Chapter 1207 Evil Evil 43

Su Ma was shocked: "Li Li scolded you for vixen?"

Su Man frowned, thinking for a moment, "... No, he seems to be scolding Lu Yuwen's vixen."

Su Ma laughed loudly.

"Mom! What's so funny!" Su Man frowned, his face unhappy. "No matter who scolds the vixen! It's wrong for him to scold it? It's crazy!"

Su Ma said happily, it doesn't matter: "Anyway, the two of you have been quarreling for two days. It's normal. Oops, don't say this. Tell me about it. How about going to the Japanese restaurant with Xiaolu today?"

Su Man pouted, "It's good, the food is delicious ..."

"anything else?"

Su Ma looked forward looking at her daughter.

Su Man frowned: "What else? What else? We'll be back after dinner."

Mom Su: "..."

"I'm back home." Su Man went upstairs angrily, whispering, "I'm so annoyed, how I met Li Li, it really affected my mood."

Su Mom couldn't help but keep up, and chased behind and asked: "You can't just eat, you guys are talking about something, tell your mother ..."

"Just talk casually." Su Man replied, of course, "Talking about ingredients, talking about drinks, oh yes, we also talked about the dip! Mom you don't know, there are a lot of knowledge in the dip, good dip can Bringing the freshness of the ingredients to a higher level. "

Su Ma couldn't hear the key point for a long time, and suddenly collapsed her face: "Apart from eating, did you talk about anything else?"

"Otherwise talk?" Su Man looked back at Su Ma, his eyes suspicious, "He is going to open a restaurant, of course we will talk about these."

Su Ma suddenly couldn't lift her breath, glaring at her daughter with a bit of hatred for being incapable of iron:

"You don't ask how many people are in his family, where is his hometown, what his parents do, what major do they study in university, what hobbies and interests do they have, what are their opinions on social affairs, and whether they have religious beliefs ..."

Su Man stopped and looked at her mother slightly, as if surprised.

Mom Su: "..."

I also felt that I was overdone. Su Ma smirked and pretended to say casually:

"I just think that knowing his family situation can help him better. You see ... Xiaolu saved your father. We haven't had a chance to say that now you are accompanying him to visit various restaurants every day. If you have a chance, you can learn more about him. "

Su Man thought about it for a while and then nodded: "OK, next time I will help you ask."

Su Ma just felt suffocating ...

What is it to help us ask? Are you not curious at all? !


Why did she have such a dull child!

"Right, mom." Su Man suddenly said.

Su Ma froze and looked at her.

Su Man walked to the door of his room and opened the door. He asked naturally, "How come you have been at home these days? Don't you have to go to the hospital to accompany my dad?"

"Oh ... your dad, your dad is okay recently ..." Su Ma Zhiwu said, "No, I don't need someone to accompany me."

As soon as the voice fell, the other side of the corridor suddenly sounded the sound of a mobile phone bell.

Su Ma immediately said: "It must be your dad's phone! I'll answer the phone. You can go take a shower and go to bed, don't stay up late."

Say while going to your room.

Su Man suspiciously looked at her mother's disappeared back and muttered in her mouth: "It's weird."


Su Mom answered the phone, and Su Da ’s voice could not wait to be heard from the inside:

"Why did it take so long to answer the phone, Manman? Did you come back? How about today's appointment? Tell me about it!"

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