Chapter 1206 Evil Evil 42

"Then I haven't had a chance to meet your grandfather?" Lu Yuwen smiled at her with a soft tone. "Can you lower the requirements, for example, ask grandpa to eat Chinese food in the Western restaurant, will it work?"

Su Man's face was redder, "Okay, don't make fun of me ..."

"Cough, cough!"

A cough came from next door.

Su Man and Lu Yuwen turned their heads and saw Li Li carrying a bag of trash out of the courtyard.

When Li Li saw the two, they shook hands at random, beckoned, and then flipped on their slippers, and walked to the garbage bin at the intersection of the community to throw garbage.

Lu Yuwen withdrew his eyes and said to Su Man: "Go back and rest early, see you tomorrow."

"Well, you too." Su Man said cheerfully, "See you tomorrow."

Lu Yuwen looked at her and smiled, then left the villa area.

Su Man also turned back.

When meeting Li Li who returned home after throwing garbage, Su Man hesitated and said, "Hey, what did you do just now? Coughing so loudly."

"What can you do if you throw garbage?" Li Liliang whispered. "It's not as blessed as some people. They eat and eat until midnight."

After a pause, he glanced at her, "still dressed like this."

Su Man was stunned, and then looked at himself—

Today, she was equipped by Su Ma for her. Because she was going to the Japanese restaurant, the color chosen by Su Ma was fresh and elegant. The upper body was a white lotus leaf collar shirt, and the lower body was a green A-line dress. White high-heeled shoes and jewellery also choose warm and subtle pearl jewelry, the whole person is like the elegant and innocent heroine in Japanese movies.

Su Man was used to being violent from childhood to now. Now that he has just recovered a little bit of being a gentle woman, Li Li poured cold water. He was very upset and raised his eyebrows, "What am I wearing? I see You have something wrong, itchy mouth without picking my thorn one day, right? "

"I'm sick ?!" Li Li smiled and stood at the door of the courtyard looking at Su Man. "I'm guilty of nymphophobia and said I'm sick? OK, I won't say it anyway. Your head grows from small to large I have n’t grown up, just like what you love! "

Su Man's eyes widened, "I am a **** ?! ... Hey! You make the words clear!"

"Can a non-flower idiot dress like this? Can a non-flower idiot smile like that to the man?" Li Li seemed to be extremely disgusted and looked at her up and down. You have a long brain, do n’t be dizzy when you meet a coquette! A man who ca n’t even afford a car, what will he do to you, do n’t you know? Silly or silly you? ”

Su Man was mad at Li Li and his chest was violently up and down. "You ... what are you talking about! Why call me a long brain? Why am I brainless ?! You have a brain all over the world ?!"

Li Li snorted, buttoned the courtyard door, and went straight back to the house.

"Hello!" Su Man shouted angrily, "Li Li! You have to make it clear! What fox spirit? Who are you scolding !!!"

In response to her, there was only a simple closing sound.

"Neuropathy!" Su Man scolded angrily.

All day good mood is ruined!

She went home with a dark face, her bag threw hard at the sofa, her high heels were kicked violently, and she walked barefoot to the drinking fountain, pouring cold water in her mouth. The unexhausted anger was finally calmed down.

Su Ma came out of the room when she heard the sound. She went downstairs and saw that the situation was wrong.

"What's wrong with this? Little Lu made you angry? Shouldn't it ..."

"Oh!" Su Man sneered, "Who would be angry with me besides Li Li ?! Just now he met at the door, he was just like taking the wrong medicine, saying I was brainless! I also said that I'm vixen!

(End of this chapter)

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