6511
Tags:Aggresive Characters, Ancient China, Beautiful Female Lead, Clingy Lover, Fated Lovers, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Modern Day, Multiple Realms, Obsessive Love, Possessive Characters, Quick Transmigration, Wealthy Characters, World Hopping,
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